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Damaged Souls

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Moving On And Moving Back". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Post Chosen - When Ianto returns to Cardiff, Jack and the Torchwood team must figure out how to react to the changes in him, as well as how to react to the new friends this unfamiliar Ianto brought with him.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralIceWhisperFR131958,08097044,97425 Dec 0825 Dec 09Yes

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Disclaimer: I own nada.

Pairings This Chapter: Jack/Ianto, Spike/Owen, Willow/Tosh, and Xander/Gwen.

Note: IT'S DONE! It only took a full year, but it's done! It seems right that I posted the first chapter of this fic on Christmas last year and I end it on Christmas this year. I hope you enjoyed the fic and, once again, I would love it if you reviewed and let me know what you thought of this. Reviews make me smile and like I said in the previous chapter, it's like Christmas presents. =)

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Art by my lovely Kyra. ♥
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Art by me.

Damaged Souls

Fifty Years Later

So much had changed in fifty years. They had all stayed together for ten years before they’d gone their separate ways, ready to do their own part.

Willow and Tosh had gone to Cleveland to assist the growing Watcher’s Council and relocated to Rome five years ago when the group expanded.

Spike and Owen had grown bored of Cardiff, leaving for wherever they could go. They never seemed to stay in one place long and Jack had half a mind to tell them to slow down or they’d run out of places to visit before Owen hit his bicentennial.

Xander and Gwen had tied the knot the human way six years ago when they’d returned to Cardiff to check in on base. They’d honeymooned in a way that only the son of the Doctor and his wife could, they stopped an alien invasion. Their days since dissolving the team had been spent with the Doctor, travelling the galaxies as Xander finally learned the ways of his ancestors and in a, so far, futile search of a living TARDIS of their own.

As the years had gone on, their groups had met and grown each time the end of the world came. Though the other members of the Scoobies—and Jack still didn’t get it—had been great allies and friends each time their groups had come together, the team that mattered most to him was the one Ianto had brought with him when he’d returned to Cardiff. Members of the original group died as their time came and people succeeded the place they’d held in the Council, but Jack knew the places in the coveted Scoobie Gang would never be replaced. Family couldn’t be replaced.

“They’re always like kids at Christmas when we meet up,” the Doctor mused, smiling as he sat beside Jack on the boulder that overlooked the meadow they’d picked for their reunion.

It had been years since they’d set one up that didn’t revolve around an apocalypse or an invasion and Jack smiled at his Doctor as he nodded. “Perpetual children.”

“The universe is doomed.”

Jack laughed, head thrown back as the twin suns of the planet shone down on the clearing. Rayne was an amazing planet, despite the sound of its name. Pure sunshine every day of the year. Owen said Spike had cursed for ages when the meeting place had been decided and the blond vampire still stood close to the shadows as he stared up at the suns, suspicious. They’d tried to explain that the suns here were different than the one near Earth, that it was made up of different chemicals and compositions, that he was in no danger, but after a century of hiding from the sun, Spike didn’t trust either of the burning orbs.

“They won’t be able to hold onto it forever,” Jack said sadly. Over time, he knew that happiness would change, as would the shining eyes. They’d continue to live and see every horror the universe threw at them and eventually those smiles would change. They’d see things in life that would damage them beyond repair.

“So we let them hold onto it while they can.”

“Yeah.” Jack nodded, watching as Willow chased Xander across the field.

“Hey! No fair!” Xander shouted as Willow faded in and grabbed him. “No magic!”

“No sonic screwdriver!” Willow returned, giggling as Xander wrapped his arms around her middle and turned the tables, tickling her.


“He’s taking the lessons well?”

The Doctor nodded. “Very. There’s still a lot I have to teach him, but he’s learning quick.”

“Good.” Jack’s eyes followed Willow and Xander as the redhead escaped his grasp and ran for cover with the others.

“Cheater!” Xander called after her.

Willow laughed, ducking behind Ianto as the Welshman looked confused for a moment until Willow whispered something in his ear and he took on a look of understanding. He whispered something to Willow and she nodded, smiling as they faded out and reappeared behind Xander. Ianto grabbed Xander’s arms, holding him still as Willow proceeded to tickle her best friend. Xander’s laughs reached the others and all but Spike ran to join in.

“Gwen! Betrayal!” Xander gasped, unable to stop laughing as his wife and partner joined Willow’s team.

Gwen smiled at up at him and kissed him quick before returning to her mission.

Ianto’s smile faded a bit as he saw Spike detached from the group, pulling out a cigarette. He glanced at Owen, handing his captive to the other man as he made his way out of the crowd and over to the vampire. Their words were soft enough that Jack couldn’t hear, but he watched as Spike’s eyes softened a bit and he touched Ianto’s face with the back of his hand. Ianto smiled at the vampire and leaned into Spike’s touch.

“Thank you,” Jack whispered, not taking his eyes off of Ianto.

“Hm? For what?”

“For saving him.” Jack turned his eyes to the Doctor for a moment and saw his confused gaze. “He was at Canary Wharf. You saved him,” he explained before turning his gaze back to where Ianto was pulling Spike with him to the group. Spike didn’t resist, a touch of a smile on his face as he allowed himself to be dragged.

Ianto handed Spike over to the group, kissing his cheek quickly before he left the group again, this time heading for the boulder. He ran up to Jack, kissing him once on the lips, and pulled back, pulling on Jack’s hand. “Stars are singing. Time to dance.”

Jack, like Spike, let himself be dragged to the middle of the clearing, but not before he grabbed hold of the Doctor’s sleeve and dragged him along.

There was that old saying that time healed all wounds, but some went too deep to ever heal completely. They left scars and some just didn’t fade. In the fifty years since Dana, Ianto had recovered as much as he ever would. All of them had known, at least in the back of their minds, that Ianto would never be the same. He’d been hurt too much, broken too far to ever be a hundred percent again. They counted ninety-five as a success, though. His recovery had been long and though Ianto was there and functioning, the difference was still there. He was still that same, witty, brave Ianto, but there were times when they needed a decoder ring to figure out what he was saying.

“Stars are singing. Time to dance.”

Jack wasn’t sure that he’d ever understand what Ianto meant about the stars, but he didn’t dwell on it as he pulled Ianto close and swayed to the steady thrum emanating from the music player. He closed his eyes as they danced, feeling Ianto against him as he had for the last fifty years. Slowly, he stopped swaying to the music and instead to the beat of Ianto’s heart.

Jack knew he was lucky. He’d made his mistakes by running after the Doctor that day, so many years ago. He’d lost Ianto then, lived without him for over a year until Ianto had returned to Cardiff. He’d hated himself for it, knew he wanted Ianto back, but at the same time understood why Ianto had wanted nothing to do with him. He’d put his trust in Jack, trusted him not to break his heart and he’d failed in that. Dana had been a curse upon them and the time Ianto had spent lost inside his own mind had been torture, but it had been the recovery that brought them back together.

“Stop thinking,” Ianto said softly, “Can hear those gears turning. No thinking. Just dance.”

They stayed like that for hours, just swaying to the beat as the others moved around them and continued to until night fell and their reunion came to a close. The hugs good-bye were sad, but Willow smiled despite her sad eyes, saying that they’d do it again soon.

“Resolve face,” she said and they laughed, knowing that there was no resisting the face.

Jack stood behind Ianto with the Welshman resting comfortably against his chest as they waved to Willow and Tosh, watching them fade from view. Spike and Owen followed next, activating the teleporter they’d picked up on one of their recent travels, and disappeared in a flash of blue light. Xander and Gwen remained, saying a final goodbye to Jack and Ianto before they followed the Doctor back onto the TARDIS. That too faded away with its classic sound and Ianto sighed, turning in Jack’s arms as he wrapped his arms behind Jack’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

“Take me home,” he whispered. It seemed to echo in the empty meadow.

“Lead the way,” Jack whispered back, pressing his forehead against Ianto’s.

They faded out and the clearing was empty.


Jack’s coat was on the floor before they’d solidified and Ianto pulled him back as they fell onto the bed in their flat.

Jack pressed down into Ianto, eyes half open as they kissed, watching Ianto’s face for a minute before his too blinked shut. Shirts were discarded slowly. They were in no rush.

Ianto flipped them, straddling Jack’s waist as his fingers trailed down the older man’s body, soon followed by lips as he kissed his way down Jack’s neck and to the spot just beneath his jaw. He sucked and nipped at the spot, reveling in the feeling of Jack moving and moaning beneath him. He let Jack flip their positions, content to let Jack take the lead this time.

Jack dragged the tip of his tongue down Ianto’s neck, stopping just long enough to take a playful bite at Ianto’s chin before he returned to licking his way down the body that lay before him. He took a nipple in his mouth, coaxing it into full hardness before he pulled back and moved onto the other. Ianto moaned beneath him pressing into Jack just that much harder as he circled his tongue around the nipple for the last time and licked down Ianto’s chest and to the hem of his pants. He didn’t venture further, pausing in his quest to blow a breath of cold air along the wet trail his tongue had left. He watched Ianto’s abs rippling against the sensation, skin shivering, and tiny goosebumps rising on the pale skin.

“Jack,” Ianto moaned, head pressing back into the pillows.

Jack kissed the bulge straining against the front of Ianto’s pants before he rose up for a kiss. He kept his lips firmly on Ianto’s, tongues dueling as his fingers unhooked the button of Ianto’s pants and pulled at the zipper. Ianto’s cock sprang free as Jack tugged the pants down, wondering briefly when they’d removed their shoes. As he pulled the pants free from Ianto’s legs, he broke from the kiss, and undid his own.

“Commando,” Ianto approved.

“As always,” Jack replied as he kicked his pants away and leaned back over Ianto. He went in, just a hair’s width away from kissing the Welshman before he smirked and moved away, heading straight for Ianto’s aching cock. He took Ianto in his mouth right to the hilt as he sucked. Ianto moaned beneath him, hips jerking and Jack held his hips down against the mattress, forcing him to still.

Ianto moaned Jack’s name, head pressing back into the pillow as his hips fought against Jack’s hold. He stayed pinned down and a frustrated whimper passed his lips.

Jack grinned down at Ianto, straddling his hips as he unbuttoned his shirt, tantalizingly slowly. He pulled it off, throwing it to the side before he tugged his undershirt over his head. His lips were back on Ianto’s before the fabric hit the floor, teeth clinking as his naked hips ground against his partner. He could feel Ianto’s erection, hard and leaking, pressing into his stomach, and smirked, hand tracing down Ianto’s body until he took him in hand.

Ianto bucked into his grip, hands flying from the blankets to Jack’s body. His eyes fluttered shut as Jack’s thumb rubbed at the slit. “God,” he groaned, long and drawn out. His knees folded up, spreading out on either side of Jack. His head lifted up, lips reaching for a kiss. He caught Jack’s with his, eyes closed as his hands fell over the swell of Jack’s ass. He squeezed, pulling him in closer as he gave Jack’s bottom lip an impatient bite. Jack smirked into the kiss and Ianto heard the faint click of the lube being opened before a slick finger traced down his side and between his legs. His eyes opened, half rolled back in his head as Jack finally slipped his first finger inside. “Jack,” Ianto breathed, eyes drifting shut again as his body moved with the sensations. His hips lifted as Jack inserted a second and bucked at a third. “Please...”

Jack kissed Ianto’s neck as he slicked himself once more before he pushed inside. He moved carefully, slowly, just as he had their first time and the first time he and Ianto had joined after Dana, just as he had every time since. Even in their rough games, he always slowed down for this now, always turned gentle if only for that one moment. Ianto had taken him back after everything that happened, given him another chance that Jack still didn’t think he really deserved. He wasn’t going to take anything Ianto gave him for granted anymore, not after he’d almost lost him so many times.

Ianto’s back arched as Jack filled him, letting out a keening noise as a finger flicked an over sensitive nipple and Jack’s teeth nipped at his collarbone. “Jack!”

Jack moved, understanding Ianto’s unspoken plea. He let out a groan of his own as Ianto moved with him, bucking up against him to meet mid-thrust.

The sounds of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin joined the moans and groans in the room, speeding up and slowing down with every movement that the men made. Need and want, give and take. Equals no matter their position.

“Jack! Faster!”

“Ianto! Gonna...”

“Oh, God!” Ianto arched up off the bed as he came, moan going an octave higher as Jack followed and he felt the other man fill him. He sagged against the mussed blankets, sated and tired, but managed a smile as Jack pulled out and settled in next to him. His hand grasped Jack’s in a tight grip, a silent beg that he’d never speak aloud.

Don’t leave.

Jack didn’t move.

He never planned to.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Damaged Souls". This story is complete.

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