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Beginner's Luck

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Summary: Btvs/Blackpool crossover. When demonic activity in the seaside resort hots up, a certain vampire slayer is sent in to help, with her sister, the Key, in tow.

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Television > BlackpoolDoctorsgirlFR1831,740061,40426 Dec 0827 Dec 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own neither Blackpool or Buffy, though I wouldn't mind getting Peter Carlisle next Christmas :)

A/N: I just got 'Blackpool' on DVD for Christmas, it's a really good show staring David Tennant and David Morrisey. If a little surreal as the characters occasionally burst into song. Still, I was watching it and couldn't help but think it would make an ace Btvs crossover, but no one had done it. Sooo...I figured I might give it a shot.

Talking: "Blah"
Thoughts: 'Blah'

Chapter 1:

"The 'Bright Lights of Blackpool'...gimme a break." Dawn sighed, rolling her eyes at her elder sibling. She sprawled out on the large window seat of their new apartment.

It was a moderately priced, three-bedroomed apartment, courtesy of the International Watchers Council (IWC) and was stylishly furnished, Buffy and Dawn's decorating skills having been heavily influenced by their Mom's artistic taste.

"I miss Rome already." Dawn pouted "This is gonna be so boring. At least in Rome there were museums ans stuff. If I get bored of the clubs and gambling dens here what can I do? Ride a donkey?"

"You want some cheese with that whine?" Buffy the senior vampire slayer of the IWC raised an eyebrow at her sister's (and former blob of glowing energy's) mini-tantrum.

"Oh come on Buffy. It's so tacky, it's like a low-market Vegas. I even miss that weirdo-ex of yours" Dawn groaned.

"Hey. I know you're bored Dawnie, hence me forgiving the mass bitch-age, but bringing him up?" Buffy frowned at the thought of her ex-boyfriend, the so-called Immortal.

"Way harsh little-D. We know full well that Big sis hates any and all mention of 'that' incident." Faith drawled as she entered the room, having been recruited by Buffy to aid in the move. "Even if it was hilarious with a capital H."

"Oh come on. I made one teensy-weenie-giagantamous mistake, are you ever going to let it...oh who am I kidding. You're going to haunt me with it for the rest of my days aren't you?" Buffy sighed in realization.

"Hell yeah." Faith grinned ferally.

"It'll hold pride of place in the large list of 'Buffy's dating mistakes'." Dawn agreed chirpily "I heard Xander did the Snoopy-dance when he heard you guys broke up."

"Oh...wonderful..." Buffy flopped onto the couch, hiding her head in her hands.

"As for you little-D, get off B's back and go get drunk when you're bored like other kids. I bet there's some good lookin', non-tweed Brits lookin' to be pulled." Faith wiggled her eyebrows.

"Yeah, go..." Buffy froze as Faith's words penetrated "No! There will be no drink-age of any sort. Nor will there be any and I mean ANY pulling done by my little sister."

"Buffy, I'm nearly 18." Dawn huffed "I've got to find something to do round here. It's not like I haven't had boyfriends before."

"And look how they went. Need I remind you of Kenny the Thricewise? Look, Giles sent me here because of increased demonic activity in the area, and to look up on the possibility that this could be a Hellmouth. You asked to come along. You'll be going to a good school and you'll make friends so you wont be so bored." Buffy replied dryly.

"Plus there'll be plenty of casino's to play the slots." Faith winked.

"Ooooh" Dawn grinned "I'm gonna be rich." She began to do the 'money-dance', that Anya had taught her so long ago.

"Oh... Debt here I come. I'm gonna be stuck with gambler-anonymous here. I hope you're happy." She shot a look at the dark haired fellow-slayer.

"Well my work here is done." Faith grinned "See ya round B. I'm gonna hit the clubs for a night out before I get dragged back ta tweed-central." with that she strolled out into the night.

"I'm going assume she's broken up with Robin." Buffy dead-panned.

"Poor Guy." Dawn shook her head, voice lacking any actual sympathy.

"Just so you know. If you become a gambling addict and start pawning your research books for change, I'm telling Giles." Buffy smirked.

"Fine." Dawn shot her a playful glare "I'm going to go unpack." she headed into the room she'd called as her own.

"Try not to accidentally summon a demon by dropping stuff!" Buffy called, then grinned at the disgruntled response.

"Buffy! That was one time!!!!"
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