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Too Much to Ask For

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Summary: A nice and quiet Christmas is too much to ask for for a hunter and a watcher. Holiday Fic-a-Thon Entry.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredKristalFR1311,4380195028 Dec 0828 Dec 08Yes
Too Much to Ask For

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Buffy characters.

Notes: This is my holiday fic-a-thon present for Demona.


It was too much to ask for a nice and quiet Christmas- not in a line of work such as his. Not that he cared, no, Dean was gone, Dad and Jess gone. No one left to celebrate with or, hell, just open up a bottle of wine and tap glasses with.

This current Christmas could have easily passed Sam Winchester by, that was, if Bobby had not called him with a case near him. The near being Seymore, Ohio- a few hundred miles away from his current location. The case being about two-dozen “empty” kids- Bobby’s words, not his. When Sam got there, he couldn’t pick any other word to describe it. A bunch of kids sitting, staring, and lifeless.

Knocking on the door of the address that Bobby had given him, he fished in his wallet for the ID of a children’s psychologist. The white door flew in and a woman was standing there, her eyes tired and sad.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Sam Winchester, I am a Pediatric Psychologist over at General West, I was told to come over and check out what might be the causes behind these episodes.”

The woman’s eyes turned down in mistrust. “I’m sorry, but we already had a young woman come around with a questionnaire earlier from General West.”

Sam’s mouth dropped just a bit in his surprise. This moment of shock was long enough for the woman to shut the door in his face. He didn’t know how to react- another demon hunter in town… or worse yet, the actual staff of General West.

With the list of children and addresses, which he had gotten from said hospital, he got back into his brother’s prized car and drove to the next house. He received the same response. This time, however, Sam was quick to jump in before the door closed on him.

“Yes, I know, we discovered a connection and wanted to check once more to make sure that we got it right before taking any action.”

This response got him another few minutes of talking. Good thing, because he got more than he had asked for- not everything, but all that he needed.

“It was that dammed Santa Claus wasn’t it? I told my wife that something was wrong with that place.”

Sam tilted his head in, his eyes widening in doubt- a Santa Claus? Experience dealing with the supernatural allowed him to keep up with his persona and try to get as much information out of the angry father as he could. “We are checking into that. Now please could you say where you encountered this Santa?”

“Seymore Mall.”


Sam pushed open the mall doors and was instantly greeted with a Christmassy sight. No trouble finding the Santa. The line of little children gripping to hands of parents and siblings led him right to him.

Sam shoved his hands in his coat pockets and walked around the white fence bordering the wonderland. His eyes followed the red path up to a bearded man sitting in the golden throne. A small girl smiled up at him and her lips moved as Sam watched.

The head of the Santa Claus turned slowly at him, no smile on his lips. Their eyes locked. A sick smile twisted onto his lips and Sam swore he saw the eyes flash black.

His possessed spirit- right there.

He broke the eye contact and found his eyes looking across the fenced-in area. He caught sight of a young brown-haired woman and a teenage girl next to her. He was unsure what caught his attention about her but for a few moments, he couldn’t take his eyes off the woman, who seemed to be doing the same thing as he.


It was too much to ask for. Nope, she should never have even wrapped those presents or planned for a nice family meal. Nope, she jinxed it. In her line of work… well… living a life such as she does- a nice and quiet Christmas was way too much to ask for.

Suddenly she was flying through the air, and a well-deserved and much needed career change came to mind. Her head crashed into a giant candy cane even as her young slayer round-kicked the elf that threw her in the face. The midget’s green pointed hat flew off and the bells on his feet jingled as he hit the floor.

Naively, the teenage girl stood triumphantly over the midget. This moment of pride being the distraction needed for another to hit her back with a large, red ball that he must have picked from the decorative tree standing near Santa’s satin chair. In said chair- a grinning Santa watched the show unravel.

Dawn Summers raised her head- instantly bringing a hand to hold it. A new job with a good medical coverage and she’d be set. Bringing herself back to the battle, she scanned the room searching for something to stop the demon. Her blue eyes found the figure of the man she still didn’t know the name of.

The brown-haired, fit man snuck behind the winter wonderland and crept up, unnoticed by Santa. Santa must have seen her eyes following him because he turned the instant the man got into position behind him. Dawn cursed herself and jumped back into the fight. That’s what you get for eyeing the men.

Santa’s black eyes flashed at Sam Winchester and Sam glared right back. “Sorry Santa, don’t celebrate Christmas in hell!”

Sam brought his hand up and closed his eyes, focusing hard. The evil Santa screamed in agony and tried to push through the pain to reach him. Sam did not allow this and continued to suck the demon out of the man.

Meanwhile, Dawn grabbed the candy cane she had fallen on. As if batting, she swung the candy cane hitting one of the elf’s heads hard. His body fell and then slid across the floor. His head lightly tapped the ankles of a blond-haired little girl.

“Aww!” She screamed, her hands coming up to her checks mimicking a scene from “Scream.”

Dawn bounced forward and grabbed the small body, offering a little smile at the young girl. “Sorry about that, we’re just rehearsing for a movie. Everything is fine!”

Dawn patted the blond haired girl and tried to push her gently away- having thought they had ushered all of the parents and children away. The girl didn’t budge and Dawn had to give up as the elf bit down on the hand holding him.

Dawn let out a yelp and dropped him. The elf instantly kicked her shins and pushed her- the midget body holding much more strength than would appear. Dawn flew backwards again, her back landing on the ground.

She looked up just in time to see a jet of black smoke flowing out of Santa’s mouth. Her eyes turned to the cause- the man.

Santa fell down; the black smoke surrounded him before vanishing, the elves along with it.

Sam’s hand dropped down and he opened his eyes to a young girl’s wide eyes and dropped mouth. With a pant and a small smile, he said, “All just pretend.”

A scream followed her as she ran off.

Stepping over the unconscious Santa- he crossed the path to Dawn, still on the ground. He held out a hand to her. Dawn grabbed onto him and Sam quickly pulled her up to her two feet.

“I’m Sam,” Sam introduced himself. “Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you what’s up.”

“Nope.” Dawn shook her head. “I’m Dawn.”

And a young teenager jumped between them, her face in a grin. "I’m hungry and... hello!” Her eye turned to Sam and looked him up and down, an approving smile on her face. "I'm Ches!"


Yup- this is what I came up with... I'm pretty sure I had writer's block to the extreme as I tried to start the story four different ways and just couldn't get what I wanted... I should have written it right away when I picked it and had a brilliant idea... I'm going that finals and the end of semester is a horrid time for my brain to remember things. So hope you enjoyed the little bit- if I ever remember the way I was going to do it- I may write up that and post it but until then- bang, story above.

No, tis my birthday and I'm gonna go open more pressies and then eat cake! Num!

I heart reviews!


The End

You have reached the end of "Too Much to Ask For". This story is complete.

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