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Summary: Jess is an awakened slayer; Dawn's her watcher what happens when they hunt the same evil as the Winchesters.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterkateruthFR13119,15022412,31925 Dec 087 Aug 09No


Title: Reflection
Summery: What is normal? Jess Moore is an awakened slayer sharing a dorm at Staford with her watcher Dawn; what happens when they chase the same evil as the Winchesters
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners Eric Kripke and Joss Whedon
Spoilers Season 5-7 BTVs and Season 1 supernatural
Pairings Dean Winchester/Dawn Summers, Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Compleatly Alternative Universe. Jess lives

The countdown had arrived, Jess could hear it in the back of her head, her slayer instincts telling her that the eve of battle was approaching. Dawn had a breakthrough and had broken the news to the Winchester brothers and in their own unique ways they were all gearing up for battle. She could feel the tension in Sam, it had eclipsed the jagged, painful tension of their breakup and Jess was glad for the disraction however deadly.

Sam and Dean had been anticipating this fight for most of their lives, and although Jess fully believed she could handle the demon alone she knew that Sam and especially Dean had to be part of the fight. To end an important chapter in their lives. Perhaps then they could move on.

Slaying wasn't personal for her, she had no investment in slaying other then being called. and wanting to protect people from getting hurt Her family were safe, a gift from Willow, insofar as they could ever be safe, and she had all the power she needed to protect the world. It should have been enough.

She had locked herself away from everyone for the past ten hours, after Dawn had persauded her to meet with the Winchester's and lay it all on the line. She still couldn't see Sam as a hunter, hardened by years of discipline and fight like Dean, but she was learning to accept it. She had no choice. Sam hadn't said anything when he had found out she was a slayer; he had simply walked away. Jess had sat in her chair, her whole body clenched in despair, she was hyper aware of Dean and Dawn as her uncomfortable witnesses.

Buffy had warned her that some people couldn't handle the knowledge, some men were even intimidated by dating someone stronger then them. Jess knew it was because of the lies. Jess had never really lied in her life until she had become a slayer. she now knew that it was second nature to the Winchesters. She felt betrayed that Sam hadn't told her the truth, even though she knew the reasoning, it was the exactly the same one that kept her from telling him her secret, but what hurt the most was his outright denial and rejection of who she was. She was willing to assimilate Sam the Hunter into Sam the boyfriend. It was another peice of Sam, one that she had been willing to embrace but now it seemed impossible. She wanted to try to talk to Sam but she didn't have the words, perhaps when it was all over, when the dust has settled she and Sam could talk it out.

But until then there was nothing to do but prepare for the upcoming fight.

Twelve, thirteen, fourteen...
Dawn counted the intricately curved hunting knives and slid them into their protective casing. On the weapons side they were ready for battle but Dawn was having trouble keeping her head in the game. With only a few hours left till the biggest fight since the last apocolypse she had survived Dawn couldn't keep her mind from drifting from the confrontation that she herself had engineered. She had hoped that with everyone's cards on the table there would be a chance for Jess and Sam to make up but she knew now that she had probably made it worse.



Dawn didn't look back as Dean leaned over her and picked up one of the stakes that Dawn had meticiously carved.

"I still can't believe you can actually kill something with these things."

"It's a pretty traditional method." Dawn bit the inside of her cheek and schooled her tone into notchalance.

"So I guess you'll be bailing in a couple of days. I mean after the hunt." Dawn winced, berating herself for bringing up the subject she had told herself she would not bring up. Ever.

"I guess." Dean's voice was still casual, Dawn imagined he was still studying the stake and not really paying her much attention to her. Dawn was loath to admit to how much she felt was hanging on that question. They hadn't known each other that long and they hadn't even been particuarly close, they had a handful of patrols and the one faux date. She shouldn't be hung up on what was probably a standard week for Dean Winchester.

"I might stick around for a while. Y'know help Sam through his latest drama. Besides no better place to find chicks then on a college campus."

In the cabinet mirror she saw him toss the stake into the air twice and catch it, admiring the sleek outline of the weapon.

"Mind if I take one? Might come in handy."

Dawn was about to say that a wooden stake wouldn't work on a demon, especially one like yellow eyes, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. It was a gesture and Dawn wasn't going to ruin it.

She smiled. But only the stakes saw it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reflection" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Aug 09.

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