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Rose Evans

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Rose Evans". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: FFA: Buffy/Lily They would see one another again, but Buffy knew it wouldn’t be until they were both in better places.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilysupernaturalfanaticFR131841052,51523 Dec 0823 Dec 08Yes
Rose Evans

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me

Author's Note: Fair warning, the timelines don't match up. I only wrote it cause I saw the FFA and got the idea in my head.

This was a bad idea.

A very bad idea, but she didn’t care.

She needed to do this, to see what she had been missing out on.

She had no problem getting into the hospital, the staff didn’t know much about her and she hadn’t done anything to stand out. This was definitely of the good because had someone recognized her, trouble would have been a-brewin’. And she wasn’t trying to make a joke about things brewing and witchcraft. Almost really.

Getting the information from the medi-witch on duty, she made her way to the room. Along the way, she passed by a man, a man she recognized, but who didn’t recognize her. He wouldn’t, of course, not in the way he should. Had he recognized her, it would have been because of her photo from all those years ago, not because he was related to her by marriage, and she was. Related to him by marriage, that is. Her own brother-in-law didn’t know he had a sister-in-law because of the stupid laws that her old world had shoved down everyone’s throat.

Which explained why this was a very bad idea.

This world didn’t have laws that benefitted a slayer; only ones that hindered. And by hinder, she meant treat like a second class citizen and even going so far as to kill. Well, the official report is always something pertaining to accident deaths, but she, and a few others, knew the truth.

Approaching the door, she slowed, the feeling of a trepidation finally blossoming. This entire time she was so dead set on doing this and it wasn’t until now that she started to choke up? No, she was a slayer, she could do this.

Pushing open the door, she stopped at the sight before her. Unfortunately, the person already in the room did not.


“It’s okay, Lily,” Buffy smiled, her eyes tearing, “Whichever name is fine.”

“You always hated being called Rose, upset mom more than a few times,” Lily choked a little as she laughed and cried at the same time. “Are you really here?”

“I am.”

“But the laws--”

“I don’t care, Lily,” Buffy cut her older sister off. “When I hear my sister is having a baby, I plan on showing up to see him. Is that him?”

“I hope so, or else someone just lost a baby,” Lily joked as she looked down at the bundle sleeping in her arms.

“I saw James in the hallway, he didn’t recognize me,” Buffy said as she stepped next to her sister’s bed, looking down at the baby boy, her nephew , in her arms. “Probably a good thing.”

“How did you manage to get here?”

“I may not be a witch, but I have my ways.” And at Lily’s cross look, she further explained, “My friend is a witch, different from you. She worked her mojo and boom, here I was.”

“Your language was always so colorful, even before going to America,” Lily smiled at the memory. But the smile faltered when everything came rushing back to her; the reason why her sister had to change her name, why she had to leave their home, their family, for America and why she had to be secretive about visiting her at St. Mungo’s. “Buffy, why are you really here?”

“To see my nephew,” Buffy answered. “What’s his name?”

“Harry,” Lily spoke, but knew a subject change when she heard one, “But why really?”

“Did I ever tell you how I hate that I lost my accent?”

“Rose Evans, tell me right now.”

Knowing she was pretty much trapped unless she ran out the room, Buffy turned away from her sister and let out a jagged breath. “I had a dream, a vision.”

“About Voldemort, James and I?”

Buffy’s head turned back so sharply, she swore she heard a pop, “You know?”

“You haven’t been the only one who’s been having visions. Not me, of course, but there have been others.”

“Then you know you have to leave?”

“We’re staying, Buffy,” Lily shook her head. “James and I, we’re going into hiding, but we aren’t going to stop fighting.”

“I know, I was just hoping I could change your mind,” Buffy sighed. With her senses she could feel the presence of someone approaching and knew her time with her sister was about to come to an end. “Someone’s coming, I should go.”

“We’ll see each other again, Buffy,” Lily said as Buffy moved toward the door.

“I know,” Buffy smiled once last time before leave, closing the door behind her.

They would see one another again, but Buffy knew it wouldn’t be until they were both in better places.

Again, the timelines don't match up and you shouldn't expect them to. Just a random idea I had brewing. Ha, brewing.

The End

You have reached the end of "Rose Evans". This story is complete.

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