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Chosen in San Francisco

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Summary: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors...On hold

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Charmed > Spike-CenteredJadedFR181527,82335435,07022 Dec 0821 Jul 09No

Chapter One

Author: Jaded
Story: Chosen in San Francisco
Pairings: Um…
Disclaimer: I own no one.
Summery: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors...
A/N: All will be revealed in time. :D I would also like to warn ya'll ahead of time that Spike will probably seem a bit OOC when he finally shows up. I'm really hoping my explanation will make sense never know. *shrugs* Also, I've never written a Charmed fic before--I've seen the show and I've read fics but...I'm fairly certain some things might be a bit off. Sorry in advance.
Chapter One

“Piper, why are you baking cookies?”

Piper Halliwell looked up at her husband with a smile. “The new neighbors,” she explained, sliding the cooling rack onto the table. “I thought I’d go over and introduce myself.”

“We have new neighbors?” he asked, surprised. Piper rolled her eyes.

“Yes, Leo, we have new neighbors,” she told him. “They moved in last weekend.”

“A family or a couple or…?” he trailed off and she shrugged, a small frown on her face.

“It was six girls, the oldest looked like she’s in her twenties,” she told him. “The youngest is probably in middle school. And they have a guy about the same age as the oldest woman.”

“So…a twenty something year old guy and six younger girls?” he asked, a bit suspiciously. Piper frowned at him.

“I think they’re family,” she told him. “Siblings who’s parents died maybe? That’s not exactly unheard of.”

“True,” he agreed with a frown. “Maybe I should go with though.” Piper refrained from rolling her eyes because, sadly, her husband had a right to be suspicious.

Piper was a witch, a Charmed One to be exact. She and her sisters had gotten their powers through their family line—their mother and grandmother had been witches as well but Piper hadn’t known that until after Grams had died. The older woman had bound their powers so they wouldn’t get into trouble of the demonic kind.

Leo, on the other hand, was a Guardian Angel for witches. As a whitelighter, he had healing gifts, the ability to orb, and other random powers that she occasionally didn’t know about until he had to use them. Whitelighter’s and witches weren’t supposed to marry, let alone fall in love, but Piper being Piper hadn’t really listened to the rules and eventually Leo’s bosses had relented.

Because she was a good witch and because killing the Charmed Ones was on every demon’s wish list, she’d been attacked by demons of all kinds and in many different ways. Demons posing as human neighbors in order to get close enough to kill them was something that had been tried before.
“Can I help you?”

Piper smiled, taking in the young woman who’d answered the door. She had long dark hair, wide brown eyes, and was very slim.

“Hi, I’m Piper,” she introduced herself. “This is my husband Leo; we live across the street.”

“Um, hi,” she replied, her eyes seeming to go through them. “I’m Win.”

“Win?” Leo asked, curiously. The girl flushed a dull pink.

“Short for Winter Lily,” she admitted. “My parents were hippies.”

“Ah,” Piper replied. She hesitated and then held out the foil covered plate. “I baked you all some cookies. Chocolate chip and peanut butter.”

“Cookies?” they heard someone say from behind Winter. The older girl moved aside a bit to reveal a smaller girl in pajamas. She had frizzy blonde hair streaked with pink and looked hungry.

“Here,” Piper handed the cookies over and watched, amused, as the younger girl moaned in happiness.

“Real food,” she whispered. “Junk food, granted, but real home-cooked food.”

Winter shook her head in mild amusement when the girl ran back inside the house, clutching the plate to her chest. She moved back and looked relieved when they walked in easily. “The rest of us will be lucky to get crumbs,” she told them good-naturedly. “We haven’t been able to go grocery shopping yet so we’ve kind been living on pizza and PB&J’s since we moved in.”

“Why haven’t you been able to go shopping?” Piper asked, moving into the foyer. Through the doorway on her left she could see mountains of boxes and junk piled around a perfectly set up pool table in the sunroom.

“We’ve been so busy trying to get settled in before school started we never got the chance,” she shrugged. “And then Will and Summer got called in to set up his office and her lab so they’ve been gone almost all week.”

“Couldn’t you and the rest of the girls go shopping?” Leo asked as they sat down in the living room. Half unpacked boxes lined a wall but Piper was amused to note that the entertainment center seemed to be completely unpacked and set up. The screen told her what the girls had been doing when they rang—it was paused on an ATV racing game.

“We only have the one car for now—Dawn and Vi are driving the other two cars here. They were suppose to arrive three days ago but got side tracked in Nashville, then Cleveland, then Chicago, then the Mall of America, then Las Vegas,” she rolled her eyes, but Piper could tell she was more amused than annoyed. “They’re currently in Disneyland so they’ll probably get in late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.”

“Dawn and Vi?” Leo asked and Winter smiled.

“Will’s younger sister and her best friend,” she replied. “They live in New York and jumped at the chance of a cross country trip in our cars.”

“Really?” Leo asked, perking up. Piper rolled her eyes. “What kind of cars do you have?”

“Spike has a De Soto,” she told him with a small smile. “And I have a restored 1967 Chevrolet Impala.”

“Spike?” Piper asked, bemused, as Leo practically salivated next to her. Winter’s lips twitched at the man’s reaction and the question.

“William’s high school nickname,” she told her. “Most of his family and older friends still call him that but I usually call him Will. He hasn’t objected...yet.”

“He’s not family?” Piper asked, surprised. Winter shook her head slowly.

“No,” she said softly. “Summer and I are sisters, Andi and Josie are sisters, and Zoe and Abby, the munchkin who stole the cookies, are sisters but none of us are related to Will biologically. He’s our guardian.”

“You’re guardian? What about your parents?” Leo asked, surprised. Winter’s face shut down a bit.

“Our parents sent us here willingly,” she told them quietly. She refused to say anything more and since they could see it pained her to speak of it, Piper and Leo didn’t press.
An hour later, Leo left to help a charge, assured that the “family” wasn’t demonic. Piper had remained behind, talking happily with Winter and the resurfaced Abby. She discovered Winter was seventeen and the rest of female household were all in high school with the exception of Summer, who was a medical lab technician.

The house was arranged a lot like the Halliwell manor with the major difference being that the Master bedroom was on the first floor with four additional bedrooms upstairs. Spike had the master since it had its own bathroom and the girls took over the second floor and the refurbished two bedroom basement. Summer and Winter were voluntarily in the basement while the rest of the girls were on the second floor.

After finally bidding the girls goodbye, Piper got her keys, grabbed a jacket, and left. She had shopping to do.
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