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Odd Jobs

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Summary: While in Africa, Xander decides to take a more mundane job as a vacation from dealing with demons and baby slayers. Well, he thought it was mundane.

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Television > Others, TheLianneBFR71623031,91229 Dec 0829 Dec 08Yes
Not my property on either side. The crossover is listed at the end of the story. A bit of purely fluff-work that I got the urge to write (which is nice, since I've been trying to rebuild my writing urge).

Xander is owned by Joss Whedon Fox. The others are owned by Impossible Pictures and ITV.

* * * * *

Xander relaxed back in the passenger seat of the jeep, enjoying the fact that the rush of air made it impossible to engage in the dreaded small talk with his new employer. After all, he didn't want to screw up the relationship, so to speak, before it really got started.

A little more than a year running around Africa looking for newbie slayers and nearly getting killed by demons at every turn had left him in desperate need of a vacation, but not really the funds to pay for it, so when he heard of a animal preserve looking for new games keepers, but not too picky about university education, he'd applied. Drive around keeping an eye on the wildlife, admiring the scenery, and heading off the occasional poacher? Okay, it wasn't the sort of vacation most people dream of, but it sounded pretty good to him. And they hired him. At a decent salary too.

"We're almost there!" his new boss shouted in his ear.

Xander opened his eye, then blinked at the huge wall with the fancy gate opening up as the jeep approached. "What have you got in there? King Kong?" he yelled back, a tiny shiver running through him. Maybe this had been the wrong job to take.

"Don't be daft," Nigel yelled, a lopsided grin on his face. "Primates never got that large."

Xander's eye narrowed slightly at the emphasis on 'primate'. "Xander Harris," he muttered to himself. "What have you gotten yourself into this time?"

Then they swung around a corner and his eye went wide with terror. "Look out!" he yelled, grabbing onto the dashboard.

Nigel didn't even blink. A swing of the wheel and they weaved among the... the... Xander refused to complete the sentence.

The man who'd seemed like such a nice, if a bit odd, naturalist pulled over to the side of the dirt road. He unclipped a walkie-talkie from his belt and held it to his mouth. "Bob, do you hear me?" There was a vaguely affirmative sound in the resulting static. "The titanosaurs are near the main gate again." This time the static was irritated, with a hint of a Scottish accent.

Xander, on the other hand, was staring up, up, up. Now he understood how Sam Neill's character had felt in the movie. He could feel the great booming vibrations from every step of the...

"Dinosaurs," he said with only a hint of a whimper in his voice, he was proud to say.

"Among other things," his boss said, a grin still all over his face. Xander wasn't sure he wanted to know what those other things might be. Especially considering that suspiciously hairy elephant off in the distance.

The Xander-luck had struck again.

* * * * *

Three days later, he followed Nigel and the rest of the team through a gleaming portal in search of something long dead with a name he wasn't sure he could pronounce, let alone spell, that had died out so long ago that he had the sneaking suspicion that they didn't really want to bring it back. With his luck, it would be demonic.

Still, it was a job, he told himself with a shrug, and stepped through into the distant past.

The End

(Crossover with silly British pseudo-documentary series, Prehistoric Park. Available on DVD, and I highly recommend it. Pure fun, with pretty good special effects)

The End

You have reached the end of "Odd Jobs". This story is complete.

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