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No Reply

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Summary: "Buffy hadn’t heard from Spike or Angel since that day, nor had she told anyone about the message, or Spike being alive." The sequal to 'You Have Three Messages'

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Supernatural > GeneralRodgieCookieFR1315220397319 Dec 0819 Dec 08No
Here it is the 'highly anticipated' (yeah right) sequal to 'You Have Three Messages'

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story; I claim no right to copyrighted stuff.

This is about six days after the last story:

Buffy hadn’t heard from Spike or Angel since that day, nor had she told anyone about the message, or Spike being alive. They didn’t know about them taking on the Senior Partners. All Giles knew, all anyone knew, was that something had gone down in LA that night.

“Buffy… Buffy!” Buffy snapped back to reality.

“What?” Buffy asked pushing herself up in her chair. She surveyed the group of Watchers and Slayers in the room, most of whom she didn’t know.

Faith, Xander, Vi, Andrew, and three Slayers she didn’t know were seated, while Rona and various other Slayers and Watchers were standing behind them.

Her eyes rested on Giles.

“We were just discussing the LA situation.” He told her. “It seems likely that it was just a demon gang war.”

“Well has anyone spoke to Angel?” Faith asked hopefully.

“No.” Giles answered. “The W&H building has been destroyed and no one has seen or heard from Angel or any member of his team since shortly before the war began… I’m sure he’s alright.” He added.

“Who cares what happened to this Angel guy anyway?” A brunette Slayer Buffy didn’t know asked, she reminded her of Kennedy. “He’s a vampire and CEO of an evil law firm.”

“Angel has a soul.” Faith defended.

“What does that mean anyway?” Another asked. “Having a soul?”

“I don’t know what it means,” Rona told them. “But I’ve met a vamp with a soul before. Not this Angel cat, but he was good. He died saving the world, closing the Hellmouth.”

All of the Slayers who had not been in Sunnydale for the battle with the first started whispering amongst each other.

“I wasn’t sure about him at first, but Spike was a real hero.” Vi added.

The conversation continued, but her thoughts were elsewhere. How could Spike be dead? She had just found out he was alive.

She stood up and made her way out of the room, barely noticed by any of them.

She made her way down the hall, arms folded, tears streaming down her face. Her thoughts were only on that of her vampires, Angel and Spike.

They were true heroes.

Buffy entered the library and sat down in one of the chairs holding her head in her hands. Crying silently.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Giles standing behind her.

“Buffy.” He said quietly. “Is everything alright? This week you’ve been quiet and…”

“I’m fine.” Buffy lied, wiping tears from her face.

AN: That's all I got for now.

Review? - it might make me contiue faster...I was thinking that maybe they are dead! and Buffy makes a deal with 'Supernatural' type demon and brings them back human leaving her with a year to live. I don't know though. Does that sound interesting? Then maybe Angel and Spike track down Dean to find out how he got out of his deal (even though he really didn't).

I don't know though, just please review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "No Reply" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Dec 08.

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