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Chosen in San Francisco

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Summary: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors...On hold

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Author: Jaded
Story: Chosen in San Francisco
Pairings: Um…
Disclaimer: I own no one.
Summery: The Charmed Ones are about to get new neighbors...
A/N: Hopefully, this will go better than my other fic here. :p

It had been three years since the Scoobies had destroyed Sunnydale and turned every potential over the age of thirteen into a full blown Slayer. In that time, they had rebuilt the Council, had opened offices on every continent except Antarctica, and had turned a very large estate just outside of New York City into a boarding school.

A year after the destruction of Sunnydale, Buffy had been visited by Whistler, who’d given her a message from the Powers. Due to everything she’d done, every apocalypse she had stopped, they had agreed to give her one wish. Anything she wanted that wouldn’t change the past. They would have given her the wish sooner but they had wanted to wait until she had settled a bit into her now global position.

Buffy, in a very smart move, had requested one week to think, privately, about it. Whistler had agreed no one upstairs would listen to anything she thought or said until he returned at the end of the week.

Giles had ordered no one to bug her about her choice, something that had annoyed Kennedy. The new Slayer thought every slayer should have a wish, not just Buffy. Willow had disagreed and by the end of the subsequent fight, they had broken up for good. None of the Scoobies had been terribly surprised; despite everything, Willow would always be in love with Tara.

When Whistler finally came, she’d dragged him into the quiet room—it was the only room in the house spelled to keep eavesdroppers from, well, eavesdropping. When Buffy appeared in the doorway, she told them she’d made her wish and at midnight it’d be granted. Dawn had begged to know but the older woman had stubbornly kept her mouth shut. Just before the hour, Buffy had gathered Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Faith, and Andrew (who’d Buffy grudgingly now thought of as an annoying younger brother) in the quiet room to wait.

When Whistler had returned, he wasn’t alone. Buffy, in a surprising move, had requested that her family’s soul-mates that had passed on be returned to them healthy and whole, but only if they wanted to come back. That night Tara, Anya, Cassie, Cordelia, and Joyce had been returned to them alive and well.

The one person that had shocked everyone was Joyce. She had stepped in, beaming, as she hugged first Dawn, then Buffy, and finally stood in front of the astonished Watcher and told him he should have been the father of her children from the beginning. Dawn still giggled every time she remembered Giles’ flabbergasted expression.

Before he’d left, Whistler had told Buffy that her soul-mate was still here, alive, and would actually arrive the next day and not to fear it and that Dawn would meet hers in college. He’d also mentioned that Faith had already found her soul mate in Robin Wood and another family member would find his working with the council.

Angel had arrived the day after the granted wish. He’d been given humanity for destroying the Circle (the Powers won back his humanity with the fact Angel wasn’t his real name, so the signature wasn’t valid), but had retained his strength, speed, and endurance. Buffy, Faith, Dawn, and Willow constantly teased him about being a male Slayer. Due to the fact he’d arrived the day Whistler had said and that he was alive, even Giles couldn’t argue that Angel was Buffy’s soul mate.

When he’d arrived, he’d been alone. He told Buffy that Gunn had died due to his injuries and Illyria had sacrificed herself for Spike, something neither former vampire had seen coming. Like him, Spike had been granted humanity for his sacrifice in Sunnydale and helping Angel take out the Circle.

Spike and Angel had parted ways once they’d figured out what had happened to them; Spike had told Angel he needed to collect his thoughts and he’d go to Cleveland soon. Three days after Angel had arrived, Spike had scared the bejeesus out of Joyce by seeing her in the grocery store, sensing it really was her, and hugging the crap out of her.

Joyce and Spike had returned to the Cleveland house, where Buffy had socked him for not telling her he was back and working with Angel. Spike had ended up going to England with Joyce and Giles before agreeing to teach at the school in New York. That had been a little over six months ago.

Now, almost every Scooby was gathered to determine who to place in the new offices that had just been finished being built.

After nearly three hours of arguing, they had fully staffed six of the seven offices. Now, they had the last one, the most important one, in Dawn’s mind. They had to find a West Coact Regional Director that got along with the North American Director. You’d think since Xander was now in charge of the continent, it wouldn’t be that hard but, sadly, most of the directors left were older than Xander and came from old watcher families. And Xander had never hidden his disdain for the old counsel which annoyed and angered a lot of those men.

San Francisco also had the problem in that it was home to the Charmed Ones; three very powerful witches with a destiny as long and as vague as the Slayers. Giles did not want to encroach on their turf but at the same time, San Francisco needed a group of Slayers—most of those vampires who’d fled in the wake of the Circle of the Black Thorn’s demise in Los Angeles had settled in the city and were already starting to cause problems. So whoever went there would most likely run into the three witches at one point or another and they needed someone who could work with them.

After half an hour of arguing, Xander finally suggested Spike, who was slowly going nuts being cooped up at the boarding school. It didn’t help that the headmaster of the academy was from an old watcher family and despised Spike. They had thought sticking one of the stuffy Brits at the academy would be a good thing—so far, the man was only teaching his prejudices. He’d nearly allowed a team of slayers to kill Clem!

By the end of the night, the Scoobies, minus Spike, Robin, and Andrew, had finalized the team of Watchers and Slayers who would be going to San Francisco. Spike would be joined with six Slayers; three sets of sisters who hated the boarding school with a passion. The youngest was only thirteen but her sister was nearly eighteen and would not go without her so they agreed to transfer both.

As the Scoobies left the conference room, bets were already being made as to how long it would take before the group found themselves meeting the infamous witches. None suspected it would be so quickly or so innocently.
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