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Tales From the Other Side of the Mirror

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Summary: Various oneshots, some crossover and some not, that have been bugging me, but that I don't want to write full stories for. All of these plot bunnies are up for adoption.

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Las Bestias

A/N: For the purposes of this particular fic, the Sanbi jinchuriki is still alive at the time Naruto was six (and for all we know he might have been) and the Rokubi jinchuriki is from the Hidden Hot Springs Village, which seems likely judging by his attire.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. It is property of Tite Kubo.


Hikari yawned and stretched as she walked the darkened streets of Konoha. Without a gigai there really wasn’t much for the young redheaded shinigami to do. Hollows rarely attacked ninja villages and ninjas rarely become hollows (or shinigami for that matter). Someone had explained to her that it had something to do with them mixing physical energy with their reiatsu to make chakra, but she hadn’t really listened too closely to the specifics.

“Someone please help me!” a child’s voice came from a nearby alley.

There was a loud smacking sound and a harsh whisper that sounded like it ended in demon. Not thinking Hikari rushed to the source of the sounds. A masked man, which they called ANBU if she wasn’t mistaken, held a blond child up against a wall with a knife to his throat. Hikari reached for her zanpakuto, only to stop when she remembered it wasn’t her place to interfere with the living. All she could do was hope someone would show up to save the poor child or she would have to be ready to send him to the Soul Society.

“It took every second of these last six years to join the ANBU and become your guard, but it was worth it” the ANBU said, “For the sake of my mother, my father, my big sister, and everyone else you killed, I’m going to send you back to Hell.”

“I didn’t kill anyone!” the young boy said through his frightened sobs, “P-Please l-l-let me g-go! I’ll b-be good f-from n-n-now on.”

“Shut up and die demon!”

With that he sliced open the boy’s throat and let the body fall to the ground. Without sparing him another glance, the ANBU left before he could be found. Hikari wanted to look away so badly, but she still watched as the boy’s soul emerged from the body, his chain of fate still attached to the body. This was her self-punishment for not doing anything, even if it was forbidden.

“I won’t die like this!” a deep voice roared, “I am the Kyuubi no Yoko and I will not be felled by a mere human!”

The air instantly became so thick with reiatsu and bloodlust that Hikari could barely stand. The boy, who until this point had just looked very disoriented, began screaming as a red aura instantly dissolved the chain of fate. The red aura spread out from the hole in his chest to cover his entire body. Hikari could only watch in horror as a fox mask formed over his face and his body became more bestial, with sharp claws, red fur all over his body, and a nine long tails.

As the red aura subsided, the reiatsu only seemed to grow more intense. Hikari felt as though she would be crushed under the weight of it if she didn’t get away, but she could no more do that now than she could stop the sun from rising. When the last traces of red disappeared, horror dawned on Hikari as she realized what she was looking at.

Vasto Lorde.

She had read about the different varieties of Menos back at the academy, but she never thought she would ever see the most powerful type of hollow. At this moment it finally sunk in that she was going to die and no one short of her Captain could save her now.

Then something curious happened. The Vasto Lorde reached for its mask and began to pull it off. The mask shattered, leaving only whisker marked fragments on the cheeks. At once the fur and tails disappeared, leaving the boy looking very much like he originally did, but his eyes and hair now red, his pupils slit-like, and now clothed in a white outfit that looked much like an inversion of a shinigami’s uniform. He also had a long zanpakuto with a red grip and fox-head shaped guard sheathed on his back, much like Captain Hitsugaya.

Then he looked at Hikari. She tried to scream as he slowly approached her, but she couldn’t even breathe anymore and there was no one within earshot who could have done anything anyway.


No one in world of the living would ever know for certain what caused the destruction of the Leaf, Sand, Cloud, Mist, Rock, Waterfall, and Hot Springs villages. The only consensus that could be reached was that it must have had something to do with their jinchuriki, the only common thread of all seven. Whether the bijuu themselves had done it, the destruction was divine punishment for the creation of the jinchuriki or there was some other explanation would be debated for many years.


Six figures stood in front of the fortress Las Noches, moonlight shining over them. Vorágine Espiral, once known as Uzumaki Naruto, and the five subordinates still alive after their massacre of the Vasto Lorde colony in the depths of Hueco Mundo stared greedily at the stronghold.

“Hold nothing back,” ordered the red-haired boy, “defeat them and make me lord of Hueco Mundo!”

The first to draw his zanpakuto, a kodachi with a golden blade and a light brown guard with rings like a shakujo, was a boy who appeared to be six years old. His hair was the color of sand and his eyes had black sclera, yellow irises, and diamond shaped pupils. The remains of his hollow mask were dark circles around his eyes.

“Call up a sandstorm and crush all opponents, Shukaku de la una Cola!”

Next a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties drew her zankuto, a katana with a black cat-head shaped guard and a grip that was black with strips of blue cloth. Her hair and eyes were dark blue and her pupils were slits like her masters’. The remains of her hollow mask created cat ears on her forehead.

“Burn away the body and soul, Gato de las Dos Colas!”

The third was an androgynous teenage boy with an average-sized zanpakuto that had a turtle shell-like guard. His hair was aquamarine colored and his eyes were light purple. The remains of his hollow mask formed a jagged extra jaw over his lower jaw.

“Drag your prey to the depths and devour it, Tortuga de las Tres Colas!”

The fourth was a man in his forties with red hair and a thick beard. His zanpakuto was a straight sword with a guard and grip that looked like they were made of volcanic rock. The remains of his hollow mask formed a bony strip across his nose.

“Erupt and drown the landscape in lava, Verraco de las Cuatro Colas!”

The fifth was a black man in his late twenties with green hair and a green beard wearing sunglasses despite the perpetual night of Hueco Mundo. His zanpakuto had a spike-like blade and no guard. The remains of his hollow mask gave him a single ox horn.

“Annihilate all who stand in your path, Buey de las Ocho Colas!”

Finally their leader drew his zanpakuto.

“Swing your mighty tails to crumble mountains and raise tsunamis, Zorro de las Nueve Colas!”


Spanish Translations (let me know if they’re wrong):

[Animal] de la(s) [number] colas: [Animal] of the [number] tails

Gato: cat

Tortuga: turtle

Verraco: boar (speculation taken from a forum post, but it sounded good to me)

Buey: ox

Zorro: fox

Japanese Translations:

Sanbi: Three tails

Rokubi: Six tails

Kodachi: short sword

Shakujo: ringed Buddhist staff

Zanpakuto: soul cutter
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