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Beginner's Luck

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Summary: Btvs/Blackpool crossover. When demonic activity in the seaside resort hots up, a certain vampire slayer is sent in to help, with her sister, the Key, in tow.

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Television > BlackpoolDoctorsgirlFR1831,740061,40426 Dec 0827 Dec 08No

Mascots and Parking tickets

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine.

Talking: "Blah"
Thoughts: 'Blah'

Chapter 3:

"Hey, Blythie?" Buffy glanced over at the younger man that she'd been partnered with for her first two weeks on 'The Force'.

The pair had been awaiting the arrival of their DI, who'd yet to be transferred over to Blackpool, as the agreement had yet to be finalized. The seaside resort was currently overstretched my a large crime (demon) wave, one of the reasons that they hadn't looked closely at her paperwork. Either that, or Willow had gotten better at forgery. Buffy was yet to decide which possibility was more disturbing.

"Yes Buffy?" Detective Constable, Alex Blythe, nodded. Rolling his eyes at the nickname. By this point he'd gotten somewhat used to his new partner's strange habits and attitude.

Buffy Summers was a quick-thinking, martial arts expert (if the way she'd thrown another DC across the cafeteria, when he smacked her arse, was anything to go by). She hid her obvious intelligence rather successfully, behind a valley-girl facade. Blythe had to admit it was useful, as it usually set suspects
off-guard before the pair cracked the case. Well what few cases they'd been allowed to process without a DI.

"Isn't our new Boss supposed to be arriving sometime, anytime, soon?" she queried, swinging her legs in a childish manner which belayed the slightly desperate tone in her voice.

"Supposedly" Blythe nodded "At least then we can get some more proper cases and less...this." he huffed, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the parking charges that covered his desk, and made it look more like a paper-shop, than the desk of a copper.

"Tell me about it. The next person who asks me if I'm the traffic-department's cheerleader/mascot is going missing under suspicious and exceedingly painful circumstances, moral code be damned." Buffy folded her arms, pouting irritably.

Blythe gave a quiet snort of amusement, as he remembered the look on his partners' face when the sweet little old lady had told her to keep up the good work of providing moral support on the roads.

This of course, earned him a disgruntled glower from Buffy, who was perfectly aware what her partner was thinking of.

"Watch it, or you'll be needing a boot-ectomy to remove my foot from your ass." Buffy smiled sweetly, but that glint of steel in her eyes promised pain and made him wince.

"Right...wont be doing that again." Blythe shivered.

Then after a momentary pause, spoke up once more "Want to go spy on Albright?"

"No. It's unprofessional, mean and most would be wrong." Buffy nodded seriously.

"Bet you a tenner he's oggling Anne Robinson on old Weakest Link re-runs." Blythe smirked.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Beginner's Luck" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking