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The Wedding of the Year

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Marcus's Round Robins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dexter and Rita are getting married; As always Dexter worries that his secret might come out, but maybe the guests have secrets of their own. Dexter / Multiple crossovers round robin.

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Television > Dexter(Current Donor)MarcusRowland + 3 othersFR1351,949197,42129 Dec 0829 Apr 09No

Guest List (1)

This is the first chapter of a Dexter-centred Round Robin; read the story then the challenge below. 100-word Drabble.

All characters are the intellectual property of their respective creators / soulless media conglomerates/ etc, ; this story may not be sold or distributed on a profit-making basis.

I've taken liberties with the timeline for the second show here - for story purposes Dexter S3 ends fairly early in the first season of the crossover show.

Guest List (1)

"Who are all these people?" asked Dexter Morgan, staring at the list.

"Paul's family," said Rita. "His uncle and aunt and their children. They're the kids' closest kin on their father's side."

"Don't you think it might be a little awkward?"

"It's okay... they're nothing like Paul. Just a good hard-working Texas family, and they love Aster and Cody."

"Then we ought to get on well. What are they like?"

"The Bennets? Sandra's mostly a housewife, Lyle and Claire are adopted."

Dexter remembers his own adoption and asks "What about the father?"

"Noah? He runs a big paper company. Primatech."


Heroes crossover, inspired, of course, by my belatedly realising that Rita's surname is Bennet before she marries Dexter.

The challenge is to add more crossovers to the guest list; find a connection through name, shared profession, common background (for example, Dexter went to pre-med school), or location (quite a few fictional characters live in the Miami area and might conceivably be friends of the family). Or write a scene set before, during, or after the wedding itself, involving crossover characters. See Wikipedia for a list of Dexter characters if you need ideas.

The ground rules:
- No changes to the main Dexter continuity - the wedding will still go ahead as in the show.
- Once someone is on the guest list they're fair game - anyone can use them in another chapter.
- Having said that, please don't do anything that will stop the other writers from using them.
- Chapters can be any length, but preferably short.
- Chapters should be as self-contained as possible. You probably won't want to post a long running joke as separate chapters, since someone else might jump in and mess up the punchline.
- Chapters need not be posted in chronological order e.g. I don't mind if you post a scene set at the wedding before you post a guest list piece.

I'm not expecting this to be great literature, but hopefully it'll be fun.

And don't forget that Illyria is still running for office (or maybe is already the new President), a pigeon is still spreading chaos, and alt.conspiracy.sunnydale still wants your photographic evidence in my other round robins.
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