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You Have Three Messages

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Summary: What if Spike called Buffy before the NFA battle?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaRodgieCookieFR71756041,35719 Dec 0819 Dec 08Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in here that you recognize from the series. I claim no right to any copyrighted material.

Rome, Italy:

Buffy unlocked the door to her apartment and entered. She set her keys on the counter and plopped down on the couch.

“Andrew? Dawn?” She called.

No reply.

She assumed they were still out. Maybe they left a message, she thought noting the blinking light on her answering machine.

She stood up slowly and made her way to the phone. She pressed play and the voice said, “You have three messages.”

Buffy made her way over to the fridge as the first message started.

“Hey Buffy! It’s Willow.” Said the energetic voice. “Just calling to see how you’re doing… Must still be out patrolling, or your sleeping, or at work. I really haven’t gotten the whole time difference thing down yet.”

Buffy laughed to herself as she grabbed a coke and closed the door.

“Well just thought I’d check in. Kennedy and I just love Rio.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at the mention of the arrogant Slayer.

“The weather here’s great, you should come and visit sometime.”

Buffy crossed the room to the couch.

“Just call me when you get a chance, bye… Oh and tell Dawnie hi for me too. Unless she’s listening to the message too, in which case she would’ve already heard me saying hi to her… So bye!”

Buffy laughed once more. “OK, call Willow, check.”

There was a beep and the next message started.

“Hello luv, it’s me… Spike.”

Buffy froze as the coke fell out of her hand to the floor.

“Buffy, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner… it’s just, I was… Well I was afraid.” He let out a bitter laugh. “I was afraid you wouldn’t… look. I just read a poem in a biker bar and I’m quite drunk, you think I’d have the courage to tell you I’m alive.” There was a pause. “I died in the Hellmouth, but I came back. Someone sent the amulet to the Poof, could’ve been the Powers could’ve been the Partners, maybe even this Lindsey bloke, that bit isn’t too clear. Anyway, big puff of smoke and I appear, but as a ghost.”

“I wanted to come see you, I tried so many times, but I couldn’t leave LA. What would’ve happened if I‘d showed up anyway? Probably would’ve thought I was the bloody First, me being incorporeal and all. When I finally got my body back, became solid an’ all, there was this prophecy. Shanshu. And this whole cup of perpetual Mountain Dew. I decided to stay in LA with Angel. Help the Helpless and all that rot. Fight the good fight.”

A tear rolled down Buffy’s cheek.

“I did make it to Rome once, Angel came too, but Andrew told us you were out with the Immortal. And let me just add, Wanker. Look… Buffy the reason I called. There’s an apocalypse. Angel’s finally realized that there’s no changing W&H. He’s devised this half-assed plan to take out the Circle of the Black Thorn, and… I’m going to help him, we all are. He’s made it clear that this is probably going to be a suicide mission.”

Buffy’s heart skipped a beat.

“If we do manage to kill all of the members, and survive, the Senior Partners won’t be too happy with us. They’ll probably unleash hell on us… Buffy I don’t think I’ll survive, but if I do I promise I’ll come see you. I know it never would’ve worked out, but Buffy… I love you. I always will, but don’t come to LA. This isn’t your fight… it’s ours. You won’t be able to reach me so, I guess this is… goodbye.”

Buffy was sobbing now.

The machine beeped.

“Buffy! It’s Giles. The coven has alerted me to a large uprising of evil in Los Angeles. A contact there has confirmed that there is a demon army centered around an alley in downtown LA. I can’t seem to reach Angel. But we have sent word to a group of Slayers stationed in Sacramento. If you could call me to discuss the possibility of sending more—“

Buffy smashed the answering machine with her fist as she sunk down to the floor, tears cascading down her cheeks.

She cried not only for Spike, but for Angel and his friends as well.

AN: Did you like it? Could you pretty please review? I'm new at this and this is literally my first day of this writing and posting. I'd really like to know if I should keep doing this; if it's any good. :)

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The End

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