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Daughters of the Revolution

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Goodnight Daughters". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Trapped five hundred years into the future with no memory and pursued from one system to the next, Buffy Summers must fight to survive with her only ally, a psychic known as River.

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Firefly > Buffy-CenteredSyriopeFR15410,49643111,10228 Dec 0818 May 09No

Chapter Four: Serenity

Chapter Four

Buffy followed behind Simon, her hand tucked through his elbow, her other hand holding the suitcase rolling on the uneven ground behind her. Simon walked at a leisurely pace, occasionally taking in their surroundings. But, mostly, he was trying to get to a ship, one that he was willing to pay for. “We’ll be safe there,” he told her fervently as his large cargo box was loaded onto the back of the terrain vehicle. “At least until we get to Boros.”

“What’s on Boros?” she had asked softly, though she knew the answer. Boros was where Simon would release her into her caretaker’s hands and he would go his separate way. Her grip on Simon tightened and he turned to look at her, dark eyes barely visible behind his glasses. He gave a solemn nod and she attempted to smile, lips twisting beneath her own sunglasses.

“We’re here,” he finally said in a voice of false cheer. Buffy stood next to him, looking up at the ship. After what they had just ridden on, it looked haggard and aged, not the sleek, shiny speedster. “Whatever you do, stick with the story.”

The story was that they were a couple on their way to Boros. Since she had no idea of what Boros actually was besides a planet, it was easy for her to agree. Besides, the idea of being this close to Simon was comforting. He had earned her trust and she was willing to display the same amount of trust for him.

A girl was moving towards them, a bright colored parasol twirling merrily over her shoulder. “Hello!” she called out, her eyes on Simon as her shiny lips parted into a wide grin. “And where might you be headed?”

“We,” Simon began, pulling Buffy closer to him, “are on the way to Boros, which I believe is your destination.”

The girl looked put off for a moment, but only just. “Of course, if you can pay to get aboard.”

“Cost is of no object,” Simon replied in his formal tone, wrapping an arm around Buffy’s slender shoulders.

“Thank you,” she said, her smile fading slightly as she took in the pair. “I’m Kaylee.”

“I’m Simon,” he replied, holding out his free hand. “Doctor Simon Tam.”

“A doctor?” Kaylee looked impressed. “Normally we don’t find doctors around these parts. They’re not fit for dealing with the undersides of the city.” She smiled brightly at her own false laughter. Her light eyes then switched to Buffy. “And who’s this?”

“She’s with me,” Simon said protectively and Buffy felt the hand on her shoulder tighten.

Kaylee’s smile faded again. “Well, in that case, welcome aboard. You got cargo?”

“Yes,” Simon replied in that slow, formal tone of his. “We have acquired the help of your—“

“The mule,” Kaylee finished for him. “It’s like a bike, only motorized. Fixed ‘er myself.” She looked to Buffy and then followed the gaze down to the large suitcase behind her. “Might I take this to your room?”

“We can take care of that,” Simon replied, gently steering Buffy towards the ramp going up to the unkempt ship. “Come on.”

Buffy felt Kaylee’s curious gaze on them.

“Why didn’t you tell them my name?” Buffy asked curiously as they reached the ramp and started walking up.

“Because we won’t be on board long enough for them to remember either of us,” Simon replied, his formal tone gone. Instead, his voice sounded harried and uncertain. “We just need to get off Persephone safe and sound. Do you think you can follow me?”

“I’ll follow you.”

Simon looked down to that gaze, the trusting one she flashed at him, along with eyes that seemed completely lucid, once again confirming why he hadn’t turned her over to the men.

Simon paused as the rumble of the mule appeared over the sounds of the city around them. He paused, Buffy neatly stopping next to him. He watched as the mule came aboard, with River’s cargo crate on the back. He felt Buffy stir next to him, her eyes on the crate. That gave him a start; did she know exactly what was inside?

Her attention was riveted to a group of three people approaching the ship.

“—Pray their ain’t more surprises.”

Buffy looked up at the tail end of the conversation. She felt Simon tense next to her, his eyes on the man that had spoken. Buffy chanced a look at him, too. Simon finally looked away, but he didn’t relax. She held onto him, knowing that he was feeling antsy about something, but wasn’t able to put her finger on it. The fact that she felt their eyes on her didn’t help matters.

“Please,” Simon told the man getting off the terrain vehicle, offloading the cargo box. “Be careful with that.”

The girl with the bright parasol appeared, her smile bright. “Mal,” she said to the man that stood off to the side, scowling, “this is Simon. Simon, this is our Captain.”

“Captain Reynolds,” Simon said formally. He waited for the man and his companions to walk inside before he walked in after them. His gaze lingered on the cargo box for a moment before he walked past it, letting go of Buffy’s arm, finally.

She took the moment to set her suitcase on the deck and looked around the room. It was a cargo hold and it looked like one. Vast metal flooring, great open space and a lot of junk ranging from bent bits of metal to boxes like the one Simon was checking on.

She felt eyes on her and spotted one of the other passengers. He was digging through a bag at his feet, but she felt the weight of his gaze. She shifted her weight so that she leaned against one of the more stable staircases, smoothing the wrinkles in her orange dress.

“Kaylee!” The voice came from above. “I’m locking it up!”

At once, the beams of sunlight began to narrow as the large cargo doors began to close. Simon instinctively moved closer to her as she felt the rumbles beneath the metal floor. It was obvious the ship’s engines had just started and the ship was going to take off.

Kaylee appeared suddenly. Her smile wasn’t obvious, but her eyes still twinkled. “I can show you to a room if you’d like,” she offered.

“Thank you,” Buffy spoke, her voice low and solemn. Kaylee suddenly smiled.

“Knew you had a voice underneath you,” she said brightly, turning to Simon.

“We would appreciate it, but perhaps after we break atmosphere,” Simon replied in his formal voice. Buffy reached out to touch his arm and he acknowledged her with a strained look as he slipped the glasses from his face.

“I promise we’ll behave,” Buffy said suddenly.

Kaylee blinked and glanced at her. “Just sit tight till we’re in the black.”

Buffy waited until Kaylee had scampered off before turning to Simon, eyeing him with that sharp gaze of hers. He broke after about four seconds. “I’m just trying to keep a low profile.”

“No need to be rude.”

It was hard trying to stay away from that penetrating gaze, Simon thought, ignoring the flash of something in those green eyes. “I wasn’t trying to be rude,” he said softly. “I was trying to avoid answering hard questions.”

She gave him an annoyed look, a look that River may have given him. His gaze strayed back to the cargo box and he felt something leap painfully in his chest. River had risked everything to save Buffy as well as herself. It didn’t seem fair that they would never see each other again.

He realized then how resolute he was about keeping River in cryostasis until they got to Boros and Buffy was well on her way. It was far safer that way.


It was later that afternoon when Simon reappeared in the doorway of the room they’d been given. Buffy was sitting on the floor, pulling out shoes from the suitcase. Her long hair was down, flowing around her shoulders, creating an innocent glow around her face. She didn’t seem to notice him as she continued piling shoes near one of the bench seats.

“I see you’re getting unpacked,” Simon finally said, stepping into the room. His eyes strayed to the single bed. While big enough for them both, it was neither appropriate nor just for him to share it. Instead, he had pulled off the Chinese-styled comforter and a few pillows and had stacked them on the bench seat, arranging the cushions. Since it was short, Buffy would fit well. He, being taller, would have to sleep in a fetal position. She had agreed to this.

She seemed to agree to everything he asked of her. This is what made it so difficult.

“Buffy,” he said, taking a seat on the bench. She looked up at him, those bright eyes sharp and attentive.

“Simon.” Her attention turned back to the shoes. “What did I miss?”

“There was a welcome greeting,” Simon replied. “You didn’t miss much. There’s a sit down dinner at 1800.”

“Oh.” She pulled out a bright red shoe and set it with the other before moving the pair into the straight line. Aligned by color and size, from boots to heels to sandals. It was almost an illness with women and shoes, he thought ruefully.


This time, there was something in the tone of his voice that made her look up. Finally, she stood up, sitting next to him.

He watched her for a moment, seeing the blank look on her face. He pitied her; he knew she didn’t remember much. There were days when she struggled to remember what she had done the day before. He could see it in her faraway glances, the moments where she wasn’t coherent. There were moments of clarity, in the sharpness of her eyes, but there were also moments like now that he’d rather not see.

He didn’t like it.

“We’ll be okay, won’t we?” she asked him in that soft voice of hers.

And she never got afraid, he thought. Never in the week since he’d met her had she shown one iota of fear. Curiosity, yes; hesitation, yes. But never fear.

“We will,” he assured her, covering her hand with his. He felt her fingers curl through his and welcomed the gesture. All the same, it was comforting.

When she released his hand and continued unpacking, he watched her with unnecessary sadness. He didn’t know how he could help her. River was his responsibility and Buffy wasn’t. He should have been reassured when they arrived at Boros.

But, according to Captain Reynolds, they were going to Whitefall. It wasn’t far from Boros, but it was twenty-four hours off. He had promised her in three days.

He knew there would be dire consequences if Buffy wasn’t delivered into their waiting hands.

What he didn’t like was how unfair it was for him to feel afraid, while she seemed incapable of feeling fear at all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Daughters of the Revolution" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 09.

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