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At World's End

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Summary: Angel and Illyria are missing after the big NFA battle, W&H possibly behind it. Eve has information that could find them, in exchange for Spike bringing Lindsey back. Spike finds out Angel has a son. Spike/Lilah

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Smallville > Spike-CenteredRodgieCookieFR1349820189519 Dec 0819 Dec 08No

Waking Up

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, names, places, etc, mentioned in this story, obviously, my name isn't Joss Whedon.

Spike opened his eyes slowly and sat up with a groan. “What…”

He looked around the alley he was in. The Battle! It was all coming back to him.

They, Angel, Illyria, and him, were fighting the demon horde and there was a flash… then the world went black. At least for him, he supposed.

But where were Angel and Illyria? And the demon corpses?

The alley was spotless, it barely looked like an alley, let alone an alley in LA where a giant demon apocalypse battle had taken place.

Spike got to his feet. What was going on?

He had seen Charlie go, but what of Angel… Illyria? They had been with him, fighting next to him, up until the big flash.

It was still dark out and he wasn’t dust so it was a good assumption that he hadn’t been out very long, an hour at most.


Spike turned to see a figure at the end of the alley.

“Dad?” He called as he ran down the alley. He came to a stop in front of Spike.

“Hey you’re that kid from Wolfram & Hart, right?” Spike asked. “The one who was with Angel.”

“Is my Dad here?” Connor asked desperately.

“Well, that depends on who your Dad is.” Spike replied. “But seeing as how I’m not him, I’m guessing no.”

“Angel.” Connor told him. “Angel’s my father.”

Spike looked at him, really looked at him. “I don’t see the resemblance.”

Connor just stared at Spike.

“Angel’s not here.” Spike gestured around him. “Nobody’s here. I just woke up in this bleeding alley alone.” At the look on Connor’s face he added. “But I don’t see any dust piles, so I’m sure he’s fine.”

Spike put a hand on his shoulder. “What’s your name kid?”

“Connor.” He told him. “And you’re Spike, right?”

“That’s me.” Spike confirmed. “Don’t worry. We’ll find Angel and Blue an’ everything will be right as rain.”

Spike put his arm on Connor’s shoulder and led him out of the alley. “First stop, Wolfram & Hart, LA.”

Author's Note: Well Spike seems to be taking the impossible news well...
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