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Sorry About That

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Strategic Defense Worldwide". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: FFA fic, Dawn Summers and Fiona from Burn Notice meet with disastrous results.

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Television > Burn NoticeProCannonFodderFR181014,25635720,14119 Dec 0828 Dec 08Yes


Standard Disclaimer: I own nothing except for 3 dachshunds, If you sue me you can have your pick of them...
Joss owns BTVS, LKH owns ABVH. I will make nothing from this.

"It's over."

She really looked like someone kicked her puppy. The other airport bar patrons casually moved away from the sexy woman; which in itself would be a strange reaction for guys in a bar to a athletic, sleek, beauty, sitting alone. If it was just the occasional rumblings of a slightly distraught woman, several of the lounge lizards would have already taken a shot at her. Her self commentary though tended to be rather violent and the descriptions of gore were enough to mark her as off-limits to the horizontal hunters, especially after the first one to approach her actually left the bar in tears, trying hard not to cry outright before he made it to the parking lot.

"Do you have any idea how much fluid bursts out of an eye when you stab it with something like this?" she asked bringing her eyes up to the bartender that was desperately trying to sneak past her. She held up the olive spear from her martini.

", look do you need me to call someone for you?" he answered, his eyes glancing at the break-room door he had almost made it to.

"You'd like like that wouldn't you, Michael? Be the hero, swoop in, solve some little problem and swoop out again, no attachments, no strings." Her gaze pinned him in place; the force of her personality literally scared the crap out of him. Well not literally, but getting close to it, he thought.

"My name is Brent...look, I don't know who this Michael guy is you've been talking about all night, but if you promise not to hurt me, I swear If I ever see him I'll kick his ass for you," he replied almost seriously.

She squinted her eyes at him, leaning her head to the side. As he wondered how long it would take her to clear the bar and beat him to death, she was actually considering hitting him on the head and dragging him back to her cave. Appearing to come to a decision, she shook her head and slid off of the bar-stool. His heart started beating again and as she sauntered out of the bar he heard her say..

"Michael would kill you...I was just going to screw your brains out."

"Wait...What?" he called after her, completely forgetting at that moment that the credit card she had given him to pay for the night's drinks was missing from his pocket........

Two hours til the boarding call, more than enough time to get something to eat before she had to check in, the tall brunette thought as she looked at her nifty silver wristwatch with a purple crystal face that Giles had given to her at her twenty-first birthday party last month
Walking into the main airport lobby she had just started to look for an airport directory when the embarrassingly loud Divinyls announced to the world that she liked to touch herself. Quickly grabbing her I-phone and mentally threatening the future prospects of Xander's testicles she answered it cutting off the magically enhanced ringtone..

"Dawn Harris, How may I help you?" Calming her breath and trying to ignore the looks from some of the other travelers, she made her way back outside to get some privacy for the call.

"Mrs. Harris, Dawn..this is Carmella Santiago."

"Yes, Carmella, what can I do for you?" she replied, quickly checking the pockets of Spike's leather jacket for anything she might have lost at dinner. "Did I forget something at the house?"

"No no, husband and I just decided that it doesn't make any sense to wait. We would like to see if maybe you could come back here?"

"What did she do, Carm?" Dawn could hear her sigh over the phone.

"Alicia and her Father got into an argument after you left. She didn't understand why we wanted her to wait until next summer to go to Seattle."

"I promise you, Carm, another year isn't going to change anything. Being a Slayer is not something that you can just outgrow." She started walking back to the rental car counter as they went over the familiar argument.

"Yes well...Alicia was mad when she ran up to her room and...the door, the wall, and both windows in her bedroom all went when she slammed the door. Roger and I...we just can't take it anymore. Parents shouldn't be afraid of their own children. Dawn, can you just come back? I think we all need a little space for awhile. She can go with you to your headquarters in Seattle."

"I'm already on my way to get a rental and then I will be back to your house before nightfall," Dawn replied as she was passed by a muttering woman in a sexy black dress. Who to Dawn's eye certainly looked like she had a gun under the sash at the small of her back.

"Don't worry, Carm," she said as she watched to woman closely, "Ali will be fine. When she learns to control herself, everything can go back to normal or nearly so anyway. And tell Roger that I will fill out the contract based on the time of our earlier meeting. SDW will pay for the damage to the house. See you soon." As she ended the call with Mrs. Santiago, she noticed two men shadowing the black dress woman.

Turning away from the rental counter and using the stealth techniques she learned from Spike, she closed the distance to the three of them. She was about to call out to her when she seen one of the men screwing a silencer onto a pistol.

Holy shit Dawn, what are you getting yourself into? she thought, following the surreal tableau in front of her.

The closer of the two men raised his silenced pistol towards the still oblivious woman and Dawn ran out of time. Whipping her briefcase, she connected with his shoulder causing his shot to go wide and blow a car window out next to the woman. She jumped forward and yelled at the other man as the woman immediately went down to her knees and spun around firing her gun.

The first shooter hit the ground with a bullet hole between his eyes, the second man also fell clutching his shoulder, and just as Dawn was thinking about badass chick gunfighters she also hit the ground. Staring in shock at the bleeding hole just under her sternum, she looked up in time to see the woman put two shots into the second guy finishing him off. The quickly fading Watcher stared in fascination as the woman calmly walked over to her and raised her pistol.

"Wait..," she gurgled weakly, "I was" Fighting to keep her eyes open, Dawn saw the woman squinting at her with her head leaned to the side.

"Oh, Motherf-----"
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