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Summary: Jess is an awakened slayer; Dawn's her watcher what happens when they hunt the same evil as the Winchesters.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterkateruthFR13119,15022412,31925 Dec 087 Aug 09No

Chapter One

Title: Reflection
Summery: What is normal? Jess Moore is an awakened slayer sharing a dorm at Staford with her watcher Dawn; what happens when they chase the same evil as the Winchesters
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners Eric Kripke and Joss Whedon
Spoilers Season 5-7 BTVs and Season 1 supernatural
Pairings Dean Winchester/Dawn Summers, Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Compleatly Alternative Universe. Jess lives

"Ow." Dawn Summers rolled over the grass, internalizing the pain as she staggered to her feet, grasping the stake tightly in one hand.

"You Okay?" Jessica Moore yelled as she threw a round house kick to the vampire's midsection, throwing him back so hard he looked as if were on a cable.

"I'm good." Dawn said as she ducked the swinging arm coming at her. The vampire stumbled when his arm hit air and Dawn was able to slide her leg between his and knock him to the ground. Ten seconds later stake met heart and he was dust. Dawn blew her bangs out of her eyes and got to her feet, strolling over to the disgarded weapons bag and dropping the stake inside. She watched Jess trade a few useless blows and then the show was over.

"So you wanna go get a coffee?" Jess asked as she shouldered the bag and the two girls continued their conversation as if there had been no interruption.

"Jess it's like midnight."

"I know but this is college, cafe bars are open all night."

"You know I'm sure there's more to life then slaying and writing essays but for the life of me I can't remember what." Dawn commented. Both girls readily admitted they were overachievers, both spending way too much time in their dorm or the library either studying up on the supernatural or studying for their courses.

They had fallen into their roles easily. Although Jessica had been called as a slayer and had been drawn to Sunnydale to help with the last battle she hadn't given up on her dream of going to school, Dawn felt the same way about training to be a watcher. Buffy had agreed, seemingly happy that Dawn would be protected.

"So where's Sam this weekend?"

Jess's expression soured. "He went on a hunting trip with his brother. In the middle of the night."

"But doesn't he have that interview tomorrow?"


Dawn stopped in front of Jessica forcing her to stop.

"This doesn't sound like Sam, I mean this is what he's been waiting for since he came to Stanford and he's blowing it off to go on some hunting trip with his brother?"

"I know. Trust me I know."

Dawn nodded. She knew that lying to Sam about who she was killed Jessica, but it was the only way to keep him safe. They walked back to Jessica's apartment, coming up short when they saw the lights on. An unfamilar car sat in the street. Cautiously they approached the house, without looking at each other, Dawn handed Jessica a stake.

Hearts beating, Jess opened the door. Sam stood in the foyer arguing with another young man when they saw the girls they blanched. Jess just managed to hide the stake behind her back.

"Sam.You're back."

"Yeah. I promised you I would."

Dawn fell into step behind Jess, neatly taking the stake from her and putting it into the bag.

"Yeah, you did." Her eyes fell onto Dean deliberately.

"Hi Dean."

He nodded. "Jess. Told you I'd have him back in one peice. And in time."

"So you found your dad?"

The boys traded glances. "Not exactly, but he's okay." Sam supplied.

Jess was too tired to push it. "Great, well I'm gonna get some sleep."

"I'll see you guys later." Dawn said, moving towards the door.

"You want me to walk you home, Dawn?" Sam asked. Dawn was touched by Sam's offer but she knew Jess needed him.

"Nah, I'm good."

Dean moved smoothly in front of her, gallantly taking the heavy bag from her. "Well I can offer you a lift. You shouldn't be walking alone in the dark."

Dawn studied his handsome face and wondered what he would say if she told him that she had single handedly killed hundreds of vampires and demons since she was a teenager. But suddenly she was tired and the thought of walking home seemed exhausting. Besides he was Sam's brother, and she had never met any one as nice and as gracious as Sam Winchester before.


She was aware that Jess and Sam were saying goodbye and she waved vaguely, before following Dean out of the door.
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