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Road of Innocence

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Roads Travelled". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She's a warrior. The Slayer. But underneath it all, she's a girl. Can Buffy, lost in another dimension, manage to leave her past behind her and for the first time, allow herself to BS/RL, LE/JP, SB/OC, PP/OC...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Harry Potter to J.K. Rowling. No money is being made from this story which is purely written for mine, and others, entertainment.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers.

Buffy opened her eyes, blinking slightly, letting her eyes adjust to the lightning. Looking around in confusion, she realized she was probably in a hospital of some kind; bright lights, sterile environment – it all screamed medical facility.

Hearing a noise, she quickly closed her eyes again, feigning sleep. The sound of brisk steps approaching had her tensing beneath the covers, prepared to make a run for it should whoever it was turn out to be a threat.

She could hear a mutter of words, and she thought she saw a flash of light from under her eyelids, a strange feeling enveloping her: She barely held back a shiver, though she was unable to stop goose bumps from appearing along her arms, thankfully hidden beneath the bedspread.

Another set of steps approached – less brisk, but heavier, and the Slayer knew that whoever this second person was, he – or she – had a lot of power, though of what kind, she was unable to tell.

“Poppy,” a jovial voice said. “How is our patient?”

“Still asleep. She has no fever, and no sign of infection. Really, her recovery is miraculous! Merely hours ago, she was dying, and now, there’s almost no sign she was ever hurt at all, with barely any treatment.”

The man, whom Buffy figured had entered the room last, hummed slightly under his breath. “Most curious that,” he said. “Perhaps she will have an explanation for us when she awakes.”

“Do you think she’s a muggle?” The female voice said.

Buffy inwardly frowned. A what? She felt more confused than ever, and more than a little freaked out. A Muggle? What was that supposed to mean?

“Doubtful. Her arrival makes that unlikely, as does the fact that she’s even here in the first place. If she were a muggle, the castle’s enchantments should make it impossible for her to find it, let alone arrive in it.”

Enchantments… Buffy’s mind was swirling. So wherever she was, they must know about magic, unless they were nuts, of course. She was also in a castle, and her spider-sense wasn't tingling in a bad way… She took a chance.

She moved slightly beneath the covers letting out a slight groan as she pretended to wake.

“Albus!” The female – Poppy – hissed. “She’s waking up!”

“I can see that,” Albus said, sounding amused. “Hello, child.”

Buffy blinked slightly, and had to blink again, as she came face to face with an old man, with an impossibly long white beard, bright blue eyes twinkling – yes, twinkling – from behind half-moon shaped glasses. “Umm…hello,” she said warily.

The eyes began to twinkle even more, if that was possible. ”How are you feeling?” The old man asked, one of his wrinkled hands grabbing Buffy’s and massaging it softly with his thumb. The grandfatherly gesture made Buffy relax somewhat and sink back against her pillows, though she was still on her guard, her eyes noting every possible exit, as well as the position of the woman hovering behind the much older man.

”A little sore,” Buffy admitted.

The nurse – Poppy - spoke up. ”I just changed the bandages on your stomach wound, and you seem to be healing surprisingly fast.”

Buffy blushed. ”Yeah. I…heal very quickly.

The man smiled. ”Would you mind telling me what happened?” He asked as he stared deeply into her eyes, and suddenly, Buffy felt as if he could read her soul. She quickly looked away.

”You still haven’t told me who you are or where I am,” she said quietly, changing the subject and pulled her hand out of his grip, tensing up slightly. Maybe she was paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

”I apologize,” the man said soothingly. ”My name is Albus Dumbledore, and you are at my school in Scotland.”

Buffy’s head snapped up. She’d thought there was something decidedly British about the way they spoke… ”How?” She asked. ”The last thing I remember, I was in Los Angeles.”



Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully. ”Do you not remember anything that happened?” He asked.

Buffy’s face became a blank slate as she thought about the last few moments before her world went black. A demon…getting her ass kicked…a portal. Though it seemed they knew about magic – the talk about enchantments, not to mention the moving portraits and a pitcher pouring water into a cup by itself on her side table was kind of revealing – she still didn’t know if she could trust him.

”No,” she lied.

”I see,” Dumbledore said, but it didn’t sound like he believed her. ”Would it help if I told you that you are in a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry?” He gave Poppy a look, and Poppy gave him a nod of understanding, fingering her wand in case she’d need to Obliviate the young woman.

The fact that they were honest about the magic relaxed her somewhat, though she was still shocked by the fact that she was in a school for it, and she knew better than to let her guard down completely. Buffy looked up. ”A school?” She shook her head ruefully. ”Willow would love this…”

”You don’t seem surprised,” Dumbledore said carefully.

Buffy snorted. ”There’s not much that surprises me anymore. I deal with the supernatural on a daily basis.”

”So you are a witch then?” Dumbledore asked.

”No,” Buffy said, looking up and meeting Dumbledore’s eyes again, hesitating slightly before saying her next sentence: ”But I am the Vampire Slayer.”

”It can’t be!” Poppy gasped, and Dumbledore stared, looking thoroughly shocked.

”Oh my,” he said, actually sounding delighted. ”Well, this certainly changes things!”

”It does?” Buffy wondered, trying not to blink as the nurse who was now pointing her stick, which tip was shining in a bright light – directly at her eyes.


”She doesn’t seem to have any brain damage,” the nurse said. ”Name?”

Buffy rolled her eyes. ”Buffy Summers,” she said, sighing. She was in a magic school, and they still thought she was crazy when she said she was the Slayer.

The nurse looked surprised. ”Buffy? Really? I have never heard of such a name…”

Buffy glared.

”…Age and date of birth, please?”

”Seventeen. I was born January, 1981.”

The nurse and Dumbledore gave each other worried looks, to Buffy’s confusion. “What?”

”My dear girl, I am afraid that is not possible,” Dumbledore said gently.

”Why not?” Buffy said, feeling slightly offended. First, they didn’t believe she was the Slayer then they thought her name was funny and now they were trying to convince her that she wasn’t seventeen! ”Don’t I look old enough or something?”

”No, that’s not it at all,” Poppy explained. ”But…the year is only 1977. According to your logic, you haven’t even been born yet.”

”Stop messing with my head,” Buffy exclaimed angrily, sitting up, trying not to wince. ”I was born in 1981, now it’s 1998 not 1977!”

”The year is 1977, whether you want it to be or not,” Dumbledore said calmly.

”I am not crazy!” Buffy exclaimed in protest, and the old Headmaster held up a hand to silence her.

”I did not say you were. There is one way that could make both of us correct in our statements, however. Are you a time-traveler?”

Buffy frowned. ”Well…I-I don’t think so…” But she wasn’t certain. There had been a portal involved, after all…

Dumbledore leaned back into his chair. ”Tell me everything from the beginning. How did you get caught up in that portal?”

”I was patrolling, looking for vampires, but then I found this demon. Big. Very tough. He…well,” Buffy winced a bit in embarrassment. ”I obviously lost.” She made a helpless gesture towards her stomach and Dumbledore nodded in understanding. ”And then the ground broke and a portal appeared, I was dragged in…and, well, here I am.” She shrugged. ”So…do you think it was a time portal?”

Dumbledore fingered his beard. ”No.”

Buffy’s eyes widened. ”I just told you everything!” She said incredulously. ”And you still think I’m out of my mind?”

”No. I do not. I do think you traveled not only through time…but also space. I believe that your Los Angeles is not our Los Angeles, and that our England is not your England. You, Miss Summers, have ended up in another dimension – or universe, if you prefer – entirely. I am sure your Watcher – you do have a Watcher, don’t you?”


” - would have told you about us otherwise,” Dumbledore continued. ”We are very well known in magical and supernatural circles, so he should have been aware of us had we existed in your world. Also – ”

” – Wait,” Buffy interrupted. ”What do you mean by ’us’? Hogwarts?”

”Oh, no,” Dumbledore chuckled. ”The entire magical community. We are ’hidden’ from the Muggles – ”

” – ’Muggles’ – that’s that word again,” Buffy said. ”What does it mean?”

”Non-magical people,” Dumbledore explained. ”The magical community is a world of its own. We even have our own government, our own land, our own hospital, taxes and currency. All of it invisible to Muggles.’” Dumbledore chuckled.

Buffy took a deep breath. ”Okay then. So…I suppose you have a Slayer here to, then? Can I meet her?”

Dumbledore shook his head.

”We do not have a Slayer – nor do we have that many demons, actually, though we have a lot of other creatures instead. Here, the Slayer is nothing but a myth. Something we tell the children at night, to keep them from being frightened of the ’bad monsters’. Something else that sets your world and ours apart.”

”So…I guess that’s why your nurse…Poppy?”

” – You can call her Madam Pomfrey.”

”Right. So that’s why Madam Pomfrey thought I was a little nuts when I said I was her,” Buffy said.

Dumbledore smiled. ”Probably.” He clasped his hands together. ”Now, there is the matter of what we are supposed to do with you.”

”Do with me?”

”Until I have found a way to get you back to where you belong, you will have to stay here.”

Buffy was taken aback. ”How long do you think it will take?” She wondered out loud.

”That depends. To be frank, at the moment, I have no idea were to even begin.” Dumbedore gave her a grave look. “Indeed, getting you home may be completely impossible, but I can assure, I will do my very best.”

Buffy wasn’t sure whether she was scared or excited about having to stay in this new world for God knows how long. She couldn’t help that the excitement was bigger than the fear though. This might just be the fresh start she’d been looking for. Far away from all the memories…it was certainly selfish, wishing to stay here, she thought with a twinge of guilt, but she couldn’t help it. On the other hand, did she really want to stay here forever?

Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as if he knew what she was thinking, and he pulled out a small, yellow candy from the pocket in his purple robe. ”Lemon drop?”

”Eh…no, thank you,” Buffy said politely. ”So…if I’m going to stay here,” she said slowly. ”What will I do? Sit and twiddle with my thumbs until you figure out a way send me back?”

Dumbledore chuckled. ”No. I actually thought you could become a student.”

”As a…witch?” Buffy said in disbelief.

”Yes. You are the Slayer, which means you have a natural affinity to magic – not to mention a lot of raw power – I think it would be good for you to learn how to harness it in a way other than just physical battle. It could come in handy, and you would have something to do. You will have to get a wand, of course, so someone will have to go with you to Diagon Alley.”

”A wand? Is that what the…stick is?” Buffy asked, wanting to get her facts straight.

”Yes. It channels our magic,” Dumbledore explained. ”Giving us better control.”

”And Diagon Alley?”

”The biggest magical shopping area in Great Britain.”

Buffy brightened, straightening up. ”When can I go?”

Dumbledore chuckled. ”Well…”

”You will have to recover first,” Madam Pomfrey said, cutting in.

”I feel fine, honest!” Buffy protested, swiping of the covers, sitting up and swinging her leg over the bed. She stared in disgust at the hospital gown, shuddering. She hated hospitals.

There was a knock on the door, and Buffy spun around, as did Dumbledore in his chair. Buffy watched curiously as two students, she presumed, in her age, stepped inside.

”Ah, Miss Evans – Mr. Lupin. Please, come in.”

”We just…wanted to see how she was doing,” Remus said, a slight blush covering his cheeks, his eyes meeting Buffy’s.

”That’s quite understandable,” Dumbledore said. ”Are Misters Black and Potter not with you?”

Lily shook her head. ”No. J- I mean, Potter, is showing the first years to the dorms.”

”And Peter and Sirius are having a food war,” Remus added, giving the now blushing red-head a slightly amused look. He had noticed her almost-slip. Maybe this year would be James’ year, despite all odds.

Dumbledore chuckled. ”I see. Well, it is a good thing you showed up. This is Buffy Summers, from America.”

Remus and Lily nodded in understanding.

Buffy waved, feeling a little embarrased. ”Hi,” she said.

”There was a…rather bad accident with her Portkey,” Dumbledore lied. ”She was supposed to show up in my office. In one piece,” he added. ”As it was, something went wrong with her travel, as you all witnessed in the Great Hall.”

”That’s the understatement of the year,” Buffy muttered, earning herself chuckles from the the other two students.

”She will join you in your seventh year; what house, I do not know yet, but Poppy, if you would be so kind as to ask Minerva to bring the Sorting Hat here?”

”Of course, Headmaster,” Poppy said, walking quickly from the room.

”Miss Summers has been home schooled,” Dumbledore continued to explain, the lies seemingly rolling smoothly off his tongue, while Buffy had trouble with keeping the story straight in her already confused head. She had to ask Dumbledore what a Portkey was.

Dumbledore turned back to Buffy again. ”This is Remus Lupin and Lily Evans, both seventh years as well. Mr. Lupin is a Prefect, and Miss Evans is this year’s Head Girl, so if you have any further questions or need help, they are who you should ask. The Head Boy’s name is James Potter, and there are several other Prefects as well.”

Buffy smiled. ”I have a feeling I’ll need them all,” she joked. Lily, a naturally beautiful red-head with sparkling green eyes grinned at this.

Remus Lupin, standing beside her, was also naturally very good looking, in a nice, almost casual way, Buffy noted to herself – he had blonde hair, with hints of light-brown, and it fell slightly into his eyes. In the golden, slightly flickering light coming from the paraffin lamps on the walls, Buffy thought the strands even looked golden at places, and his blue eyes were really mesmerizing.

While there wasn’t anything about him that really stood out, there was still something that said there was more to him than met the eye…something beneath the surface. Buffy felt her ’spidey-sense’ start tingling as she looked at him, but not really in a bad way… She shook the feeling off, as Madam Pomfrey returned, accompanied by a rather stern-looking woman – whom, Buffy assumed, was Minerva - carrying a very old-looking hat. Dumbledore gave her a look which said he’d explain ’everything’ later.

”This is the Sorting Hat,” Dumbledore said, taking the Hat from Minerva. ”You put it on your head and it will let you know what House you belong in. There are four of them, all with different qualities. Gryffindors’ are brave, Slytherins are cunning, in Ravenclaw cherishes intelligence and Hufflepuffs are kind and loyal. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, but those those are general characteristics of each house.” He promptly let the hat fall onto Buffy’s head, and she jumped as she felt a voice whisper in her ear:

‘...A Slayer, hmm? I never thought I would get the honor of meeting one, at least not in this universe. Curious, most curious...’

Buffy laughed nervously. ‘So I’m special then.’

The Sorting Hat chuckled. ’Indeed. Now let’s see…I see a great power in you. Larger than you might think. And a big heart. You are very loyal to your would do well in Hufflepuff because of that trait, but no...I see there is also intelligence...'

‘Well, I’d certainly hope so,’ Buffy thought.

'...but you don't have the patience for a Ravenclaw. This is difficult indeed...You have bravery, oh, yes, a lot. And courage...but you are a bit of impulsive at times. You'd do well in Gryffindor, that's for sure. Still, there is a lot of ambition...maybe Slytherin would suit you well? Hmm…yes, very difficult. But no…while Slytherin might help you on your path, it could also corrupt you. No, no, that would not do. You would not be happy there either...’

The hat was silent for a long time, and Buffy started to get slightly impatient. 'Hello?'

'Oh, I am sorry...I just found something very interesting. Yes, indeed.' The hat chuckled again. ’…But you still have a long way to go before you are ready for that. The road to completion is a rocky path…before you can truly live, you need to understand. You need to learn.’ The hat said. It paused for a second before continuing. 'You chose to send your lover to Hell, I see.’

Buffy paled, wondering how he could know that, and the hat chuckled. ’Oh, I just do. It’s all here in your head.’ The hat became grave again. ’You could have stepped away. But you did what you thought was right. You made your choice then. Now you have another choice to make. You can stay in the past, or live in the present and embrace your future.'

‘It’s not that easy,’ Buffy thought, blinking angrily against the tears suddenly appearing in her eyes.

’And I never said it was. But it is the first step of many to realise that the only way is forward, onward. It will be hard, yes. It will be painful, yes. But it might, in the end, prove to be worth it. If you let yourself move on, you will find more than what you lost,’ the hat finished mysteriously.

Buffy closed her eyes, and let her tears fall freely. She barely listened to the Hat as it yelled out ”GRYFFINDOR” for all in the room to hear. The hat was pulled off, and Buffy looked up, eyes red-rimmed. She quickly dried her eyes.

Lily gave her a worried look and pulled out a tissue. ”Are you alright?”

Buffy smiled weakly, accepting the tissue gratefully. ”I will be.”

Dumbledore looked very pleased. ”Well, if you are certain you are well enough to leave, Miss Evans and Mr. Lupin will take you to Gryffindor Tower. Come to my office tomorrow morning – have someone show you the way – and we will talk some more.”

”Alright,” Buffy nodded, barely noticing as the stern-looking woman transfigured her hospital gown into a robe of some kind. Walking out of the Hospital Wing, Lily Evans at one side and Remus Lupin at the other, she was all too aware of them watching her with a mixture of concern and curiosity. ”Thank you,” Buffy added over her shoulder for Dumbledore to hear. ”For everything.”

The Headmaster smiled. ”You are very welcome, dear child.”

As Buffy made her way to the Gryffindor common room, walking through the corridors with Remus and Lily, she did her best not to show surprise at the moving paintings, the sudden appearance of ghosts and everything else that was ’witchcraft-y’, while at the same time trying to memorize the route.

The walk was spent in silence, Remus and Lily throwing the occasional glance at Buffy, who was busy taking in her surroundings.

As they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, Lily spoke the password ”don’t dwell on dreams,” and the portrait swung open, revealing the Gryffindor common room, which Buffy gave a quick once over:

It was very beautiful with a fire was flickering warmly casting shadows upon the red and gold furniture. Students from all years were sitting or slouching in the chairs and couches, chattering slightly. The chatter died, though, as Buffy, Lily and Remus entered.

”This is Buffy Summers,” Remus said. ”She’ll be joining us for our seventh year. If you wonder about her…arrival, it is because her Portkey had a…strange sense of humor.”

There were snorts at this, and Buffy’s lips twitched.

”Come on,” Remus grabbed her upper-arm carefully and started to lead her towards the corner where his fellow pranksters sat. ”I’ll introduce you to my friends.”

Lily rolled her eyes. ”Spare her the pain, Remus,” she muttered.

”They’re not that bad!” Remus said, voice defensive, as he turned back around to look at the red-head. ”I’m sure you’d like them if you got to know them, Lily.”

”Yeah, when fish drown and pigs fly,” Lily retorted. She was a little jealous, really. She knew that once you got to know the Marauders and they charmed you with their smiles and their wicked sense of humor you were stuck.

Lily had hoped she could have had Buffy all to herself – it was selfish, perhaps, but she didn’t really have any best girlfriends at Hogwarts. Just acquaintances…and…worshippers, for some reason. She grimaced. It was her own fault, really.

During her first few years, she had been obsessed with studying and learning as much as she could, so she might have come across as rather snotty to the girls who might have wanted to get to know her better. Also, she spent a lot of time in the library, either in the company of Remus, or Severus, who, as a Slytherin, scared all possible girls away by just existing. He’d always been rather intimidating…not many had understood why she hung around with him in the first place.

Buffy watched Remus and Lily ’bicker’ with amusement. ”It’s okay, Lily. I’d like to meet Remus’ friends.”

Remus gave the red-head a triumphant – but not mean – grin and led Buffy away from the red-head, and to the corner were the marauders sat, Sirius and Peter covered in food. ”Oi,” Remus said, and they looked up. ”Guys, meet Buffy, Buffy, meet the Marauders.”

”Hi,” Buffy said a little shyly. From a quick look at the group, she realised they were probably pretty popular.

”Loved your arrival,” one of the guys spoke up, his grey eyes twinkling mischievously and a charming grin on his face which were surrounded by dark black hair, almost shoulder-length. ”Beats everything. I’m Sirius Black.” He stuck out a hand, and Buffy shook it. ”Hi, nice to meet you.”

The boy with hazel eyes and glasses spoke up next, ruffling his already messy black hair. He quickly stopped though, as he saw Lily roll her eyes at him from across the room. He coughed slightly, a small blush on his cheeks. ”I’m James Potter, this year’s Head Boy and Quidditch Captain for the Gryffindor team.”

”Hi.” Buffy desperately wanted to ask what Quidditch was, but didn’t, just in case it was one of those things you just know. It seemed to be a sport of some kind, though.

”And that’s Peter Pettigrew,” James continued, pointing over to a boy with thin, colourless hair and watery eyes. He was staring at her with his mouth open with a slightly glazed over look on his face. ”Hi,” she said, slightly uncomfortable from the way Peter was staring at her.

James grinned. ”Wormtail seems to have a bit of a crush on you.”

That woke Peter up, and his jaw snapped close and he glared at his friend. ”Shut up!” He hissed, which earned snickers from Sirius and James. Remus however, was not amused and was, in fact, grinding his teeth together.

Sirius raised an eyebrow in a questioning look, as he saw Remus’ murderous look. Then, he figured it out and soon started to snigger as he realised Peter was not the only one with a crush. Sirius nudged James, still sniggering, and soon, the messy haired boy joined in.

Buffy’s eyes traveled back and forth between James, Sirius and Remus in confusion not understanding what the other two boys found so funny. Remus’ neck was slowly gaining a healthy flush, and Buffy felt more bewildered than ever. She finally dismissed it as a guy thing.

”Buffy,” Lily said, walking up to the Slayer, figuring the guys had had their moment. ”Let me show you your dorm. You’ll share with me and two others.”

”Oh, sure,” Buffy said. ”G’night, guys.”

She left with Lily, leaving the four boys staring after her. The moment they were out of sight, James and Sirius jumped on Remus.

”You like her,” Sirius said with a teasing grin. James smirked.

”…Remus likes Buffy, Remus likes Buffy…” Sirius sang.

Remus glared. ”It’s none of your business. And I do not.” He quickly decided to change the subject to something that would with certainty take the spotlight of off him. ”Prongs, Lily almost called you James. I thought you should know,” he said with a grin.

”What!” James yelled loudly, standing up. ”She did?” He was swooning.

Remus rolled his eyes. ”Take notice of the almost. You’re not there yet.”

But James didn’t seem to hear. He was jumping up and down, dancing and singing to himself. ”She likes me, she likes me, oh, yeah, oh yeah…”

Sirius gave Remus a look of faked despair. ”Now look what you’ve done.”

”This is going to be your dorm,” Lily said, opening the door to the room she was sleeping in. ”You’ll be sharing with me, Mary and Madeleine MacDonald. They’re twins. They can be a bit…well, girly, at times, but they’re nice.”

Buffy looked around, sitting down on the only bed not surrounded or covered in things, assuming it would be hers, looking up at Lily gratefully. ”Thanks. This is great. I mean, we don’t really know each other, and you’ve all been so nice to me.”

Lily’s lips twitched. ”Well, fellow Gryffindors help each other out, you know. And it’s part of my duty as Head Girl to make sure you feel comfortable.”

Buffy’s face fell a little, and Lily’s eyes widened. ”Oh, I didn’t mean that I don’t like you, or am just doing it because I have to!” She added quickly. ”In fact, I’d really like to become friends.”

She flushed a little. ”I don’t have that many close ones,” she admitted, embarrassed. ”I haven’t let anyone get that close, not since Se – ” She suddenly snapped her mouth shut, as though she had been on her way to say something she didn’t want Buffy to hear.

”Ah…anyway, I’ve always been more interested in books. The only one I can say that I am close to is Remus, but I kind of keep him at a distance, and that’s two sided. We’re still very good friends, but we’ve kind of drifted apart since he met James, Sirius and Peter and became part of the Marauders. I have to admit, I’m quite jealous of their close-knit friendship – and, he’s a boy, while I’m a girl. There is stuff you just don’t tell a boy.”

Buffy grinned. ”Do you like him?”

”Who?” Lily looked confused for a second, before her face cleared. ”Oh, you mean Remus. No, not that way. He’s a good person, and really nice, but…no.” She blushed. ”It would…turn out to be more awkward than anything. We have a…nice friendship.”

Buffy let an eyebrow rise. ”There’s something you’re not telling me.”

Lily’s blush deepened. ”We did…date. Kind of. In third year. We’d been study-buddies from the very beginning, and we were…going through that growing up phase: Suddenly, it seemed like all our friends started dating – although, that’s obviously just as we imagined it – and we thought, ’what the heck, let’s give it a go,’ right?”

”Right.” Buffy nodded at Lily to keep going.

”He asked me, with a quick scribbled note in Charms, if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I sent it back, with a ’yes’. After class, we went to the library, as usual, and studied. But it was…really weird.”

She sniggered a bit. ”I mean, we used to be able to tell each other everything, and there we sat, boyfriend and girlfriend, and weren’t saying a peep. Two days went by with hand-holding and awkward silences, which were sometimes interrupted by one of us opening our mouth to say something, only to close it again, and start blushing. After that, we broke up, in the library - with another note - and then we returned to our old friendship, both pretending our ’dating-phase’ never happened. To this day, we never talk about it.”

Buffy burst out laughing. ”That sounds…plenty romantic.”

”Yes, it sure does,” Lily said wryly, the sarcastic tone in her voice too obvious to miss. ”Unfortunately, this all led to James Potter taking notice of me. And of himself, I’m afraid. He’s always messing up his hair and playing with that stupid Snitch because he thinks it makes him look cool…”

Buffy tried not to look confused at the mention of yet another thing she knew nothing about.

”…He’s been a pain in the arse ever since. He won’t leave me alone, constantly asking me out. It’s so annoying!”

Buffy gave her a knowing look.

Lily flushed. ”What?”

”Nothing,” Buffy said innocently, pulling up her legs, and closing the curtains. ”’Night.”

”What?” Lily repeated. ”Buffy?”

No answer, but a silent snort of amusement.


The bed creaked. A silent sigh. Another creak, and a groan. Buffy turned and twisted in her bed, caught up in a dream…

"Now that's everything, huh? No weapons, no friends, no hope...take all that away...and what's left?"


Buffy frowned, sweating slightly, her covers twisting up around her legs.

"Buffy? What's going on? Where are we? I-I don't remember..."


"You're hurt."

Buffy whimpered slightly, shaking, kicking out with her legs.

"Oh, Buffy...God...I feel like I haven't seen you in months. Oh, my God...everything's so muddled...I...oh...oh, Buffy...What's happening?"

"Shh...don't worry about it...I love you."

"I love you."

"Close your eyes..."


”ANGEL!” Buffy sat up, breathing heavily, face tear-streaked and covered in sweat. She was shivering, in the dark, her covers pushed down in a heap at the end of her bed.

There was a slight scuffling sound, and then the curtains in front of her bed were pushed aside, revealing Lily’s pale face in the moonlight. Behind her, Buffy could see two other girls, both identical – Mary and Madeleine, she presumed - blearily opening their eyes and turning their attention to her bed.

”Buffy? Are you alright?”

Buffy quickly looked away, so Lily wouldn’t see her tears.

”Yeah,” she croaked out, before clearing her throat. ”Just a nightmare. Go back to sleep.”

Lily frowned, the moonlight from the window lighting up her hair, which looked like a red, halo in the dim room. ”Are you sure?”

”Yeah. Don’t worry about it.”

Lily’s frown deepened, but she backed off with a small sigh, letting the curtains fall back into place. ”If you need someone to talk to, I’m a good listener,” she said quietly, going back to her bed.

”I’ll keep it in mind,” Buffy mumbled, voice so silent, that it was heard by no one but herself.

She didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

Published: 15/01 -09
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