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Memories Lost Through Time

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Summary: Tth Christmas Fic-a-Thon response. Xander muddles through new found memories of a past life and dealing with a persistent God of War. Slash.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredxanderfanFR211628,081814838,60228 Dec 0820 Feb 09Yes

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Chapter One

Story Title: Memories lost through time

Pairing: Xander/Ares

Warnings: slash, sexual situations

Disclaimer: These Characters do not belong to me, BtVS was created by Joss Whedon and Xena by John Schulian and Robert G. Tapert. I'm just playing with them.

Response to Prompt: by Mieka
Crossover Fandom: BtVS / Xena
Characters/Pairings: Ares / Xander (as Joxer reincarnated)
Max Rating: FR21
Three things you'd like to read: 1. Willow goof ends with Xander remembering his past life as Joxer the Mighty! 2. Ares coming to reclaim his lost mate (whether he likes it or not!) 3. Hecate (or another god/goddess) giving Willow a spanking for her goofs!
What you DON'T want to read: Xena or Gabby!
Christmas theme: If possible.
Anything else your author should know? Thanks! Xander can either remember both lives or he could wake up thinking he's Joxer!

A/N: Written for the Holiday Fic-A-Thon.

A/N 2: Beta-ed by Myrad

Chapter 1

Willow sat on her bed and arranged the ingredients for the spell. She felt slightly guilty at hiding this from Tara but their relationship was rocky and she felt that it was better that she didn’t know. She wasn’t worried. This was simple and harmless. The potion would be practically unnoticeable to the one drinking it; there won’t be any adverse effect, and all of the magic would be on Willow’s end.

She would slip the potion into Xander’s drink and 2 hours later, she would have first seat to watch the whole thing. She was briefly considering letting him know that he was the one trying it out but changed her mind. He would panic and say no. Willow shook her head, Xander would never agree with it so it was better to keep him in the dark, he wouldn’t notice anything anyway.

She mixed the herbs in a small metal pot, the spell asked for wooden one but she was sure that this one would be fine. The witches that wrote those things were always overly dramatic; how in the world did they expect someone to procure a bowl like that.

She opened the book and read the description once more, “eight and a half inches of diameter, made from the bark of a Ginkgo tree grown in semi fertile land.”She continued, reading the list out loud, “Place in a palm tree leaf and dry for three hours during the full moon.”

She thought that was a little overboard for directions and she already planned on using her blow dryer instead of air drying. She flipped back to the ingredients and sighed, she had substituted some of the herbs but nothing major, so there was no need to worry.

After making sure that everything was crushed into a powder, she muttered the incantation. She hoped that the translation was correct since the whole thing was originally written in ancient Greek. The pot glowed brightly and she bounced a little. It worked! She put the powder into a small bag and went to sleep.
Her whole body vibrated in excitement, tomorrow she would see a past life spell in action. She knew deep down that she would have to lie to Xander to get him to drink it but she comforted herself with the fact that after she viewed his past life, she would probably be able to find out why he was such a demon magnet. She was happy with her twist on the situation and slept fitfully in anticipation of tomorrow.

The next day Willow sat at the table, wringing her hands nervously. She had mixed the potion with some hot chocolate and put it in a thermos. It was still somewhat hot and she was waiting anxiously for Xander to arrive for the meeting. The door of the magic shop jingled open and she smiled in relief, everyone was here and the shop was closed, that had to be him.

She watched as he climbed the stairs exhaustion clear on his face. He was sweating and his shirt clung to his body exposing his newly acquired muscles.

As he got closer to the table, Dawn jumped into his arms, “Xander, you’re here! Why are you so late? We waited forever for you to come!” she babbled at him.

Xander hugged her back and ruffled her hair, “Hey Dawnie, We had some people missing and I had to take over for them. I’m getting you all sweaty,” he said and pushed her away.

Dawn smiled, eyes roaming over him, “It’s alright, I don’t mind.”

Xander chuckled nervously and sat down across the table from Dawn, which put him right next to Willow. He put an arm around her, “How’s my Willow doing today?” he asked.

Willow grinned happily and handed him the thermos, “I’m great. I made you some hot chocolate.”

He gave her an answering grin and grabbed the beverage, “Awesome,” he replied. “Nothing hits the spot like a dose of your delicious chocolate after a hard day’s work.” He tilted the thermos and downed the whole thing and licked his lips, “You are the best Willow. What would I do without you?”

Willow patted his hand, and pasted a solemn expression on her face, “Well, you wouldn’t have my delicious hot chocolate anymore.”

Xander grabbed his chest, a mock gasp on his lips, “Oh the horror, how would I survive without it!” He slouched on the chair, hanging his head as if he were dead, “It would be the end for me.”

Dawn leaned across the table and added, “I can make hot chocolate Xander. I’ll keep you from dying.”

Xander smiled at her, “Dawnie to the rescue,” he said.

Willow smirked, “You will still be dead anyway. Dawn’s chocolate is probably poisonous if you judge by her cooking.”

“Hey,” Dawn protested. “I can cook. I wasn’t my fault the spaghetti turned out that way. Anyway green stuff is always healthy, so there.” She pouted a bit, “My spaghetti was green so it was healthy.”

They paused and stared at her in disbelief and she admitted, “Okay it looked gross, but most healthy things are gross anyway.”

Xander grinned, “I’d rather eat broccoli. That spaghetti looked like it was going to jump off the plate and attack me.” He giggled and added, “Beware of the Cursed Spaghetti.”

Dawn grinned and added, “It shoots Deadly Meatballs of Doom.”

They all dissolved into happy giggles. Buffy and Giles walked in from the training room, “What’s so funny?” Buffy asked.

The laughter tapered off for a moment while they tried to catch their breath to explain, Xander stuttered in between laughing gasps, “Spaghetti, broccoli, green,” and laughed again, the others following.

Buffy looked eyed them warily and said, “Who’s been sniffing laughing gas.”

The laughing finally trickled to a stop and Xander said, wiping tears from his eyes, “What’s up Buffster? Who’s the new Big Bad Du Jour?”

Buffy sat down, frowning slightly, “Nothing new. Everything’s been quiet but Giles was making me practice anyway,” she said with a petulant tone.

Giles frowned, “Practice is necessary Buffy. You must always be at your top fighting form, you…”

“Must always be practicing,” Buffy parroted along with Giles, “Well, the vampires are taking a day off, I should have one too.”

Giles sighed, “Fine, you can take a short patrol today.”

Xander frowned a little and there was a sheen of sweat on his forehead, “I don’t feel so good. I guess if you’re not doing a lot of patrolling today, I can go home.”

“Yeah, go home,” Buffy agreed, “You look a little green.”

Willow was chewing on her bottom lip nervously, “Is anything hurting you?” she asked worried. She hoped frantically that it was indigestion; there shouldn’t have been any adverse effect from the spell.

Xander was hunched a bit face twisted in pain, “Nah, nothing hurts. It’s probably something that I ate.” He got up slowly, “I’m just going to head home.”

Willow waved him goodbye and watched as he proceeded down the stairs a lot slower than he had come up. She stayed a while longer after he had left making small talk with Buffy. She offered to come with her to patrol and was relieved when Buffy said no. She left and hurried towards her dorm very happy that Tara was away visiting her aunt.
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