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Starting Over

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Summary: When Buffy dies Willow, Xander, and Giles move to L.A. with Spike and Angel. Everything seems to be going alright until Giles recieves a letter telling him he had a daughter.

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Anita Blake > GeneralIvvyFR211965071,19917 Dec 0817 Dec 08No

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Giles couldn't believe what he was reading. He had a daughter. That couldn't possibly be true and yet he had the evidence in his hands. A letter from Shae, the girls mother, a copy of the birth certificate and an official looking document that turned out to be a DNA test proving without a doubt that he was the child's father. Setting the letter on the coffee table in front of him he leaned back into the cushions behind him and tried to figure out what he was going to do about the young woman who was due to arrive in two days time.

This was so not a good time for him to be finding out that he was a father. He was trying desperately to get his life back together after the watchers council had just three months before torn it to shreds. They apparently blamed him for Buffy's death at the hands of Toran, a Master vampire sired by the Dragon who in turn held a seat on the Vampire council. It seemed that Toran had been sent on a mission that consisted of killing the slayer and causing unforseen chaos where ever he went.

He could remember the incident as if it had happened mere minutes ago instead of the three months he knew it had in fact been. The scoobies had been fighting off the master vampires minions for some time now and were growing increasingly fatigued and injured. He had just staked another of the vampires underlings and turned to take on another when he heard Xanders' cry.

The sight that met his eyes was one that he knew would haunt him for a long time to come. Buffy was standing in front of Xander who was still crouched on the ground where she had pushed him when Toran had attacked. But where a healthy if some what battered slayer had stood, now stood a corpse suspended by the vampires strength alone. Buffy was dead. Her neck was bend at an angle that was a far cry from normal and blood ran down her throat soaking her clothes from the ragged tear the undead had left in his attack.

It was as if he had been frozen in shock. He could do nothing but stare at the lifeless body of the young woman it had been his job to watch over. She was gone and it was like his life was over. He had failed, not only himself but those who trusted in his leadership as well. Nothing mattered any more, especially not his life. It was like that one thought brought him out of a trance he hadn't known he was under. Flinging the minion closest to him away he raised the stake and ran straight at the vampire that was still glorying in having just killed the slayer.

Not caring that he could be seriously injured or even killed he knew only that he had to stop the terror that now threatened the remaining members of their group. As he reached the vampire he threw himself at it and managed to distract it as Xander struck the blow that seconds later turned the vampire to dust.

With the vampire dead the scoobies gathered their friends body and took it to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. They had spent the next three weeks arranging Buffy's funeral and answering the cops questions concerning how she died. Of course when the cops had been informed that not only had Buffy died but the vampire as well they seemed to let the matter drop.

In the days that followed the news of the slayers death had fallen by the way side. Relegated to the obituaries and nothing more. Her death had not even caused a ripple of unease among the community. What was the world coming to when a persons death was pushed to the back burner of societies concerns? But hey that was life living on a hell mouth right?

As everyone mourned the loss of their friend and fellow scoobies it was decided that Joyce was going to move out of state and start a new life away from Sunnydale and the horrible memories it brought back. Faith having healed from her wounds at Buffy's hands when she had worked with the Mayor to help him ascend was now going to take over her new role as the slayer. She had even been assigned a new watcher while he himself had been cast aside and relieved of his duties. Which suited him fine since he seriously doubted he would be able to perform them anyhow.

He, Willow, and Xander decided to leave the hell mouth as well and were glad when Angel and Spike invited them to come and stay with the rest of the crew in L.A. They had packed their things and moved to California . They had all been coping pretty well considering all that had happened. He and Willow helped with translations and spells when the need arose while Xander helped with the hunting and any construction work that needed to be attended to around the offices.

Everyone had fallen into a sort of routine. Well that was until now. Now his life was being disrupted once again. This time by something that was bound to change his life yet again. He had no idea how he was going to get through this ordeal. Fatherhood was one thing he had never thought would happen to him. The only thing he knew at the moment was that if he was going to meet his daughter than he had plans to make.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Starting Over" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Dec 08.

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