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Full Circle

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Summary: After burning down the gym at their old school, Buffy Swan and her twin sister, Bella, return to live with their father. What happens when she comes face to face with a clan of vegetarian vampires that is unlike any she has met before? ABANDONED for now

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The Accident

Summary: After burning down the gym at their old school, Buffy Swan and her twin sister, Bella return to Forks, AZ to live with their father. What will happen when she comes face to face with a clan of vegetarian vampires that is unlike any she has met before?

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss, everyone from the Twilightverse belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Written in response to the lovely BuffyCharmed's Buffy/Twilight challenge of the same name at tthfanfic.

Hey guys! I am soooooo sorry this took so long to get out! I really just sort of lost interest in writing fanfiction, but the awfulness of the Twilight movie made me want to write something (god don't even get me started on this horrible movie!)

Thanks to Kennie, Keshkreature, PrincessLalaith, Emeraldfire, kayariley, Aeryn, Skoellya, kittenpoker, spring, Nomma, pensivegal, and AshDawnSoulmates for your AMAZING reviews! I am glad y'all are enjoying this little fic so far, and I'm extremely appreciative of all of your support!

And a special thanks to my lovely betas ImmortalSlayer and AshDawnSoulmates!

And just a little hint: this will NOT (I repeat, NOT) be a Buffy/Edward fic. I'm not a huge fan of him, and the movie made me like him even less (I'm sorry but his acting was soooo bad and it sort of ruined it lol). It will stay cannon and be BELLA/Edward. Sorry to any of you who were rooting for a Buffy/Edward pairing!

Anyways, here we go... On with the story!


“Check, check, and check,” Buffy agreed, nodding. Patrol the cemeteries, take note of any vamp activity, and relay the info to him in the morning. She could do that. She smiled and once again gave the man in front of her a once over. Not bad, not bad at all. He was kind of handsome in that tweed-wearing, glasses-wearing, librarian-looking kinda way. Plus, he had an accent. Always a plus. Much better looking that Merrick was, that was for sure. She felt a sharp pain in her chest as she remembered her old Watcher, but she quickly pushed it back and focused her attention on her new Watcher.

“Now, for a spot of training...” Rupert Giles started, clearly still somewhat surprised at her obedience to his orders. It was as if he had expected her to run screaming from the room when he plunked a book entitled ‘Vampyr’ on the desk in front of her. Sure. A year or two ago, she would have probably done just that, but not today. She had nearly burst out laughing at the apprehensive look on his face before grabbing the dusty volume and sauntering over to the wooden table in the middle of the room to thumb through it.

She had long ago given up on living a normal life. She was the Slayer; it was her job, her calling, her destiny. She couldn't escape it. And no matter what she did, she would never be a normal girl. All she could do now was follow orders and stay alive. Her death would mean little to the Watcher's Council or the fight against evil, but these weren't the things she was concerned about. She wasn't living for the Council or her Watcher or her position as the Slayer. She was living for her sister. The very night she had been called, she had promised herself that she would never let anything happen to Bella, and this wasn't a promise that she intended to ever break.

Still lost in her thoughts, she watched absently as Giles crossed the room and stopped in front of a metal cage and unlocked it. Her eyes widened when she saw that it was filled with dusty old books, old artifacts, and...weapons? Slightly more interested now, her eyes remained on him as he removed a long sword from a metal cabinet.

“Ooh, shiny!” But just as he leaned forward to place the hilt of the sword in her hand...


“Gotta go! I'll see you tomorrow!” Grabbing her backpack from the table, she jumped up and headed toward the door, only to be called back.

“Where are you going?” Giles asked, looking slightly flustered at her hurried exit. “And what about your training?”

“Sorry Giles.” From the second he had told her his name, Buffy had decided on calling him by his last name only. It had more of a ring to it. “Gotta go meet Bella. She'll already be pissed at me for missing our last two classes. I'll patrol and get back to you tomorrow! Bye!” And with that she pushed her way through the swinging doors and out of the library, leaving her Watcher staring perplexedly after her with the sword still dangling from his hand. Using her Slayer memory to guide the way, she quickly made her way to the office, hoping to intercept her sister somewhere along the way.


Bella was slowly shuffling along the concrete sidewalk. Her head was down, and she was staring at her feet. “Damn, Bells.” Buffy thought, shaking her head. She had done so well at lunch…What had happened? Jogging over to her, she watched as the brunette lifted her head and caught her eye. Three. Two. One. The Slayer stopped in front of her sister, only to be met by a glare.

“Buffy! Where have you been? You missed our last two classes!” the younger girl reprimanded, making Buffy sigh. Who needed their mother, when they had a sister like Bella? “What were you doing? Who was that man? Come on, Buffy! You know Mom will kill you if you keep doing this!”

“I know, I know. I'm sorry Bells,” Buffy started, swinging an arm over her sister's shoulder.
“But you know I can't help it. That man,” - she jerked her thumb in the direction of the library - “He's my new Watcher. You know how important my calling is. I can't do anything about it. Please, don't tell Mom...Please, Bells?” She gave her sister her patented puppy dog eyes, and smiled as the brunette sighed and shook her head.

“Fine,” she agreed. By the look on her face, Buffy could tell that she was clearly annoyed. Bella reached into her backpack and pulled out two sheets of paper. “Here, I got them to sign these for you too.”

“Thanks.” Buffy blinked rapidly and squinted so that she could see in front of her. The rain had stopped, but the wind had picked up, drying out her eyes and blowing small particles into them. It had also gotten much colder. Shivering, she wrapped her black ski jacket tighter around her, noticing that Bella also did the same. Following her twin inside the office, she was once again overwhelmed by a wave of heat, and made to strip off her jacket. However, before she could get even one arm out of the sleeve, Bella stopped in front of her, forcing to her to come to an abrupt halt in order to prevent herself from crashing into her. “Wow, Bells, what's wrong?” Taking in her sister's horrified expression, she followed her line of sight to the counter. Edward Cullen, the boy with the bronze hair she had seen in the cafeteria, was leaning over the front desk and talking to the large redheaded woman that had greeted them that morning. She continued to watch Bella for a few seconds before sighing and stepping forward. “Come on, this is stupid.”

But before she could cross the small room, the door opened, sending a wave of freezing cold air through the room. A tall, blond girl walked over to the desk, placed a few papers in a wire basket, and walked right out gain. Turning her attention back to Edward Cullen, her eyes widened slightly as his back stiffened, and he turned to look behind him. Shit. Thoughts whizzed through her brain. If he was a vampire, could he tell that she was the Slayer? What if he could tell? What would he do? Would he attack her right here? In public? Of course she could take him. But did she really want to risk exposing herself in front of the receptionist? It took her a second to realize that he wasn't looking at her. He was looking at Bella. In fact, he was glaring at her.

This took her aback. Sure her sister was quiet and somewhat socially awkward, but no one had ever expressed hatred toward her. His look was practically hostile. Without even thinking, she stepped backwards, placing herself directly between the two. His eyes shifted to her, and he quickly looked away, turning back to the receptionist.

“Never mind, then,” he relented hastily. “I can see that it's impossible. Thank you so much for your help.” With one last look at Buffy, he turned on his heel and disappeared out the door.

“How did your first day go, dears?” the woman asked. Bella still seemed incapable of speech, so Buffy answered for the both of them.

“Good, thank you.” She flashed the woman a smile. Bella walked forward at a look from her sister and handed the woman her papers.

“Fine,” she answered, her voice week. Buffy frowned. What had happened when she was gone? The woman didn't look convinced either, but took both of their papers and filed them away. With a wave at the receptionist, they exited the small, stuffy room with Buffy pushing Bella along with a hand on her lower back. The brunette allowed her sister to lead them to the truck before rounding on her.

“What did you do to that kid? God, Bells, if looks could kill.” She frowned when she saw that Bella was just staring blankly out the frosted window. “Hey, are you alright? What happened? Did he hurt you?” Her eyes narrowed as she thought of all the things she would do to Edward Cullen for hurting her little sister. Bella slowly shook her head, still staring out the window. “Hey, come on, look at me. Tell me what happened.”

“He hates me,” was her sister’s reply. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and her voice was quiet and pained. “I didn't do anything to him, and he hates me. It’s awful.” Sighing, Buffy wrapped her arms around her sister's puffy jacket-covered form, and guided her head to the crook of her neck. “I don't even know what happened.” Bella's voice was muffled by Buffy's own jacket, but she could feel the warm tears splashing against her neck. This threw her off guard. Once again, Bella was showing her emotions by crying, something she wasn't used to. She growled low in her chest; she was going to kill Edward Cullen for whatever he had done to her twin.

“Shhhh...” Buffy cooed, running her hands through her sister's long brown hair. “It's alright. Things will get better soon.”


They didn't.

For Bella at least. Buffy knew that she still had trouble sleeping at night due to the strong gusts of wind that blew around their house at night and shook the walls. Their mother constantly emailed them, causing the brunette to miss home far more than she thought she would. And though Bella would never admit it, her sister watched as she cried herself to sleep every night for the next week. Bella would pretend to be asleep as the blond crawled through the window after a night of patrolling, and this always caused Buffy to frown. She knew that Bella knew it was impossible to keep anything from her, her Slayer hearing making her sister's sobs audible even from outside the window, and she didn't understand why she was trying to. But Buffy played along anyways, letting her sister have some resemblance of normalcy. She clearly didn't want to talk about it, so Buffy played the naive, clueless sister instead of her true self. Even though her heart broke a little more each time she slipped into the room only to hear her sister's anguished sobs.

What Buffy didn't understand, was that why Bella was feeling like this. By her standards, things were going great for both of them. The weather was better. Sure it was windy, but it had stopped raining, and the sun had finally managed to peak out from behind the dark gray clouds that blanketed the sky. On the day the rain stopped, Buffy had abandoned her puffy ski jacket for her trademark black leather one. It was just another thing that made her stand out from the crowd of other multi-colored winter jackets, but she didn't mind. She had never had a problem with being the center of attention.

Bella seemed to have attracted a couple of admirers herself. One example was Mike, who constantly followed her around like an obedient puppy. At school, the two girls had slid into a group with Eric, Mike, Jessica, and several other people. The group wasn't anything like the one they were part of in Phoenix, but it could be a good thing. Bella seemed to fit in better with this crowd and for that, Buffy was grateful. The Slayer had of course turned a few heads herself, but she hadn't really been paying attention. Ever since becoming the Slayer, her love life had taken a back seat to her duty, something she never thought would happen. She had been quite the flirt back in the day.

Speaking of her sacred duty, slaying had been going rather smoothly as well. Boringly, even. The morning after first meeting her new Watcher, she had reported back to him, citing that the vamp population in Forks was virtually non-existent. She had paroled for over an hour the previous night, and she hadn't found anything. Nothing, nada, zilch. All she had encountered were a few stray dogs and cats which disappeared from sight as soon as they had seen her. This was a huge change from the rampant population of fledgling vamps in Phoenix. But that wasn't all she wanted to talk to her new Watcher about.

What was really on her mind was the Cullens.

Ever since her first glance at them across the crowded cafeteria, Buffy had known something was off about them. Something strange... supernatural. She had never seen any mortal move as quickly and lithely as them, especially the dark-haired girl. Even the big, burly, football player-esque one, carried himself with the grace and poise of a runway model. And their skin. They were even paler than Bella, who often looked like she hadn't seen the sun in years.

She had held off from telling Giles anything until she had gathered more information. She was too concerned with her sister's seemingly deteriorating mental state, to give the Cullen’s her full attention. Maybe she was just biased from the pain Edward Cullen had been putting her sister through. Even though she would never admit it, Buffy knew that Bella was distraught over the way the Cullen boy had treated her. Maybe the overwhelming urge to kick his pale ass into the next century was clouding her judgment. But then again, maybe, she was wrong about them, and there wasn't really anything to report at all.

She highly doubted it.

So, she continued through the routine of the week without anything noteworthy happening to either her or her twin. Breakfast, school, dinner, homework. Breakfast, school, dinner homework. The same thing every day. And Buffy was glad for it. For the first time since she was called two years ago, she was content playing the part of a normal girl.


The next week, everything changed.

It had begun to snow, and once again and Buffy had been forced to dawn her puffy black winter jacket, something that was clearly not happy about. Getting out of the passenger's side of Bella's truck, she winced as her clothes made an irritating squeaking noise as they slid across the leather seat. Cursing winter-wear and winter in general, she stiffened as soon as her feet hit the pavement. She turned only to see five pairs of eyes staring straight at her from their perspective cars. The Cullen’s. Apparently Edward was back. After a moment of staring right back, she looked away.

“Hey, Bells,” Buffy started, wanting to inform her sister about this new development, only to see that she was gone. “Bells?” she called, slightly panicked. Racing around to the other side of the truck, she saw that her sister was bent down inspecting her tires. Breathing a sigh of relief, she knelt down next to her. “What are you doing?”

“Look, Dad put chains on my tires.” She seemed overwhelmed at his apparently concern, and Buffy smiled at the fact that he was clearly trying to make up for the fact that he was a cheating bastard. It was a small gesture, but at least he was trying. “That was-...”

She was cut off by a loud screeching noise that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Whipping her head around, she watched in horror as a dark blue van came skidding across the parking lot at full speed, heading straight for them. After a moment's hesitation, she snapped into action. The adrenaline of the life-threatening situation, coupled with her Slayer speed, flowed through her veins, causing her to move faster than humanly possible.

“Bella! Move!” She screamed, barely registering her sister's horrified gasp before pushing her out of the way of the oncoming van. It was a mere foot away now. Knowing that she didn't have enough time to get out of the way, she braced herself against the cool metal of Bella's truck, arms outspread in an attempt to absorb some of the impact. Then the van hit her. As she had expected, her strength absorbed a portion of the force, but it wasn't enough to stop the van.

The next thing she knew, she was being slammed back into Bella's truck, and the van crashed into her, causing her to let out a loud scream of pain as she was pinned between the two vehicles. Mind-numbing amounts of pain flowed through her entire body, and she let her head drop back, wincing as it collided with the hard metal. Things were getting fuzzy around the edges. The world was getting darker. Bella's hysterical screams pierced her eardrums, blocking out all other noises and causing her to panic even more. Closing her eyes, the last thing Buffy felt was the weight being lifted from her midsection before darkness claimed her.


I know it was sort of short, but I wanted to move things along a bit so I could get to the next chapter. Don't worry, I have it already pretty much planned out, so I don't think it'll take too long to get out! Hope you enjoyed it, and if you feel so inclined, please drop me a review on the way out!

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Full Circle" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Apr 09.

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