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Rescue Me

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Scattered". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happened after the Hellmouth blew? Last story in the series.

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Chapter One

Rescue Me

Disclaimer: Say it with me now, I do not, nor will I ever, own any of these people, places, or things, just the ideas that pop into my pretty little head.

Wow, look at that. Two chapters up in one day (I updated 'Saving Grace' too), let's hear it for the muse. Also, I'm gonna be an aunt in September! Yay!

Chapter One

A bright flash of light illuminated the courtyard, leaving the last four required Champions in its wake. Dawn barely had time to orientate herself to the dimensional shift when a familiar voice shouted her name and she found herself the recipient of a crushing hug.

“Oh, God, Dawn,” her sister said. “I’ve been so worried! Where were you? Are you okay?”

“Oh, my God, Buffy,” she squealed happily, returning the hug. “Yeah, I’m fine. Willow was with me but I missed you.”

The two pulled apart and Dawn’s eyes widened as she took in her sister’s new look; the tri-colored eyes, the near metallic gold of her hair, the soft glow of her skin, like a candle behind a screen, and of course…

“Oh, my God! Baby! You’re gonna have a baby! Oh, my God!” she jumped excitedly and hugged the Slayer again.

“Yeah,” Faith said, coming up to the duo. “If you think big sis is something, you should see Daddy.”

Dawn turned to the other Slayer whose skin glowed like Buffy’s, whose eyes contained three different colors, like Buffy’s. The dark-haired Slayer grinned at the two.

“What? I don’t get a hug?”

Faith was caught off guard as Anya wrapped her in an enthusiastic hug.

“Uh… Thanks?” She awkwardly patted the other woman’s back. “I thought you didn’t like me that much.”

Anya released her and smiled.

“Oh, not anymore. Back then I thought that maybe you would try to take Xander back and I still wanted him but now I’m with Jack and Xander’s having orgasms with Spike.”

Faith’s eyes went wide at that.

“Xander’s what?” Buffy demanded as Xander chastised, “Anya!”

Spike just laughed and Faith could hear Giles muttering, “Dear Lord.”

“Wow,” she said as Xander suddenly found himself the recipient of Willow’s undivided attention.

The witch had turned on the puppy eyes as she gazed at her best friend since kindergarten and looked at him pleadingly. He sighed.

“Come on, Wills. Don’t give me that look.”

“Yeah, but…You hate Spike.”

Xander could only shrug; he didn’t really understand the thing between them either.

“Things change.”

“I’ll say,” Spike said, coming up to them and slinging an arm around Xander’s shoulders.

Willow looked at them for a moment then her ‘Resolve Face’ settled into place and she nodded.

“If you’re happy, Xander,” she said. “Then I’m happy for you,” then she turned her gaze on Spike, “And if you ever hurt him I’ll beat you to death with a shovel.”

That said she smiled at the two before making her way to Buffy, leaving Dawn in her place. The teen was studying the two men, a smile on her face.

“What?” Xander asked hesitantly.

“That’s hot,” she said before leaving the two stunned men and starting up a conversation with Anya as Wood and Faith spoke quietly beside her.

“Greetings, friends,” a new voice rang out and the twelve all turned and stared at the man.

“Holy shit,” Dawn swore softly. Buffy didn’t even think to correct her as she too stared at the man who looked like he had just stepped out of some Disney movie, but now that she looked around, she began noticing things. Like how the scenery was just a little too bright, how the weather was just too perfect, like how the birds sitting on the castle wall were talking to each other.

The man descended the steps to the courtyard, smiling cheerily.

“Greetings,” he said again. “I am Prince Edward. Welcome to Andalasia.”
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