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Seeing Blind

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (The girls are 16) Subconsciously aware of the heartbeat thumping soothingly against her ear, hypnotizing in its rhythm...She pressed herself closer, breathing deeply…

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Anita Blake > Cordelia-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR1577,79233413,06430 Dec 084 Jun 11No

Not a vampire

So i'm guessing you guys are interested? lol again thanks to James my Beta, and loyal readers!

We heart you


Chapter One

(Micah’s POV)

“It’s a clean bite.” I tilted Faith’s neck back a little, it was already healing. The shifter gave me a sullen look, I rubbed antiseptic on the bite just in case. Anita was on the phone with Jean-Claude going over the events that just happened.

“I knew I should have slept on the other side of Willow…”Faith muttered darkly, crossing her arms over her chest. Nathaniel was at the table with the Seer, her mouth opened wide. She had dainty little fangs, almost unnoticeable.

She sent her sister an apologetic look, a slightly panicked look in her dark eyes, “I didn’t do it on purpose, you think I was planning to take a chunk out of you?!” the words were a little shaky. Willow set a cup of hot chocolate in front of both of them.

“Do you want blood now?” the sixteen year old witch asked Cordelia. The brunette shook her head quickly.

‘No, I’m not a vampire.” She sipped at her hot chocolate, eyes wide. Faith made a noise of disagreement that had Cordelia sending her a dirty look.

“I’m not

“Jean-Claude is on his way over.” Anita set the phone on its cradle. It was a shame Damien no longer stayed with us, he probably would have known what to do.

“What did he say?” Nathaniel asked, leaning his hip against the table. The animator sighed running a hand through her disheveled hair. She’d gotten home not even three hours ago.

“He’s not sure…” the words were hesitant, Delia made a noise somewhere before a shriek and a sob.

“I’m a freak!” she took a great gasping breath, “This is so going to put a crimp in my social life.”

Willow rolled her eyes, “It’s not like you’ll die with less friends.”

“Maybe you don’t need friends, “Faith snarled, ‘Might take a bite out of them too.”

“Faith Callahan will you shut up already!” Delia shrieked, “I didn’t meant to bite you but if you keep bitching, I’ll do it again!” The seer’s eyes were pulsing, her Irises a lighter, brighter brown, I felt a chill creep up my skin.

“Papa’s here!” Willow pushed away from the table, hurrying out the kitchen. I heard them talking in the living room and a moment later he glided into the kitchen. He brushed a kiss on Faith’s head, blue eyes landing on Delia whose anger was still below the surface.

“Dearest, what has happened?” his voice was soothing, edged with just a touch of power so that her body relaxed involuntarily, tension washed away. Faith was still stiff in her seat, face sullen. Vampire powers didn’t work on her; it was probably the only thing that saved her from losing too much blood…Vampires had the ability to make their bites painless, we wouldn’t know unless she bit someone else to be sure, but if her bite had been pleasurable to the victim, Faith probably would have let her nibble until she passed out.

“I don’t know.” She looked up at Jean-Claude, her eyes, wide and lost.


She could hear their hearts beating, all of them. Smell the blood just under the surface, it made her mouth water just a bit, called out to her to taste. Papa was talking, asking her questions but she couldn’t concentrate.

She wasn’t a vampire…

She couldn’t be a vampire….

They died…she didn’t’ want to die….

She wanted to be able to be alive in the morning…

“Dearest…” she looked up, eyes just a touch to wide. Faith wasn’t sulking anymore, the bite on her neck healing. Willow was calmly drinking hot coco from her Scooby Doo Mug Daddy bought her for our fifteenth birthday. They were all looking at her, like she was different.

Damn it she was the same! She just though Faith was a burger!

“How do you feel?” his voice was soothing, calm. Her hands were shaking, small tremble barely noticeable, but she noticed…

She fixed him with a bright smile, too big to be real, “I’m fine.”

His blue eyes didn’t look convinced, “Perhaps Willow and Faith, you will return to bed-“he hesitated, “To Ma Petites room.”

The seer hunched over her mug of coco, staring down at the Mocha colored surface like it would make all this go away.

Willow gave her a soothing smile and a whispered “It’ll be okay.”

Faith didn’t seem to be as upset anymore and gave her sister a sad sort of smile, the two departed leaving just her and the grown ups. Jean-Claude took a seat in front of her.

“Do you thirst?”

She hesitated; there was a slight burning in her throat…almost dry. She took a sip of hot chocolate but it didn’t go away. The brunette couldn’t even bring herself to answer yes.

“You don’t have to be ashamed." This from Micah, the leopard ran a hand through her hair, she could smell him this close to her. Her hands clenched.

“What’s happening to me?” the words were whispered, desperate. She ran her finger over her new dainty fangs.

She didn’t feel like a vampire.

“I have never heard of this happening before, “Jean-Claude frowned, “With children born with Vylad syndrome it is expected to have the craving for blood…But, this is a recent thing.” He leaned towards her, head cocked to the side as is studying her, “She does not come off as a vampire.”

Anita nodded, “She still feels like Cordelia to me, nothing seems different except for the fangs…”

Cordelia watched her as she came closer, eyes falling to her throat, mouth watering just a bit.

“She watched you like you’re dinner.” Nathaniel had his eyes on her, his voice calm stating a fact. Delia looked away with a frown.

“Do you feel the need to drink?” Jean-Claude asked again just as softly.

“I don’t want to be a vampire Papa…I still haven’t made cheer captain.” She dropped her head onto her arms, fighting back the sudden stinging in her eyes.

“You’re not dead Cordelia.” Micah’s hand was suddenly on her back rubbing soothing circles, “You still feel human, and you have a pulse.”

“Papa has a pulse.” She replied sullenly.

“But Papa feels like the undead, you don’t.”

She pouted, her hair sliding into her face in a silky curtain. Micah smoothed it away from her face, “We’ll get through this.”

She didn’t look convinced.
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