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Command Key

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Keys to Pegasus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It's another year in Pegasus with Dawn and the Atlantis crew... Oh what are they in for next???

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredHermionetobeFR1830153,1631921993,9132 Jan 094 May 09Yes
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Disclaimer: Chapter 1


Dawn grabbed her sister in a hug when she and Ronon arrived at the large Colorado Springs house, just before twilight.

“Summers,” Jack yelled from the back yard, “get your ass back here!”

“I hope he’s talking to you,” Dawn said, “because I’m likely to go back there and kick his ass.”

The tiny blonde studied the ground for a moment, “well technically I’m no longer a Summers…”

She frowned, “how, technically?”

She held up her left hand. On the ring finger was a small diamond band.

“When? Who? How?”

“Right after the crisis was over,” she said. “We stopped off in Denver, got married in front of a judge.”

“We – who?”

“Cam,” was the quiet response.

Dawn laughed and enveloped her older sister in a hug, “congratulations!”

“Shh! Nobody knows,” she said.

“Well they will by the end of the night.”

“No,” Buffy said, “this is your night.”

“Nah-uh,” she countered, “this is a night of celebration of a hundred thousand different things, and we are going to add this to the list.” She calmed herself, “I didn’t even know you two were dating, or interested in each other…” Not to mention something in her that screamed ‘Spike’ was asking about corn-fed military guys…

“We’ve been seeing each other for the last year…” she shrugged, “I didn’t tell you because… I didn’t think it was something to write about. He just kind of became my best friend… and then more…”

Dawn captured her sister’s face, “that is wonderful. I am very happy for you. How does Sydney feel about all this?”

“Ecstatic,” a bright smile lit her face, “she has immediately adopted the idea that she’s his princess.”

She laughed, “Well she is your daughter.”

“What are you two talking about?” Connor interrupted.

“Hey,” Dawn hugged the young man, “it’s been a long month.”

“Sure as hell has,” he rolled his eyes. “Alicia, dad, and Nina will be here as soon as the light fades.”

“Cool,” she smiled.

“Summers!” Jack’s voice roared.

“I swear,” she hissed. She stalked into the backyard, “yes Jack?”

“Don’t I get a hello?” he asked innocently.

She gave him a hug only to find two arms wrapped around each leg. Kathy on one and Sydney on the other.

“Hey,” she kneeled down and hugged them both. “You’ve gotten so big.”

“That’s right, Aunt Dawn, I’m big,” Sydney declared with a smile.

“Well you know,” she looked around, “I believe your Uncle Ronon is over there with Daniel.”

Sydney wiggled free and ran off in the direction of the Satedan and archeologist.

Dawn took a moment to study Kathy, her hair was longer, her height more, her weight much the same. But she was so relaxed, there was an air of true childishness around her, even with the caution she carried.

“How are you?” she asked, knowing Jack was still listening to them.

‘Good,’ Kathy replied. ‘Many things have changed.’

“So is the work of time.”

‘And you are no different,’ she signed.

“And when you are old and gray, I will still be exactly the same,” she told her. She moved her hands, ‘are you happy?’

‘I want for nothing,’ she replied.

Dawn thought about this a moment, “that is the most we can ever ask…”

“Yeah well,” a voice said kiddingly, “I ask that you say hello.”

She smiled as she stood, “Les.”

The teen looked much the same, her dark hair long and straight, her height making her appear as one of the children.

“I’m chopped liver,” another voice announced.

“Jon,” Les rolled her eyes.

Dawn leaned forward and pulled the young Watcher into a hug. “How you been?”

“Good…” she said. “It’s been something else…”

“Sorry it took us nine weeks to arrange this,” she gestured to the party, “but we’ve all been trying to get the City in order… been a right pain.”

“So I’ve been told,” she smiled, “don’t worry about it.”

“Dawn,” another voice greeted.

“Hey Oz, Teal’c,” she smiled at them.

“Jonathan Grace, Leslie Campbell,” Teal’c greeted the other two.

“How did Oz get away with a single name?” Dawn asked.

Les tilted her head, “it was just how they were introduced.”

“Did Alexandria Martin opt to join us this evening?” Teal’c asked.

“Yes,” Dawn pointed where Connor was, “she and Glinda finally decided to leave the City, even if only for a few hours.”

The greeting went on like that for sometime. In the end Dawn wanted to laugh as men and women, some SGC, some Atlantis, and others from the world of demons… they all stood around talking and getting along. When dark had settled and the last of the guests appeared among food, drinks, and quiet music, Dawn stepped onto the lawn chair and got everyone’s attention.

Ronon was standing to her left.

“The last time we did this,” Dawn said with a smile, “everyone was toasting Ronon and I. Well now I’d like to pass out the toasts and announcements.”

“First to Jack for opening his home to these festivities,” she said. “And to Sam for making sure that there was a limit on how long he could stand at the barbeque.”

Daniel and Teal’c laughed.

“To Mister Woolsey,” she saw the man in the far end standing with Carter and Lexi, “for the service he did. We are a difficult group, and I, in particular, love to rattle the cage. To Nina and Alicia, for even joining us this evening, we welcome you to our ragtag group,” she saw the two standing with their boyfriends and Oz and Teal’c. “Oz, I’d like to thank for everything he has done for Les, even if it was only making sure the milk in the fridge hadn’t expired.”

The werewolf gave her a small smile. Glinda stood on his thin shoulder.

“Teal’c,” she grinned, “what you have taught the girls about fighting… about balance over violence,” she laughed, “it’s a lesson I often forget and I’m glad to be reminded of.”

The Jaffa gave a small bow.

“Kenny, Brian, Lorne,” she looked at her teammates, “for understanding. There has been more than once, in the last two years, where you trusted the force that drives me to do what I do.”

They lifted their drinks in recognition of her words.

“Jennifer,” she smiled at the doctor, “who gets more frustrated when I’m in the infirmary, because I never seem to stay long enough to get properly released. But she has been one of those friends who get’s the part of me that acts my age.”

“Five?” John asked.

Dawn made a face at him, “And John Sheppard who brings me down to his age.”

There were laughs.

“No,” she smiled, “Sheppard puts up with a lot of my powers. Including the ones that he hates, the fact that he’ll even be within six feet of me at times is a testament to his loyalty. And I thank him for that.”

“Les,” she turned to the teen, “if there was anybody here who has shown me the most forgiveness, it would be her. She has taken to both Council research and the various assignments from the underground and run with it. She babysits two of the most rambunctious toddlers. And she has gone to college and made the Dean’s list.”

There was applause. Les sent her a death glare. She hadn’t told anyone about that.

“Jon Grace,” she laughed softly, “who hates me because I guilt-tripped him into going to a cemetery in the middle of the night to pick up a girl…” She grinned at the laughs, “If he chooses never to forgive me, I completely understand.” She saw Les and Jon share a look.

“Kathy,” she looked down at the toddler standing next to Teyla, “Sydney,” the girl was by her mother, “if you two are the next Scooby gang, I wish you would remain this small forever.”

“But I’m big!” Sydney said indignantly.

“Connor,” she looked at the young man, “to someone who learned to take the strange in leaps and bounds. It’s not easy getting through to me, but he has when it counted.” She saw him acknowledge it. “Angel,” she gave a slight smile, “thank you for not breaking down Les’s door when we couldn’t get your son home.” He chuckled. “You have made me look beyond what things are, into what they are capable of.”

He nodded minutely. Connor had told him of the Wraith Todd.

“Daniel and Vala,” she looked at the couple, “I swear I get more e-mails from you two than from anyone else. We talk philosophy more than anything. I love reading them, I’m left to sit and ponder the universe, and I don’t get to do that quite as often as I should,” she smiled at them, “and you’re always there to point out how things could be worse.”

“Anytime,” Vala said cheerily.

“Rodney,” she looked at the physicist.

“Oh god,” he mumbled.

“Who always forgets how well I can hear,” people laughed. “Rodney is not afraid to tell me exactly how stupid my decisions are, or that I need to get less sun,” she smirked at him. “Either way he has been a great friend, one, if I understood half his sciences, I’d love to argue with…”

John could be heard above the laughter.

Dawn looked at her young charge, “Lexi,” she shook her head smiling, “I cannot count the times I’ve claimed you as mine to others. But you are without a doubt someone I am very proud of. You have grown so much in a year both in skill and the understanding of others. You have so much potential be or do whatever you want in the City I don’t think you’d ever leave, no matter where she was.”

“Ronon,” she turned to her husband and knelt down slightly until she was face to face with him. Then in a loud voice she said sternly, “no dying!”

There was a round of laughter from most of the group.

‘I love you,’ she told him. ‘I always will.’

He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her deeply to the sound of cheers and catcalls.

She smiled lazily when she was released and straightened on the chair.

“I would also like to thank Charles Gunn and Charles Kawalski,” she felt several people look at her strangely, “Kawalski, seen or not, has been watching over his charge and Gunn has been watching over the Slayers. Illyria, who declined to be here, she’ll likely curse me for this, but she’s been a secret keeper for my sister for years, and that is hard to do. Glinda and Candrima are two of my guiding forces and dearest of companions.”

Dawn smiled slyly, “now there are three people I haven’t spoken on, but, if Teyla will consent, there are more important announcements than what they mean to me.”

Teyla gave a knowing smile and a nod.

“Very well,” Dawn turned to her sister. “This night is all about family. Whether by birth, blood, marriage, or simply because we say so. So in light of that, I get to invite a new member to ours,” she smiled, “Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell,” she lifted her drink, “welcome to the Summers clan, by marrying my sister,” she paused at the whispers, “I hope you both all the best. To Buffy and Cam!”

There was a loud applause and Dawn winked at the colonel who seemed to want to disappear.

‘Les and Jon don’t look surprised,’ Ronon commented.

‘They shouldn’t be,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘They were the witnesses.’

“And,” Dawn said aloud, gaining silence and attention all at once, “John and Teyla are going to be parents!” Another round of congratulations and Dawn stepped down glad to let the couples get the attention.

“Are you quite pleased with yourself?” Ronon asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

She looked around at the people, their chatter and excitement nearly palpable.

“Hey,” she told him cheekily, “I really am…”

AHHH!! It’s the end, this is finished…. AHHHH!! Sorry, my brain doesn’t know what to do with itself. Oh that’s right it’s already working on the next story in the K2P series… “Key Piece.” Geez writing for almost ten months straight, I must be close to done… obviously not…

But I’m sorry to announce that between the finals and several urgent distractions the story will not be posting anytime soon. I hope to get the time to work on it this summer and continue posting up until my baby is born in late July, but I make no promises as to when this will start showing up on TTH. I apologize, but I would rather leave you with a finished story (and perhaps some one-shots of various things like Buffy/Cam or Buffy coming clean with the Scooby gang/Council, and my version of the episode “Brain Storm”) then start something and leave you hanging for months.

Reviews are greatly appreciated along with suggestions for the changes 3 years on Atlantis will bring for “Key Piece.”

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.


The End

You have reached the end of "Command Key". This story is complete.

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