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On the First day of Prank-mas

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Summary: TtH Holiday fic-a-thon response. Xander and Dean's Christmas Prank war! preslash to slash

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterMiekaFR1821,792021,91128 Dec 0828 Dec 08No

Chapter One

Prompt from Laney
Crossover Fandom: BtVS / Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Xander and Dean (can write as a pairing, I really don't care either way).
Max Rating: R
Three things you'd like to read: Prank war (please see Christmas theme for more info), Dawn rescuing Xander and Dean, Xander and Dean screwing up and earning the 'Wrath-of-Buffy'
What you DON'T want to read: Angst.
Christmas theme: Prank war: twelve days of Christmas-type war
Anything else your author should know? NO Season 3 Spoilers for Supernatural (just to be safe). Please set it through prior seasons
Disclaimer: I own nothing! as usual Joss is god! so is Kripke. we just get to play around with their inventions.
rated FR18 just to be on the safe side. I may write some naughty fun at the end if I can make it sound believable

After spending a year finding Slayers in Africa, Xander returns to the North America Watchers council only to find that there’s no place for him there. So he hits the road to finally finish his great American road trip and meets up with John and Dean Winchester (while Sam is at Stanford). John heads off on one of his private hunts leaving our intrepid hunters to get into all sorts of trouble on their own!

And so our story begins . . .

Xander was pissed. He had been travelling with Dean Winchester for nearly six months and there were times he couldn’t believe how annoying the man could be. The worst part is that his annoying tricks got the job done. They had been working a haunting in New Mexico and mayor of the small town wasn’t falling for their usual BS. She was an older lady who had taken a liking to Xander and Dean used that to their advantage. So while Dean was roaming around town for a week, flirting with waitresses, Xander was stuck distracting the mayor and fending off her wandering hands. It had worked out in the end. Dean found the spirit and dealt with it then rescued Xander. Of course the man can’t do anything the nice way so he saved Xander by saying that he was Xander’s lover and they had to get to his dad’s place for Thanksgiving dinner.

He had never been more embarrassed and grateful at the same time. The fact that the mayor was more intrigued than angry unnerved him. At least it got them out of there. But now he owed Dean big time. He knew that any retaliation would spark another prank war so he planned to start subtly. He wanted to work his way up to the real payback.


A week after New Mexico they were working on a hunt just outside of Boulder. It wasn’t very serious, just a mild haunting. It would probably take them a while to do the leg work so at least they’d be somewhere a little more permanent for the holidays. It was the closest thing to a vacation they’d had in a while. So Xander chose to bring his revenge plan into effect.

They were holed up in a grungy motel on their first day. Xander was researching on the Internet and sending out a few emails. Dean had already put out a call to a couple of hunters he knew for info. So for now he was sitting at the tiny table in the kitchenette cleaning his guns, his phone sitting next to him.

They each worked quietly for the better part of an hour. Xander was anxious for his first prank to start but unfortunately, for the full effect, he had to wait for outside help. Finally the silence was broken by music emanating from Dean’s phone. Xander fought the snicker that was rising up inside him. Because the music was not his usual hard rock ring tone. Instead, the small motel room was filled with the sound of Alvin and the Chipmunks singing about Christmas and Hula Hoops. Xander wished he had his camera handy to capture the befuddled look on Dean’s face.

Dean managed to calmly answer the phone, get the info from Caleb and hang up. All the while he was sending death glares at Xander. “Thanks Caleb. That should do it. And have a merry Christmas man.” Dean hung up and quickly began pushing buttons on his phone.

Xander quickly suppressed a smirk and fought the urge to flee the room. He wasn’t afraid to admit responsibility for the deed but after years of fighting on the hellmouth his self preservation instinct was pretty strong.

Dean growled and slammed his phone closed. “What the hell did you do to my phone Harris!?!”

“Me?” A look of childlike innocence struggled to remain on Xander’s face. “What could I have possibly done to your phone?”

Dean’s response was stopped by his phone ringing again. This time it was a different carol. Instead of the Chipmunks, the room was filled with the sound of dogs barking to the tune of Jingle Bells.
“What?” Dean grumbled into the phone. “Sorry Bobby.” He paused as he listened to the man on the other end of the call. “Alright. Thanks Bobby. Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too.”

Xander couldn’t hold back anymore. As Dean hung up again and stalked towards him, phone in hand, the giggles started. He quickly closed his laptop and jumped towards the nearest bed.

“Change it back now Xander.” Dean moved closer. Xander grabbed a pillow off the bed to defend himself.

“Change what?” Xander asked through the giggles. “Don’t you know how to change the ringer on your phone? Even John knows how to do that!”

“Oh you are asking for it, Cyclops! Change the password back and get rid of that crap or I’ll . . .” Dean trailed off.

“Be careful Dean, you don’t want to end up on the naughty list. Besides I thought you of all people would be able to take a joke.”

“A joke? You want to talk jokes. Oh it is on buddy. You are going down.” With that, Dean grabbed the other pillow off the bed and began a colossal and, though neither man would admit it, amazingly fun pillow fight.


A/N So the last two days have been the travel days from hell so instead of arriving Saturday afternoon and having all evening and all Sunday to finish my fic, I just got home (10pm Sunday). Don't ask . . . weather sucks!!

So I've decided to post what I have so far in order to have something for the challenge deadline. I will do my best to finish it off soon.

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday season!
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