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Chosen in San Francisco

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Summary: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors...On hold

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Chapter Fourteen

Author: Jadelyn Tate
Story: Chosen in San Francisco
Pairings: Um…Piper/Leo…I’ll get back to you on the rest…
Disclaimer: I own no one.
Summery: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors…
A/N: So….yeah.

Chapter Fourteen

Winter decided she didn’t know what she wanted to do. And since unbinding her powers would also affect Summer and quite possibly Autumn and Spring, she decided to wait until she could talk to her older sister about it.

The talk ended up being put on hold, however, as they had to clear out three nests and a pack of Cervish demons, not to mention the sister’s run in with the gypsy clan that had Spike cackling for days because Angel postponed his visit when he heard. Even when they got a moment’s peace, Winter and Summer still hadn’t sat down to talk about it.

Andi smiled as her family found seats in the stands. It was the first volleyball game of the season and everyone was coming to cheer on Josie. Zoe was chatting with several other volleyball players who had siblings or friends on the team and Summer wasn’t there yet but Spike, Winter, Andi, and Abby were all there and waiting. The other two slayers were quietly explaining the rules and whatnot to Spike, who was looking very twitchy about the whole thing. A sudden commotion at the door caught Andi’s attention and she smiled.

“Piper, Phoebe, Paige!” she called, standing and waving her hand. Piper saw her and waved back before turning to her sisters and husband. Phoebe smiled at her admirers and the family made their way up to where Andi had saved them seats.

“Glad you could come, Vanilla,” Spike said, smiling at Phoebe. The woman huffed but didn’t comment on the nickname. Spike had started calling the three women Chocolate (Piper), Vanilla (Phoebe), and Strawberry (Paige) almost from the moment they found out about the slayers. Phoebe still didn’t know why he called her Vanilla.

“This is our alma-mater,” Piper told him, sitting down between Winter and Leo. “Phoebe wasn’t happy but she wants to cheer on Josie so…”

“I take it you didn’t have the best memories of high school?” Spike asked, leaning forward to ask Phoebe, who was sitting by Leo and the scrambling to move Abby. Paige plopped down on Andi’s other side with the just arrived Summer next to her. Looking at the row, Andi was amused to realize everyone was sitting with the Charmed sister they were closest to.

In the few months they had known each other, the two families had grown fairly friendly and close. Still, each of the Holloway family spent more time with a specific sister. Winter adored Piper, Abby, Josie, and Zoe liked Phoebe, and Andi and Summer spent a lot of time talking or hanging out with Paige.

“Hey, you made it!” The group turned to the aisle where Zoe was slipping in to sit by Abby. Phoebe gave her a smile and pulled out her cell.

“Phoebe, I thought we talked about this,” Piper shook her head but Phoebe just smiled.

“Turning it on silent,” she explained and Piper nodded approvingly as the teams re-emerged from the locker rooms to deafening cheers.

By the middle of the first set, Andi saw the older women behind Spike looking at them approvingly every time they cheered for Josie (which they did often).

“Are you friends or family of a player?” one of the ladies asked in between sets. Spike turned around and smiled.

“Josie, twenty-two, is our sister,” he explained. “I promised to come to her games. All their games.”

“That’s so sweet,” one of the other ladies crooned. “It’s not often you find an entire family that supports each other like that.”

“Well, we can’t have the girl thinking we don’t care, can we?” he asked with an easy smile.

Andi turned away, hiding a grin at the charmed looks on the women’s faces. Summer and Paige were leaning into each other and it took Andi a minute to realize they were trying desperately to hide their laughter. A quick glance to her left told her the others weren’t fairing any better, with Abby and Zoe on the end having to leave to get drinks so they could laugh.

For someone who disliked the idea of being a “soccer mom,” Spike was doing a pretty damn good job.
“What’s up with Abby?”

Zoe looked up from where Spike was leaning against her bedroom door. Zoe smirked.

“The middle school drama club is performing High School Musical and as a member, she’s required to audition,” she told him gleefully.

“High School Musical?” he asked, eyebrow raised. Zoe snorted.

“Cheerful pop musical about a high school braniac and a high school jock who fall in love while trying out for the school musical,” she told him. “The drama teacher wants Abby to audition for the Queen Bee, Sharpay.”

“Abby is so not thrilled,” Josie said, coming in to crash on Zoe’s bed. “She’s been ranting about it since yesterday.”

Spike snorted. “She’s the one who chose drama club,” he said and the girls nodded, eyes dancing.

“That’s what Summer told her,” Zoe agreed. “You’ll notice they’re not talking to each other right now.”
“Summer and I talked,” Winter announced, walking into Piper’s kitchen. Piper turned around, a carton of milk in hand.

“You did?” she asked. “That’s good. Is that good?”

“It is,” she agreed with a small smile. “We talked to Leo and he said it sounds like I might have telepathy that’s bleeding through as a kind of empathy.”

“That sounds about right,” Piper approved. “So what do you want to do?”

“Summer and Autumn have never had a funny power,” Winter told her and then paused. “But Spring has. So I went to talk to him, Paige orbed me, and, well, he wants me to unbind it all cause his accidents are starting to drive him nuts.”

“Accidents?” Piper asked, slightly alarmed. Winter made a face.

“We think he’s terrakinetic,” she explained. “But like me, it’s muted so instead of having fun with plants, everything shakes when he gets upset. It’s gotten to the point where my parents think they may be living on a new fault line.”

“They don’t know?”

“No, they know about me and Summer,” she answered. “But Spring saw what happened when we were chosen and, well, he’s not sure where he’d go if they kicked him out too.”

“Would they?” Piper asked after a moment’s pause. Winter shrugged, eyes blank.

They were quiet a few minutes and then Piper looked up, a funny look on her face. “Wait a minute,” she said, staring at Winter. “You’re brother’s name is Spring and he can control plants?”
“Hey, anyone home?”

Spike, Winter, Summer, Piper, and Leo looked up at the call from the foyer. They had been discussing the possible ramifications of the unbinding and how it would work. Winter and Summer squealed and were suddenly gone, dashing to hug the tall brunette and redhead who’d walked into the house. Spike stood up as Piper and Leo just looked on.

“Niblet!” he greeted the brunette with a wide smile and then nodded to the redhead and the young man with her. “Lil’ Red, Conner.”

“We have news,” the brunette said as the Oliver sisters switched who they were hugging.

“We should go,” Piper said, moving to stand but the brunette waved her and Leo back down.

“No, its okay,” she told them. “I’m Dawn Summers; this is my adopted sister Vi, and Conner O’Reilly. We go to Stanford.”

“A Wicca, a slayer, and a miracle child,” Spike added, leaving out the key bit. “What news do you have?”

“A demon cartel attacked the school last night.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chosen in San Francisco" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 09.

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