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Introduction to Vampire 101

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Intro To The World You Never Knew". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Introducing My Boyfriend. Cassie thought she was just going to see a movie with her boyfriend and his friends. At least until their Watcher showed up.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Cassie FraiserziliFR1317,6911143,62420 Dec 0820 Dec 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate that I am using.

A/N: This is a sequel to Introducing My Boyfriend, so make sure you read that first. But other than that enjoy and review.

Okay. So I’m not grounded... Well not entirely. That’s definitely something to be happy about. Having to spend my entire spring break cooped up in the house would have sucked. Plus as weird as last night was, the people were definitely interesting. Connor was pretty fun. So were Rona and Vi. I may have to make an effort to get to know her in school.

And now the bad news. I have to buy my new phone and pay for the next two bills. Also now I have to be home by 9:30pm or have a damn good excuse for why I’m not home. But as punishments go that’s really not that bad.

However that doesn’t mean I’m not going to mope. I was suppose to see a movie with Micah tonight and of course it started at 9:00. And we couldn’t go earlier shows because Micah had to work. Sigh. I called my boyfriend to let him know I couldn’t go. He seemed very understanding and not angry at all. Which could only mean one thing.

He’s up to something.

I had been catching up on some homework around 8:30 that I was a little behind on when the doorbell rang. Mom was closer to the door, in fact she had just come back from the mountain. As she opened the door, I leaned my head over the couch so I could see who was there.

“Hi is Cassie home?”

I nearly fell off the couch. It was Vi and Rona. I quickly got off the couch and went to the door. “Hey Rona. Vi. What are you guys doing here?” I asked as I stood next to Mom.

Rona immediately smacked Vi on the shoulder, “See I told you she forgot.”

Vi yelped, “Hey! It’s not my fault. She’s a responsible young adult I thought she would have remembered.”

I glanced at Mom. She was trying not to smile. “Cassie would have remembered what exactly?”

“We were totally suppose to have a sleep over tonight.” Vi said as she smiled widely at me.

This had to be Micah’s doing with maybe just a little bit of help from the twins. Mom looked at me and I smacked my forehead. “I can’t believe I forgot. I’m so sorry guys.” I gave my mom my best puppy eyes that I had learned from watching Daniel. “Can I go Mom please?”

“Rona will only be here till Sunday.” Vi added helpfully and put her own puppy dog eyes into the mix complete with quivering lip. Rona on the other hand just tried to look innocent. Which almost made me laugh.

Mom smiled. Yes we had her. “Alright Cassie. You aren’t grounded so you can go. But I want a phone call at 11:00 sharp to let me know you’re okay. And a phone call the next morning when you wake up so I know what time you’re coming home.”

Yes! “Thanks Mom.” I hugged Mom tightly and then waved in Rona and Vi. “Come on in guys. It’ll just take a second for me to pack.” I ran up to my room to throw some things into a duffel bag. It wasn’t until the door didn’t shut behind me that I realized Vi and Rona had followed me.

Vi looked around my room while Rona threw herself on my haphazardly made bed. “Rule 1 of when you know about the demons and vampires…” Rona started to say.

I finally found my duffel bag, “Don’t die?” I guessed as I started to put a couple of clothes into the bag. After last night who knew if I’d need another change of clothes.

“No. That’s rule number one when you’re fighting demons and vampires.” Vi said helpfully. She finally decided to sit down at my desk.

“Never give a verbal invitation into your home. Just open the door. If they can walk through the door then they aren’t a vampire.” Rona said.

“Hopefully they won’t walk through the door. Then you might have something totally worse to deal with. Not to mention getting a new door.” Vi smirked. Rona rolled her eyes at that and threw a pillow at Vi. She managed to easily catch the pillow before it nailed her in the face.

“Okay.” I went into my bathroom and grabbed a few girl essentials and then I was ready to go. “Alright I’m ready.”

“Damn you pack quick.” Rona commented as she stood up.

I shrugged as I led them out of my room. We use to have tornadoes at home a lot. We had to be ready at a moments notice. It wasn’t something I every really forgot. I yelled goodbye to Mom as I shut the door behind me.

She yelled back, “11:00 don’t forget.”

Vi took the lead once we walked out of my house. Across the street was a beat up looking van with quite a few dents. Vi got into the driver’s seat while Rona got in on the passenger side. I slid the side door and smiled when I saw Micah sitting in one of the middle seats.

“Hey Cass.” He held out his hand and I handed him my duffel bag. He placed it on the other side of him. “Hope you don’t mind if we have some company for the movie?”

That’s when I noticed that Connor was sitting in the back seat with the twins. “I don’t see why I always have to sit with the munchkins.” He grumbled as I shut the door. “I’m the oldest one here.”

Rona turned around in her seat as Vi pulled away from the curb. “Not by your birth certificate you’re not.”

“I should have never told you that.” Connor said.

“Huh?” I was only slightly confused.

“Fun fact number 2 about Connor. I grew up in another dimension. I left when I was 6 months old and was only gone a couple of months. I was 17 when I came back.” Connor explained.

Rona started to laugh, “But you’re in this dimension meaning you sit with the kiddies.”

Connor looked at me, “See how she abuses me. You want to trade?”

Micah pulled me away from Connor. “No way man. I had to work hard to woo this girl.”
I laughed as I basically fell into Micah’s lap.

Vi spoke up loudly, “Hey Rona doesn’t that mean you’re technically robbing the cradle if your dating Connor?” Rona abruptly stopped laughing, Vi started giggling, “I knew you didn’t want to be like Buffy but I didn’t think you meant in her dating habits.”

Jack tried to lean forward past Micah and me. “Any time you want to dump this loser and date a real man. I’m here for you.”

Connor grabbed Jack in a headlock, “I don’t think so. I’ve got another birth certificate that says I am 20. And that’s the one the government goes by. So this is the end of the cradle robbing discussion.”

I coughed, “Period.”

Connor let Jack escape from his grip to look at me. “Huh?”

Micah spoke before I could. Luckily he was on the same page as me. “You can’t end a discussion unless you say period. Quickly before he says period.” Then Micah, Jack, and Zack started screaming the most random things I ever heard. I’ve heard a lot of random things, I do know Jack O’Neill after all. Connor was trying to scream period over them but he wasn’t having much luck. So he resorted to trying to cover their mouths while giving them noogies.

It was when he reached for Micah and I had to jump out of the way that I realized the van had stopped. I got out of the vehicle where Rona and Vi were already waiting. When I reached the two of them Vi shot Rona a quick look. Rona sighed but started walking towards van.

She opened the door to the van and shouted “Look what you made Cassie do. She had to jump out of a moving vehicle.”

The boys’ argument paused and Jack said slowly, “But the van’s not moving.”

“Glad you notice. Now get out.” Rona was about to shut the door but then she seemed to change her mind. “Oh and by the way… Period.”

Connor was the first out of the van. He jogged to where Rona was already making her way into the movie theater. “I knew there was a reason I like you.”

I missed what her response was to that. But it whatever it was made Connor laugh and kiss her. I jumped slightly when Micah put his arm around my shoulders. He started walking towards the building as well.

“And you thought the twins were bad.” He said jokingly.

I smiled at him, “You still haven’t met any of my uncles. Then we’ll see whose people are bad.”

Micah scoffed, “Nah I totally win. You still haven’t met Illyria and Spike.” He turned to buy the tickets.

But when he turned back I had my counter people. “Jack and Teal’c.”

“Old god and British vampire.” He said as we followed the twins into the theater.

“Overprotective special ops colonel and big alien that can fight.” I shot back as we sat in our seats in a basically empty theater.

“Family of demons, I so win.” Micah winked at me.

I rolled my eyes at him. I couldn’t believe I was actually able to even have this conversation. “Hello family with aliens and people who fight aliens for a living.”

Jack poked me in the shoulder and then over to punch his cousin in the shoulder, while Zack pointed at the big screen. “Movie now, lover’s spat later. Or we’ll make you sit with Rona and Connor.” I looked around and saw that Rona and Connor were not with us in the very back row.

Vi patted Zack on the head, “Wow, lover’ spat. You are using your phrase a day calendar.” He just stuck his tongue out at her.

As the lights dimmed, I moved closer to Micah. “Why are Rona and Connor sitting in the front row?” I whispered.

Micah moved even closer to me so that his forehead was slightly touching mine. “You don’t want to know. I’d advise you not to look down once the movie starts. Movie time is Connor and Rona alone time.” Oh. I moved my hand so that I was holding his. He smiled at me before turning back to the movie.

The movie was some action flick. The main guy was cute and there was a ton of explosions and hand to hand fights. Every time there was a fight it was punctuated by Vi saying,

“I could do that.”

“That’s not possible.”

“I want to do that.”

Then there was a yelp from Zack when he tried to put his hand over Vi’s mouth and she bit him. “Oh great now I have to get a rabies shot.” Zack moaned then yelped again as his brother hit him.

Micah’s shoulders were shaking against mine as he tried not to laugh. I just shook my head. I can’t believe it took me this long to find people as crazy as me. Although they showed it a lot easier than me. Before SG-1 found me, I was always loud and outgoing. I got in so much trouble with my tribal leader. But here I wasn’t sure of the rules. I think I’m finally almost back to normal.

I was lost in thought for the rest of the movie. If someone would have asked me what happened I wouldn’t be able to tell them. So I wasn’t surprised when I tuned back into reality and the lights were coming back on. We moved to the end of the row and waited for Connor and Rona to join us at the exit.

“So what did you guys think of the movie?” Micah asked innocently enough. But he was trying not to smile. “I thought the plot was rather intricate and the characters were really deep.”

Connor smacked Micah upside the head and Rona simply smiled. “Quiet you.”

We walked back to the van, Micah was filling in Connor on what actually happened in the movie. We piled into the van again. This time Connor and Rona got into the front and Vi went into the back with twins.

I turned to Micah, “So where are we going now?”

He winked at me, “Well first we have to go back to Vi’s apartment. Then we’re going to the local cemetery.”

Huh? “Why?” There is only one plausible explanation I could think of…

“We’re going to initiate you into the world of fighting vampires.”

And that wasn’t it. “Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”

“A little but you’ll be with two seasoned slayers and the Destroyer.” Micah held my hand reassuringly. I raised an eyebrow at him. He just smiled wider. “We’ll keep you safe. We look after our own.”

Wow. Wait. “Who’s the Destroyer?” Everyone pointed to the driver’s seat and Connor raised his hand. “How did you get that name?”

Connor shrugged, “Honestly I think the PtBs are messing with me. No matter where I go that’s the first thing people call me. I’ve never destroyed anything.”

There were several coughs when he said this.






Connor glared at the rearview mirror. “Hey! I was fighting demons at the time. It was totally warranted.”

“Sure Con, whatever you say.” Micah said in a fake sincere voice. At that Connor reached forward and blared the radio, except it happened to be on a Brittney Spears song. Everyone continued to laugh so Connor just shrugged and left it on the station.

We reached the apartment with everyone jamming out to some random Coldplay song. Connor pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. “Come on kids. Let’s get armed.” He led the way into the apartment. He stopped outside Vi’s door. “Hey Vi, where’s your watcher?”

Vi shrugged as she pulled out her key, “Probably at work. He would have been there yesterday but he had a problem pop up. You know him he’s Mr. Fix-it.” As she opened the door, a male voice that sounded kind of familiar grumbled.

“Vi do you have to live next to Daniel? We got lucky enough with explaining that you’re my cousin. But he might start asking questions if he sees me coming in at all hours of the night.”

I was at the back at the group therefore I could not see the man in her apartment. But he sounded so familiar. I finally saw him just as Vi was responding, “Oh come on Siler, it won’t be that bad. I’m sure you could talk your way out of it.”

I stopped in the doorway. Dan Siler… knew about demons… but he knew about aliens too… He worked on the Stargate. He was the clumsiest technician. How…

“I understand wanting your own independence but really there are nicer apartments… Away from Daniel Jackson.” He paused and sighed, “It’s because you think he’s cute isn’t it? You realize if he does anything I will call Spike, Xander, and Andrew. He is much too old for you.” Siler said from his position on the couch. He opened his mouth to continue his rant but then he noticed me in the doorway. He closed his mouth, opened it once and then closed it again. I stepped into the apartment and shut the door behind me quietly.

Vi looked back at me and then back at Siler, “What?”

Siler just sighed, “Please tell me that is not Cassandra Frasier. Just this once tell me you didn’t do something that made my life even more complicated.” He rounded on Connor and Rona. “This is your guys’ fault isn’t it?”

I pointed at Micah, “Actually it’s his.”

“Hey!” Micah pouted at me.

“Well I am YOUR girlfriend.” I poked him in the chest lightly. Micah opened his mouth to respond but Siler beat him to it.

“I take that means you haven’t met Jack yet?” Siler smirked.

“What makes you think that?” Micah looked a little worried.

Siler finally stood up, “Because you’re still her boyfriend.”

What! Siler is not allowed to scare my boyfriend using Jack. “So you know about demons?”

“The better question is why do you think you know about demons?” He countered. Okay he was being sneaky. I didn’t think he had that in him. I can beat him at this. But I didn’t have to.

“Uh you remember how I told you we had to save a girl with the guys?” Vi said as she raised her hand.

Siler just sighed again. And then he started to talk to himself, “I could have just kept my easy job of spying. But nooooo, I wanted to endear myself to the New Watcher’s Council. Sure, I’ll take on a Slayer. After all how hard could it be? I grew up in Sunnydale compared to that this town is a breeze. But no somehow she always manages to make sure to keep my life interesting. And I work on a freaking Stargate for goodness sakes.” He took a breath abruptly. I knew I was staring at him. However when I glanced around everyone else was just smirking at him. So this was normal behavior for Siler?

“Don’t lie you know you love it.” Vi said with a huge smile.

Siler chuckled, “Oh I suppose.” Oh. I guess that is normal behavior. He walked over to me. “Sorry Cassie, I didn’t mean to rant like that. The Stargate was acting up today and well it took me a while to fix it. Sometimes I just need to vent.”

I was confused again, “So the slayers know about the Stargate?”

Vi spoke before Siler could, “Who do you think is the second line of defense in case they mess up?” That was kind of reassuring. “So Siler you up for a night of patrolling?”

Siler nodded, “I suppose this will be Cassie’s introduction to vampires?” Everybody nodded while I tried not to look too apprehensive. “Can you use any weapons?” Vi left the living room and went into one of the back rooms.

“No. Mom doesn’t want me to learn how to shoot until I’m eighteen. Or forever if she had her way.” I frowned. Would they not let me go because I don’t know how to use a weapon?

Micah squeezed my hand. “That’s not the type of weapons, we use.” He pointed at Vi who was coming back with a ton of stakes, two swords, an axe, and something I did know how to use.

I walked past Vi to where she had dumped all the weapons onto the table. I picked up the weapon carefully. There was a woman in my village who had actually made one of these. Hers was a much more crude design but it was definitely the same thing. She wasn’t suppose to, weapons are only suppose to made by men never women. But she didn’t care. She was smart enough to design many things. And she decided that women should know how to use it. So she taught me and all my girl cousins how to use it. I turned when someone slid an arm around my waist.

“You know how to use a crossbow Cass?” Micah asked as he grabbed a couple of stakes and shoved them into his pockets.

I nodded, “Yeah my grandma taught me.”

“I bet you’re pretty good.” Micah went to a cabinet and slid a bottle of water in his pocket.

“I don’t know. It’s been a while.” I shrugged and loaded the crossbow.
“Don’t fire in the house. Here you might need this,” Vi says before handing me a bottle of water. Water? I might need water. “it’s holy water. It hurts vampires real bad.” Oh I guess that makes a difference.

Zack and Jack pushed me slightly to the side. Jack grabbed one of the swords. “I so want to use a sword this time.”

“Oh no you don’t.” Siler plucked the sword out of Jack’s hand. “I’m still getting calls from your mom the last time you convinced Vi to take you slaying. Not to mention last night. I’m surprised she even lets you two out at night anymore.”

Jack tried to grab the sword back. “Oh come on Siler. Please.” He drawled out the last word.

“Micah gets to go.” Zack tried to reason. Although he did sound a little whiny. I’m sure he was trying to sound older but he didn’t quite pull it off.

“Hey I’m seventeen.” Micah poked Zack before he came back to my side. “Beside I never came home covered in blood with a sword in my hand singing some random Irish drinking song. I can’t believe you two were only grounded for a month.”

I giggled, “An Irish drinking song?”

“Aunt Katherine made them take a breathalyzer test before letting them sleep.” Micah smirked. “And since she didn’t have one handy she made them go to the police station.”

“Covered in blood?” No way.

“Nah she made us shower first.” He smiled, “But after the cops tested us, they tested her. She had been having some celebratory wine with her friends that night. It’s a good thing Dad drove us there. Otherwise… we might not have had a ride home.”

I looked back to Siler and Jack who were still arguing. Siler pulled a phone out of his pocket. “You convince your mother that you can go and let her tell me first. Then you can come along. Alright?” He placed the phone in Jack’s hand.

Jack grabbed Zack’s shoulder. “I can do this but I need your help.” He smirked, “You’re so much better at begging than me.” Then the two of them went into one of the bedrooms.

“Five minutes.” Siler shouted after them.

Connor and Rona joined us at the table. “I thought you had two axes.” Rona said.

Vi shook her head. “I think I left it in Cleveland when I went to help with the last apocalypse. I think Lily took it. She had her eye on it the entire time I was there.”

“Yeah she took my broad sword too. I had to give her a pound of chocolate to get it back.” Connor handed the axe to Rona and seemed to just make the stakes disappear in his pockets. It was weird I couldn’t even see the outlines in his pockets. The wonders of cargo pants.

Vi also grabbed a few stakes. “I don’t know why you always have to use an axe Rona.”

Rona twirled the axe in her hand. “I like axes.”

“They show her feminine side.” Connor winked at Vi. Rona smacked him for that comment.

Jack and Zack came out of the back room with the phone. “Here ya go.” Zack handed Siler the phone before grabbing a stake.

“Hello Katherine.” Siler leaned against the table. He was quiet for a moment. “No I said it was only okay if you said it was okay.” He leaned over and smacked Jack on the back of the head. “No I didn’t tell him that.” He paused again and nodded twice. “So they are allowed to come?” Almost immediately Siler held the phone away from his ear. Through the phone I could hear a woman shouting in a language I didn’t understand. Siler sighed and covered the mouthpiece to the phone. “How come every time I talk to your mother she ends up screaming at me in Gaelic?”

Jack shrugged, while Zack said, “She likes you?”

The yelling died down and Siler put the phone back to his ear. “Yes alright Katherine. I’ll have the boys call you when we get back.” He hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket. “Alright kids, let’s go vampire hunting.”

Micah put the rest of the stakes and some more bottles of holy water into a bookbag. Then we made our way down the stairs to the van. Luckily it was an eight person van. It was going to be a little cramp but we would all fit. Siler and Vi got into the front seat with Siler driving. I was in the middle seat with Micah and Jack. Zack, Rona, and Connor were all jammed in the back.

I looked out the window as we drove. I wondered where we were going. Where does one go vampire hunting anyway? How do you even tell if someone is a vampire? Do they— Micah slid his hand into mine, “Hey are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m just a little nervous.” A little being a big understatement.

“Don’t worry we’ll keep you safe. We probably will just be watching anyway. There isn’t much demon life around here. Last night being the exception of course.” Micah kissed my cheek.

Siler parked the car in the parking lot in front of one big cemetery I’ve ever seen. At least I think it was a cemetery. There was a huge solid stone fence running around it. We all made our way out of the car. There was a large iron gate that was locked. Siler pulled out a key and opened the door. He held it open as we trooped in. I held Micah’s hand tightly. The crossbow felt solid and reassuring in my other hand.

“Vi…” Siler said. He stepped back allowing her to lead the way.

“Okay.” Vi said cheerfully. “Here’s the deal Cassie. We’ve had a few alerts of vampire like deaths in the past two days. All the victims have been buried here. So we’re just going to do a quick staking and maybe even their sire will be here.”

Connor slowed down a little so he was on the other side of me. “Me, Rona, and Vi will be doing all the hard work. You four well five including Siler get to sit back and relax—”

“Hey don’t we get to fight?” Jack asked.

“Only if it’s absolutely necessary you two, otherwise you’re spectators.” Siler said quietly. “I don’t need your mother yelling at me anymore tonight.”

“Oh come on you could take her.” Jack yelped as Siler smacked on the back of the head. “Hey I’m on your side.”

“Anyway,” Connor said gaining my attention again. “You’ve got a crossbow. Aim for the heart it’ll make them go all dusty. If you miss, throw holy water, it’ll burn them good. Keep in mind that if they get any farther than that you should be screaming your head off for one of us to help. But last resort, use the stake and get in the heart. With vampires, you go for the head or the heart and fire or sunlight is always your friend.”

Gulp. “Okay got it.”

Zack shoved Connor away from me, “Don’t worry Cass. The Doyle men will protect you. We can kick vampire butt like none other.”

“Except for Micah.” Jack laughed before running to walk with Vi.

Micah rolled his eyes, “Get knocked around by one vampire and they never let you forget it.”

We stopped suddenly. I looked around. It was nice for a graveyard I suppose. Siler made his way to weeping willow which had bunch of seat like branches. Micah pulled me after Siler and the twins followed us. As we sat down in the tree Connor, Rona, and Vi spread out in the graveyard among the gravestones.

“Hey Siler can we have some fun?” Vi called out.

“Sure why not.”

“Yes!” They all said together. Then the three began circling around the stones.

“Got one.”

“Me too!”

“Hey there are three over here.”

At first I didn’t know what they were talking about. Then I saw them. Vampires. Crawling out of their graves… Okay that’s kinda creepy. Rona and Connor seemed to be waiting impatiently for them to get up. Vi actually helped one out of the vampires out of the ground. And he thanked her for it. Are vampires all really bad?

I jumped as the vampire’s face changed. He had ridges over his forehead, sort of like the Klingons that Teal’c is always going on about. His eyes looked like a cat, they were a bright yellow. Geez his teeth were horrible all pointy and disgusting.

…And now he’s trying to bite Vi. Damn but she can really hold her own. She was actually fighting two at once. Rona was also fighting two but Connor only had one.

“So want to see if you’re still good with a crossbow?” Micah asked me. He wasn’t being quiet though. I wonder if we’re suppose to be quiet. “Aim for the one that Connor is fighting.”

“But Connor is in the way.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Just aim. Let me know you’re ready. I’ll yell at Connor and you fire.” He rubbed my shoulders and had me stand up.

Okay. Aim around Connor? Yeah because arrows have tracking devices on them. Get real. I held up the crossbow and sighted the vampire. I followed his movements trying to figure out his next move. Like he was a rabbit. “Okay I’m ready.” I took in a breath.

Micah shouted, “Connor down!” I fired the arrow. Wow. I just turned a vampire into dust.

“Aww come on! Why’d you have to shoot mine?” Connor yelled. Then he looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. “Nice shooting Cassie! Hey Rona share.” Connor moved beside his girlfriend and started to fight one of her vampires.

“Hey I wanted that one.” Rona shoved Connor out of the way and started fighting that vampire.

Connor started fighting the other one with a roll of the eyes. “Picky picky.”

Micah gave me a quick kiss. “I knew you could do it.”

“I vote for Cassie to always be on archery duty.” Zack raised his hand.

Jack nodded, “Vote seconded.”

Micah still had his arms wrapped around me, “You got my vote.”

“Wrap it up.” Siler shouted. Rona swung her axe and decapitated her vampire. She threw the axe. Connor preformed the same move on his vampire. When I looked over to Vi, she was already standing in a wave of dust. They walked over the tree where the rest of us were waiting.

“So what did you think Cassie?” Vi asked. She was practically bouncing in place like someone had fed her a ton of sugar. I glanced at Rona. She looked like she was going to jump on Connor. Oh right Vi asked me a question.

“Umm well it was... interesting. Definitely a side of Earth I’ve never seen before.” I said after a moment. “I think I prefer being on the sidelines.”

“You did good Cassie.” Siler told me. “I’ve known quite a few people who’ve fainted at the sight of their first vampire or demon.”

I smiled and shoot a look at Micah. “Well I didn’t faint when I saw Micah.”

“Hey! You swooned at the sight of me, that’s a type of fainting.”

I kissed Micah’s cheek. “I think I’ll be okay.”

“Well isn’t this sweet.”

No… It couldn’t be… I looked around Micah. Walking towards us was Bob with about fifteen vampires behind him. Oh shit. My thought was said out loud by several of the guys and a little more forcefully by Rona.

“Is that the type of demon you fought last night?” Siler asked.

The other kids nodded and I couldn’t help but saying, “That’s Bob.”

Bob looked at me with outrage. “My name is Ifskljeowvjowjwepwvwnnweoiboejowefnvlsklwefjwlekjfwlkvbwenblkjeljrlejvlvwkvffw of the Awoviaweivjaeoir clan of the Greksalos demons.”

“Yeah that’s Bob.” Micah said after a moment of silence.

“You will all die by my hand while these men hold you down so I can slice your throats and they drink some of your blood while I gather the rest to sell to compensate what you did to my clan.” Bob said menacingly.

Umm can I just say eek! And then… wait… what was that sound? Something was beeping like a… clock. “Oh my God! What time is it?”

“10:59.” Micah glanced at his watch. “Wait you’re asking the time now?”

“I need a phone. I have to call my mom!” I started looking in Micah’s pockets for his phone. “She’ll kill me if I don’t call her exactly at 11.” Micah pulled out his phone and placed it in my hand. “Thanks.” I dialed my mom’s number and waited for it to ring.

“Excuse me!”

“Shush!” Oh crap I just shushed a demon. But I had to call Mom if she didn’t hear from me she was going to kill me. … That is if these demons didn’t kill me first. I can’t believe I just shus— “Hey mom.”

“You can’t shush me I—”

“Hey Bob, give us five minutes will ya?” Rona shouted.

“Cassie?” Mom’s voice was clear through the phone.

“I’m giving you the scheduled phone call to let you know I’m safe and not in any danger.” I said. Geez that sounds convincing. “We’re at Vi’s watching a movie.”

“Seriously you’re letting her have a time out to talk to her mom? No wonder they killed your clan.” One of the vampires laughed.

“Oh that sounds fun sweetie. What type of movie?” Mom asked. Seriously Mom of all the times to be chatty.

I looked at Bob who turned around and was screaming excuses at the other vampire. “Just some action flick.” The twins started to laugh and I rolled my eyes at them. When lying tell the closest thing to the truth. Rule 17 from Jack O’Neill

“Fine!” Bob shouted. “We kill them now. You bunch of jerks. See how much I let you drink now.”

“But listen Mom, I’ve got to go. It’s just getting to the good part.” I said moving closer to Micah. Crap they were preparing to charge us. “I love you.”

“Alright Cass, I love you too. Remember I want a call in the morning too.” Mom said.

“Sure thing Mom. Bye.” I said quickly and snapped the phone shut as soon as she said ‘Bye’ as well.

I had my crossbow up and pointed at a random vampire, when Rona screamed “Now!”

Rona, Vi, Connor, the twins, and even Siler began to fight the oncoming vampires. I was about to fire the crossbow when Micah pulled on my hand. We ran towards a mausoleum that was about five feet from the fight.

“Get on it.” Micah shouted at me. He let go of my hand and I quickly shoved my weapon into my pocket. I managed to grab the top of the mausoleum when I jumped. I pulled myself on top of it and stood on top of it. A second later Micah was standing next to me.

“What are we doing up here?” I asked him. Why did he drag me out of the fight? Not that I wasn’t grateful I don’t think I’d do well in hand to hand combat against fifteen vampires.

“We voted. Remember? You’re archer.” He winked at me. “Just like with Connor. Aim and then scream their name and down if one of the good guys is in the way.”

Oh. “What about you?” I wondered.

He slung off a bookbag from the apartment. He opened it and pulled out a stake. “I’m the supply man. Jack!” He screamed his cousin’s name before throwing the stake.

Jack looked up briefly to grab the stake. “Thanks Micah.” Then he ducked under the swing of the vampire he was fighting and plunged it into the heart of it.

“Go on Miss. Archer. Take a shot.” He said gently putting his hand briefly on my shoulder.

Right. Okay I had been busy watching the fight. Everyone was fighting at least one vampire. However there a few vampires standing on the sidelines just watching, I figured I’d go for them first. Just before I took my first shot, in the back of my head I wondered where Bob had gone.

By the time I had ‘dusted’ five vampires, it was obvious that we were winning. Jack and Zack each a vampire that they were fighting. Rona and Connor kept switching on the two they were fighting. And Vi had two vampires that she was fighting while Siler was commenting on her form. I looked down at Micah who was sitting down.

He looked up at me and winked, “We should have brought popcorn. It’s a slaying must for the spectators.”

I laughed and was about to reply when Jack and Zack both screamed, “Cassie look out!”

I tried to turn to see what was behind me but someone grabbed me around the throat and pulled me up against their front. “Micah!” I managed to squeak. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a blue tail wrapped around his throat.

“Stop!” Bob screamed from behind me. It had to be Bob who was holding us. Which meant, Oh Gods I really was going to die.

Everyone looked at me well they were probably looking at Bob. How can I be rational at a time like this? No I have to be rational, freaking out won’t do any good. ‘It’ll make me feel better.’ A very small part of me that was slowly getting larger said. No think! We can get out of this… some how.

“Put your weapons down all of you.” Bob said with a laugh, “Or I’ll snap their necks.”
Oh Gods! No, focus!

“But then you’ll just kill them anyway.” Connor shouted. He still had his sword while Rona had her axe. “And we can’t have that. She told her mom she was safe.” That’s when I locked eyes with Connor. He very slowly looked at my hand where I was still clenching my crossbow. Then he looked at Bob’s foot. He smiled at me as he tilted his head to the side. “Now!” He shouted.

I shot the arrow into Bob’s foot just as Rona threw her axe cutting his tail in half. Bob howled in pain and let go of me. I quickly jumped off the side of the mausoleum. Micah rolled off the other side as well. I looked up in time to see Connor take a running leap onto the mausoleum. I heard two thumps and then Connor jumped back down. I looked around as I stood up. All the vampires were gone except for the one that Vi was fighting. Then with a quick leg sweep, she managed to put a stake in its heart.

“Cassie! Are you alright?” Micah grabbed me up hug.

Connor ruffled my hair. “This one’s a born slayerette. Great under pressure. Micah I approve. Marry this girl.”

My eyes widened but Micah just slapped Connor on the shoulder. “Shut up I don’t need your approval.”

Connor nodded, “You’re right. You need Dad’s.” He side stepped Micah’s next slap. “Come on girls. Let’s get rid of Bob. I know there’s a good place to have a bon fire some where around here.” He said as he put an arm around Rona.

“Yes fire!” Jack said and quickly followed Connor with Zack just a step behind them.

“Don’t burn a tree down this time!” Siler yelled and followed them as well.

I stared after them until I realized Micah was taking my crossbow. “We can explain things better if you don’t have a crossbow in your hands.” He said as he put it into his bookbag. Right in case any cops show up. “Can I walk you back to the van?” He held out his arm.

“Sure.” I took hold of his arm. We started walking back to the van. After a few minutes of silence I started to think about what had just happened. Was it really okay that I had dusted…or was it killed those vampires? I mean the first one had tried to bite Vi but maybe—

“You know Connor never really explained vampires right. Neither did I for that matter.” Micah said without looking at me. “When someone is made a vampire, that person is gone. When that person dies before rising as a vampire, their soul leaves them. A demon that looks even worse then Bob inhabits them.” He paused to hold the gate open for me. Then he opened to van and helped me get into it. Once we had settled he continued. “Sure it can use some of the previous person’s mannerism but it’s still a demon. And all that demon wants is blood, destruction, and chaos. The amount of the last two varies on the demon but you’ll never find a vampire that doesn’t want destruction and chaos.”

Well that helps a little. But they way he described demons, I mean he’s part demon… “I know you have a soul but you’re part demon.” I said quietly.

I expected him to flinch or something. Instead he just shrugged, “I think it depends on species of demon. Any demons related to the old ones have no souls. All the others are just like humans some are good and some are bad but they’ve all got souls. Brachens are not related to the old ones. That’s why we’re known as neutral demons.”

“Oh.” Now that’s… interesting. I think I’m going to have to research the demon world. Just like I had to research Earth when I first got here. It’ll probably be easier this time. I already know how to read English. I wonder if there are demon languages too.

“Roasty-toasty Bob! Roasty-toasty Bob!” Zack was singing as the rest of the group was walking back towards the van.

“Zack you have issues. Major ones.” Vi flicked him in the ear.

I moved closer to Micah as everyone piled into the van. Siler drove us back to Vi’s apartment. The entire time Vi was making fun of Zack’s apparent obsession with Disney movies. With the occasional chime in from Jack and Connor.

Siler pulled the van into a parking spot in front of the building. We all got out and made the quick trek up to Vi’s apartment. Once we were inside everyone started putting their weapons on the table, after Vi put down a sheet.

Connor brought out a med kit, “Anyone got anything they need bandaged?”

I mentally checked myself and flexed parts of my body. “I’m fine.”

“We’re good.” Jack said.

“Good call your mother.” Siler tossed a phone at Jack. “I’m fine too Connor.”

“Throw me a bandage wrap. I need to wrap my ribs. One of them got a lucky kick in.” Rona lifted up her shirt. Her entire side was one giant bruise. I grimaced at her. She laughed at me, “Don’t worry it’ll be gone in two days tops.”

Micah let go of my hand to walk over to Connor. “His damn tail got me in the arm when I jumped off.” He pulled off his jacket and lifted his sleeve. “Do you think I need stitches?” There was about a five inch long gash on his upper arm. It didn’t look too deep. Probably wouldn’t need stitches.

Connor shook his head, “Nah you should be fine. I’ll just wrap it.” He tossed some bandages to Rona. Then he grabbed some antiseptic, gauze, and tape to fix up Micah. Once Micah was fixed up and Jack had finished talking to his mom, Siler grabbed a bag that was on the couch. “I think that’s enough excitement for me tonight.”

“See you in two days Siler.” Vi said as she walked with him to the door.

“Barring any problems from the mountain.” Siler nodded and opened the door.

“Siler?” Daniel’s voice came in from the hall.

“Dr. Jackson.” From where I was standing I could see that Siler was glaring at Daniel.

Daniel was too busy dropping all his papers to notice. Vi began to help him. Once she picked up all the papers near she handed them to Daniel. “Here you go Danny.”

“Thanks Vi.” Daniel said as he stood back up. “Siler what are you doing here so late? It must be about midnight.”

“Ice cream run.” Vi smiled. “Didn’t want to go out with all those people that have gone missing.” Siler gave Vi a look. “What? You said to call anytime I needed anything.”

Siler sighed and then ruffled Vi’s hair. “Good night Vi.” He shut the door cutting off anything else Daniel could have said.

Vi leaned against the door with her ear pressed against it. She giggled before leaving the door. “What did he say?” Connor asked as he threw himself into a chair. He pulled Rona on top of him. She slapped him on the arm before settling in.

“He told Danny that if he had any ‘ungentlemanly’ thoughts about me, he was going to have an army of people in line to beat him up. Armed with shovels, swords, nail guns, and more implements of torture than he could imagine. Then he told him to have a good night.” Vi sat down in one of the other chairs.

“What did Daniel say to that?” I asked. I moved to the couch and sat down next to Micah. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer.

Vi smirked, “He was still stuttering when I moved away.”

“Hey Zack grab a movie will you? Something action-y.” Micah said.

“I’ll make popcorn.” Jack went into the kitchen.

“That way you can tell your mom about the movie if she asks.” Micah whispered in my ear.

“Thanks.” I smiled. It was weird. When I came through the Stargate, I never thought my life would ever get any stranger than that. Living on an alien planet with televisions and the internet and the mall. Now I have a part demon boyfriend and have even fought demons and slayed vampires. My life is a strange one.

“I’m taking your battle axe to this microwave Vi! I swear it’s freaking possessed.”

“You leave my possessed microwave alone! Just because Fred doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you get to kill him.”

And I hope it stays that way.


The End

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