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Sorry About That

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Strategic Defense Worldwide". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: FFA fic, Dawn Summers and Fiona from Burn Notice meet with disastrous results.

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Television > Burn NoticeProCannonFodderFR181014,25635720,13019 Dec 0828 Dec 08Yes

The Wrap Up

Fiona sat on a chair in the lobby, holding an icepack on her new shiner, the black eye having been a gift from Dawn at their official meeting back at Odell's shack. The whole group minus Xander and Buffy were waiting at the Kellerman, Kleine, and Demint Family Clinic for Dawn's examination to finish. Xander had demanded she be checked out and everyone was worried about the baby of course, though no one would actually voice their concern.

"That was eye opening, it's hard to believe that those things have existed all this time and we didn't know anything about them," Michael said, still slightly off balance from the upheaval to his world view.

"A lot of people do know about the beasties in the night, but it wouldn't be good if the public as a whole knew...chaos," Faith replied, playing with Mr.Frenchie, Fiona having given the combat knife to her which in turn annoyed Kennedy as she was the one who had actually used it during most of the fight. "But if you think that's cool, there are whole other realities out there. Come up to Seattle and find me at the SDW building and I'll give you a mind blowing tour. I'll bring you to meet Buffy's fiancee if you promise to accidentally shoot him." Fiona couldn't help herself from laughing out loud.

"So then I was like WHAM, and then a big bird attacked me and FLASH I burnt it crispy...God that was so much coolness. Hey do you think if we picked like an MVP, I'd be in the running for it?" The very happy, bouncing, Slayer-Witch Blake bubbled to Sam, who was trying very hard not to look down at the teen girl's heaving cleavage.

Swallowing hard, Sam replied,"I think you'd definitely be in the top two or three, you kidding me? I was scared of you and we were on the same side." Everyone in the lobby cringed when the very loud and amazingly donkey-like laugh brayed out of the clearly delighted young woman.

"I'm telling you, girl, that woman of his is crazy, she sees you lusting after her beau and you're gonna find a bomb stuffed down your bra," Sienna chided Mathilda causing the younger witch to finally look away from her current crush.

"So I was like all gone on the power, Willow said, "and then I saw Faith and she was like all battley and I said she had a nice butt and I didn't mean that..I mean not that she doesn't because she does,I mean that..." Kennedy stopped her ramble with a deep kiss.

"I think both of us have some confessing to do...we might just have to punish each other," Kenn said with a small intimate snarl on her lips, causing a shudder from Willow.

Dr.Demint quickly exited the exam room, his face red, and hurried away from the group. Buffy soon came out also, shutting the door behind her.

"Both her and the baby are fine." Everyone exclaimed at the news Buffy announced.

"Why did the Doctor run off?" Fiona asked, wincing as Faith touched the swelling around her eye.

"They started talking about ringtones and paybacks and...well, they're making up for lost time." She smiled and shook her head.."Embarrassing themselves, believe me."

Watch for the SDW Corporation's continuing adventures...coming soon Thanks for reading!

The End

You have reached the end of "Sorry About That". This story is complete.

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