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It's For Your Own Good

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Summary: You'll be fine, Alice said.

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AmerieFR181622092,79818 Dec 0818 Dec 08Yes

It’s For Your Own Good

By Amerie

Timeline: Before Twilight, After Book Four of Harry Potter

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything, if I did I’d be getting paid for this, but I’m not. Not even a cookie. :(


It’s for your own good. They said. Try something different. They said. It could be fun! Meet some new people, and get out of the shell he desperately hid under. It would only be three years. What’s three years when you have eternity? Stupid vampires.

“Cedric . . . Cedric . . . ”

What’s the worse that could happen?

“ . . . Cedric . . . Cedric . . . ”

What’s the worse that could happen? They tried to kill him! That’s the worse that could happen. Magic can’t harm us, Carlisle said. You’ll be fine, Alice said. Yes, well, fine had knocked the hell out of him hadn’t it. And it’s not like he could’ve very well picked himself up, dusted himself off and left the cemetery the second he regained consciousness. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and for you know, KILLING ME!

“ . . . Cedric . . . ”

It was strange enough tapping into someone else’s power because he didn’t have his own. Shielding his sunlit skin with magic so he wouldn’t be caught. Magic. It wasn’t supposed to be real. Idiotic myths and their lack of self preservation.

“Ced–oh bloody hell, Edward!”

“I’m fine, Amos,” Edward said calmly, eyes still closed and laying perfectly still on the bed as he internally grumbled.

“You could’ve said something,” Amos scorned, mumbling all the while about disrespectful vampires as he walked over to the desk that stood feet away. Picking up a few sheets of paper, he brought them over to Edward and tossed them on the bed. “Carlisle’s been sending owl after owl. He thinks something might be wrong, apparently you’ve blocked Alice’s vision somehow. They’re very worried.”

Of course they’re worried. He died! Sorta.

“The Killing Curse must’ve affected her visions of me somehow,” Edward said, his eyes still unopened.

“Well, whatever it is, don’t you think you should let them know you’re alright,” he advised. “You are alright aren’t you?”

“Yes, Amos, I’m fine,” he assured, his eyes still irritatingly closed. “You can’t kill what’s already dead now, can you?”

“No, I guess not,” he mumbled.

“I’ll find a telephone in town and ring them up.”

“All right,” he nodded. “Good.”

With his mind now at ease, Amos walked over to the door ready to make his exit and to leave the vampire in peace to do what said vampire liked to do best. Brood.

“In about an hour or two,” Edward immaturely tacked on.

So much for ease. Snapping quickly around, Amos Diggory gave a disapproving look to one Edward Cullen. A scowl on his face. Wasn’t maturity supposed to come with age?

“Teenagers,” he grumbled, and left the room.

He heard the door shut and all of Amos’s grumbling thoughts fading way. They should worry. It was their fault he had died, again, sorta. Experience something new! They said. Apparently dying once, wasn’t new. But what was now a days.

So what was he to do now? According to the Wizarding World Cedric Diggory had died less than twenty-four hours ago. Murdered by the Killing Curse on Voldemort’s orders. Voldemort. Nothing but a coward with self-esteem issues if you asked him. Well, guess there really was nothing left to do now but rejoin his family. Who had apparently just moved to a small town in Washington within the continental United States. Not too bad. Lots of rain and wooded areas. He definitely needed a break from all the magic and excitement. Yes, Forks, Washington seemed like the perfect place. After all, what could possibly happen to him there?


Note: I’m trying to cure my writers block and this little dandy of a snippet popped into my head. So, I’m not expecting it to be gloriously wonderful, and if it crashes and burns I still got my ashes :)

The End

You have reached the end of "It's For Your Own Good". This story is complete.

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