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Daughters of the Revolution

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Goodnight Daughters". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Trapped five hundred years into the future with no memory and pursued from one system to the next, Buffy Summers must fight to survive with her only ally, a psychic known as River.

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Chapter One: Flight

Daughters of the Revolution

Title: Daughters of the Revolution
Rating: 15; some violence and language. Ratings may change due to violent and possibly disturbing content.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is owned by someone other than me. Joss Whedon owns Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity. I just own a part of the plot.
Spoilers: Buffy through Season 2. Total series for Firefly and Serenity.
Summary: Trapped five hundred years into the future with no memory of her past life, Buffy Summers must survive with her only ally, a psychic known as River. Pursued from one star system to the next, she must piece together her life and the secrets of those after her in order to find a reason to fight tomorrow, as well as for her soul. For one will fight for perfection while the other fights for destruction…
Notes: And now we have the conclusion story to the series. You should read Misbegotten and Escape in order to get the gist of the story.


The hallway seemed endless, even as slippers padded down the concrete floor, lifeless eyes trained on a flickering fluorescent bulb above. Her mind played over the fractals of light, flashing from one wave to the next.

And then she heard the voices.

The others were crying out to her.

Help us! They pleaded. Let us out of here!

She heard them. She understood. Flashes of a room filled with needles fill her mind. Flashes of glass shattering as she trembles, unseeing, unknowing, as the world explodes around her.

Yet she can only walk, bound in chains, set for an execution. Inside, she screams the same pleas she hears, yet she can do nothing. Not even if she wanted to.

In the small room to her left, another dreamed…


The graveyard was dark and smelled of death. Mist floated around the headstones, shrouding them from view. The ground was hard beneath her feet, even as her boots made little noise. She could turn this way and that, stake in hand, senses perfectly in tune with her surroundings and she knew exactly what was coming. Her eyes paused as she spotted a headstone atop a fresh mound of dirt, settled between the headstones that had existed for ages, protecting and preserving those that were supposedly to rest at peace.

But her job showed anything but respect.

The stake twirled idly in her hands as she bent down, watching the dirt. She could feel the presence awaken beneath the dirt and break free, clawing their way through the coffin, through the earth. When the deadened hand struck through the mound, she exhaled, keeping her gaze steady as a second hand appeared, then a head, and a torso…

The vampire was newly raised and growled when it recognized another presence hovering nearby. It barely had time to straighten before her stake went through its heart. It stared down for a moment, perplexed and openly curious about the stick before disintegrating into dust. Lowering the stake, she walked away.

There were others, she knew. She could sense them around her, crawling their way to free air. They were surrounding her, appearing as rotting hands snaking through the earth, a soft hiss of sound that overwhelmed her. She spun in a circle, feeling the air around her disturbed with the sound of vampires rising. She stopped and gasped when a vampire appeared in front of her, snarling, decomposing lips pulled back against bloodied teeth. With a growl, it sprang forward, locking its slimy hand around her neck. She easily broke the contact, shoving the vampire away from her. As she thrust the stake towards the torso, his arm knocked hers away, the stake clattering helplessly to the ground.

She could only eye her weapon for a second before lifting her hands, curling them into fists. He could smell her blood. She could smell his decay. It was intoxicating. The vampire was fast, dodging her blows and offering her a few of his own. But he wasn’t fast enough as he fell pray to a knife, well-hidden in her boots, that sliced through his neck, severing his spinal column and leaving a tumbling carcass exploding into clouds of dust as his head bounced soundly on the ground behind them.

She exhaled for a moment to collect her thoughts, fingers curling around the bit of wood that was her lifeline. Rising to her feet, she turned to face two others. Both charged her head-on, never taking into account the fact that she had just killed two of their brethren. Neither woman had the chance to defend herself. One was staked as she ran towards her and the other was knocked flat onto her back before the stake drove through her heart. The vampire’s putrid hand closed over the stake, taking the weapon with her.

Rising, she could only stare at the shadows lingering around her. There were many and they were closing in. Spotting one running towards her, she kicked out, catching it below the belt and sending it crashing into the outstretched arms of a granite angel. The figure growled before charging again, but she easily sidestepped it, allowing it to fall into an open grave. Taking the shovel abandoned by the gravedigger, she snapped it in half, casting the metal scoop aside and twirling the handle threateningly. The vampire could only blink stupidly up at her as she drove the entire handle through the vampire, watching as its dust littered the ground beneath it.

She gasped as a pair of arms circled her around her shoulders and spun her around. She had only enough time to lash out with both feet, knocking two advancing vampires aside. The force of her momentum caused both vampire and Slayer to crash into the grave. The handle landed uncomfortably under her thigh, yet she was able to grab it and maneuver it, jabbing her elbow into the vampire’s neck while stomping hard on the foot. At hearing the pained howl beneath her, she took the handle and staked the vampire. Glancing out of the hole, she saw the shadowed faces lingering there, watching her, waiting for her next move.

“Get out of my way,” she snarled, jumping to her feet, ignoring the fact that she was covered in vampire dust. “I’m coming up!”

Once she had pulled herself out of the hole, she saw five vampires facing her. This time, they came with weapons.

“Finally,” she muttered, throwing down the handle and straightening out her jacket, brushing bits of vampire dust from the sleeves, “a challenge.”

With a feral grin, she charged the group with only her hands up to defend herself…


The blonde in the metal chair groaned as they continued their tests, watching as she responded to the pure adrenaline they had just inserted into her IV. She twisted again, pulling against the restraints put there for their own protection.

“She is responding well considering the amount of sedative in her system,” one doctor commented, clicking their pen as they continued to write on a tablet. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the teenager. “The epinephrine serves to prepare her body for action, even with twice the normal dosage of sedatives. I am quite astounded the hormone has had the effect it has.”

The other doctor standing next to her smirked. Even in the dim, blue light, she could feel the smugness radiating off of him in waves. “She has performed better than we could have dreamed,” he said, his tone quiet and marveling, watching as his principle subject was implanted with another probe, one that caused her body to shudder. “Her EEG scans are beyond anything I could have imagined.”

They waited for her heart rate and neural activity to return to normal before he stepped forward, tapping on the pane of glass separating the doctors from the lab techs. “Enough,” he called out, pulling the microphone from the ceiling lower so the others could hear. The doctors watched as one of the orderlies added another bag of sedative to the IV before wheeling the girl, chair and all, from the examination room.

“This has been quite exciting, doctor,” she said slowly as they stepped out of the room.

“She is just one of two girls in our advanced placement program,” the doctor said smugly. “Both have shown extraordinary progress over the past few months, using various methods, of course.” He paused at another door, his hand gently pressing to the metal. “This is the other.”

A dark-haired girl, no older than the blonde, was being led into the room. Her eyes were pools of color, but they contained nothing else – a spark of emotion, tears, anything that would signal she was alive. She blinked and allowed herself to be pushed into the chair.

“You don’t test this one by overtaxing hormones?” she asked, lingering near the window for a moment as the girl was put to sleep.

“We use an artificial response to one,” the doctor responded. “We use a neurological response to the other.” He waited as the metallic probe was placed over her head. “We use the Delcium and…” He paused, watching as a man appeared. He wore a Parliamentary uniform and seemed nonplussed to see the two doctors standing there, idly discussing a patient. They waited until he had passed before the woman turned back to the man.

“The best work we do is when they’re sleeping,” the doctor continued. They both watched as the Parliament representative was allowed access into the room and he stood there, watching the subject with a creepy fascination in his eyes. “We can monitor and direct their subconscious to our will,” he continued softly, watching as the girl fell against the chair. “We can make them see what we want them to see. They’ll both be ideal for defense deployment within months.”

“You seem very proud of your work, doctor,” the female doctor said softly, watching as the girl trembled against the effects of the Delcium. “I assume that with such methods, there are certain side effects?”

“Psychosis, for one,” the male doctor replied, the haughtiness returning to his tone. “The neural stripping tends to make them forget. She’s unstable, but given the right trigger, an unstoppable, impenetrable weapon.” He smiled suddenly, his eyes shining as he watched the lab techs continue their work on the brunette. “All of our students have been conditioned for combat, but only the advanced students will ever see such placement.”

“I see,” the woman murmured, watching for a moment longer before pulling back. The girl inside was starting to cry and struggle. The representative had taken a cautious step backwards, face filled with horror. The female doctor, though, had seen enough. “Is she also your patient?”

“Miss Tam?” the doctor asked, chuckling as he stepped away from the door. “No, she’s not my patient. Mine is the extraordinary Buffy Summers.” He pointed to another heavy door across the hall. “We’ve had to take certain precautions with her as she has proven to be more belligerent. But there is something almost unique about her.” He gave a callous laugh. “It will be a great day to remember when both are placed into production.”

The woman looked uncertainly around her. “You know,” she said softly, “it might help to refer to them as the actual humans they are, and not just your beloved weapons.”

The doctor’s eyes widened as he whirled around, just in time to see the flash of metal in her hand. “Foolish woman,” he breathed, feeling the breath hitch in his throat as her firearm aimed for his heart.

“Do you really think that you’ve outsmarted everyone?” she asked glibly as the doctor backed into the wall. “You have no idea what you’ve done.”

“I had no idea that my student was so coveted,” the doctor replied brashly. “Had I known, we could have worked something out.” For the first time, there was a flicker of fear in his eyes as her finger clicked off the safety on her weapon. “How many more must die for her?”

“Just one,” the woman replied, firing the weapon. Even as the alarm over her head began blaring, there was great satisfaction in watching the arrogant man slide down the wall, a bloody splotch spreading across the surface. Exhaling, she holstered her weapon before turning on her heel and running lightly to the experimentation room where River Tam was. At that exact moment, the door burst open and a young man ran out, panting. Behind him was the young girl, garbed in only a white nightgown, tugging on her hair and whimpering.

“Mister Tam,” she breathed, pushing the door shut behind the young woman and looking at the empty corridors around them. “We don’t have much time. We—what is she doing?”

“River?” the man called out. The girl had started running, leaping gracefully over the body in the corridor and pressing herself against a doorway.

“I think she wants us to follow her.” The doctor winced as she looked up, seeing the blaring lights. “They know she’s gone.”

“River, come on!” the man called out. “We need to get out of here!”

River pressed her ear against the door, falling to a crouch beside it. A look of intense curiosity lined her face as she splayed her fingers on the cold surface. “I can hear her,” she whispered. “She’s afraid.”

“What--?” the man asked, confused. He watched as the woman standing next to him darted forward, pulling River away from the door and tugging at the handle. It was secured with a lock that required a handprint. She nudged the girl aside again and took up the corpse, dragging the hand to the lock and placing it onto the pad. The girl turned away from the sight of blood on the tiled floor just as the man arrived, eyes wide, obviously frightened. “What are you doing? This wasn’t part of the arrangement!”

The woman glared at him as the door clicked open. She kicked the body aside and jerked the door open wide enough to see inside.

The blonde had been pulled out of the chair and lay on the floor. Her hands were restrained behind her. Long, limp hair was tangled around her face, which was a mess of bruises and cuts, some half-healed and some scarred over.

“Oh my…” the young man breathed, stumbling into the room. “What the—“

“Get her,” the doctor ordered, hearing footsteps as she darted from the room, pulling out her sidearm.

“What—?” the man protested.


“Find out,” he told the girl and she backed out of the cell, disappearing into the corridors. The young man rushed forward and bent down next to the girl, gently turning her face to his. Her eyes were little more than slits. He removed a light and flashed it to see the reaction and found it painfully sluggish. “I don’t know what they injected you with, but we need to get you out of here.” He pulled a syringe from his pocket and inserted its contents into the needle from the other pocket. After releasing the clear stream of fluid, he plugged the needle into the woman’s arm.

Her body suddenly began convulsing as the drugs entered her bloodstream. Throwing the needle aside, he scooped her up, pulling her head up with one hand. Her eyes flew open and blinked for a few seconds, focusing weakly on him. She exhaled shakily, even as her body trembled a few more times before she went slack.

There was nothing else he could do but pick her up and carry her into the corridor. River was waiting for him about halfway down, beckoning to him. In the distance, he could hear gunshots.

“Come on,” he muttered to her. River ran ahead of him, pausing to look both ways in the corridors before continuing on.

“Hold her,” he said, straightening the woman and watching as River caught her.

“Simon,” she whimpered, looking behind them. Two men were approaching with weapons. The young man turned back to the pad and ran the card attached to his coat across the access panel. A moment later, the light turned green and the elevator shaft door opened.

A blast of cold air hit both siblings as Simon took the blonde and River ducked inside, the skirt of her nightshirt fluttering around her legs. She caught the blonde that her brother handed to her and looked fearfully behind her. The shaft was activating again as red security tags were lighting up from the bottom of the facility up.

“Hold on,” Simon told her as he slipped into the shaft. He waited for only a few seconds before he heard gunfire again and breathed a sigh of relief. A moment later, the frantic doctor appeared in front of them.

“I’m sorry,” she said, activating the panel from the other side. “But you’re on your own now, kid.” The doors sealed before Simon could react. From the other side, he saw her step back, weapon in hand and smile at him.


He turned just as a ship appeared in the shaft above them. They were lowering a ramp into the shaft, even as the security beams continued to activate, one by one.

The girl in River’s arms began to stir, whimpering. “Go!” Simon called out. River nodded and pushed the girl in her arms onto the platform. The blonde landed on all fours and turned around, blonde hair whipping around her face. River leapt gracefully onto the platform after her as Simon stepped backwards, staring at the sealed doorways as two security guards appeared, brandishing weapons. He looked to River, who had crouched over the girl, her hand wrapping around one of the cables.

As the platform lifted out of the shaft and into the clear air, Simon bent down, reaching over and taking the arm of the blonde, even as River held onto her. “Hold on,” he told River as the ship that carried them began to pull away.


The light over her head was blinding. Her eyes blinked open before focusing on the bulb floating only a few inches over her head. Her memories rushed back to her with… nothing. She could only blink uncertainly at the lights.

Her ears picked up the sound of footfalls nearby. Her hands tightened on the arms of her chair, even as an overwhelming sense to protect herself washed over her. Protect herself from what, she didn’t know. It was there and it was almost as strong to her as the sense to breathe.

There was a soft ping as the owner of the footfalls stopped. Her hand reached over towards a tray, moving idly over metal tools and instruments until her thumb nicked the sharp corner of a scalpel. Her hand wrapped around the weapon as she pushed herself upwards. The force of her hand upsetting the metal tray caused it to crash to the ground, the tools raining down onto the floor. The man at the end of the room spun around, a hand clutching his heart and he gasped. A woman in a white nightshirt stood in front of him, his scalpel clutched in her hand.

“What—“ she began, thrusting her arm out. “What is this?”

The man, dark-haired and rather innocent looking, lifted his hands defensively. “I won’t hurt you,” he said quickly, his eyes on the scalpel. “I promise.”

“Won’t hurt me?” she asked, taking a step closer, her foot catching on the edge of a screwdriver. “Won’t hurt me?” She advanced another step.

“You were unconscious while I pumped sedatives out of your system,” the man replied evenly, his hands held stationary. His eyes lifted from the weapon and met hers. Her saw a look in those hazel-green eyes that scared him. They were terrified. “I can show you what I did—“ He reached behind him for one of the intravenous bags.

“No!” she shouted, taking another quick two steps, bare feet slapping the metal deck plating. “Don’t!”

His hand snatched back and he held it up.

“Where am I?” she asked. For the first time, her voice shook. She had been tempted to ask who am I.

“You are on a ship,” the man replied patiently. “We are both on a ship.” He pointed a finger to one of the porthole windows. “We’re on our way to Persephone to—to get—“ Words failed him as the girl ran towards the porthole and looked out, the scalpel held loosely at her side. She pulled herself up onto her tiptoes and stared out into vacant space.


“I’ll tell you everything, but first, you need to hand me the scalpel.”

The girl looked down at her hand. The scalpel was clenched in her first. Her thumb was red, since she had nicked it, and it was bleeding. She watched as a drop splashed onto the deck plating. She stared at the splotch for a moment before lifting the weapon. The man lowered his hands and took two steps forward, relieving her of the scalpel. “Do you want to sit?” he asked her.

“N-No,” she stuttered out. “You said you would tell me everything!”

“What do you remember?” the man asked, setting the scalpel on the table behind him.

The girl frowned as she looked down. A minute passed before she met his gaze again, shaking her head slightly. Her eyes were slightly out of focus and there was a blankness to them, as though the board had been wiped clean a long time ago.

He sighed and gestured towards the table at the end of the cot where she had woken up. “You’ll find a dress there. I had to guess your size. Once we’re on Persephone, we’ll find River and—“

Her eyes suddenly lit up as she jumped to her feet, nearly knocking over the cot. “River? Is she here? Where is she?”

“She’s safe,” the man replied, gesturing for her to sit down again. “But she’s not here. We’ll find her again. I swear we will.”

The girl sat, staring glumly at her feet. “Do you know me?”

“I know of you,” the man replied. “River spoke about you sometimes.” There was no need to mention the other part.

“Do you know my name?”

The man nodded as the girl reached for the bag, pulling out a red dress. Her fingers splayed on the silky material as she met his gaze again with a pleading look.

“Your name is Buffy Summers,” he replied. “I don’t know much else.”

“Who are you?” she asked curiously.

“I’m Simon.”

Buffy tilted her head. The name was familiar. Curled up, sobbing, in River’s arms, her words had been of some comfort. Simon would come for them. Simon would come for them.

Simon had come for them.

“Simon,” she whispered, looking down at the dress. “Oh.”

“I’ll let you get changed,” he said, getting to his feet. “We’ll be there soon. You may want to hurry.”

The girl didn’t acknowledge him. She simply turned and pulled the nightshirt over her head. His eyes didn’t turn away quickly enough and he caught sight of the many scars and lines that marred her back. Then, cheeks coloring slightly, he turned away.


A/N: And so begins another story. Updates will vary, but I have intentions to follow through with this one. Like it, love it, despise it, hate it or have any critiques, my review box is open. This story has been a long time coming. I just needed to jump in and start it. I may also ask for a beta at some point, just someone for characterizations and plot work. Thanks for reading!
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