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Rain of Faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Darkened Edge". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: They gave her to him first as punishment, to try and break her…But she dreamed of things worse than him, worse than death…

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)lckybr + 1 otherFR18129,20223619,3742 Jan 098 Jan 09Yes


Hello all! Here is a new adventure brought to you by me and James a fellow writer (bloody brilliant) and i hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the people who made them and I belong to the person who made me but I can be bought with reviews! As can James (procannonfodder) he just likes to play hard to get. Couldn’t have done this without you!

Red robin

Rain of Faith

They watched her…Curious, waiting, wondering…

She ran her hands over the silk sheets, the room illuminated by soft candle light. There were two males in bed with her. It started out in the dinning room, except not much dining went on. They could have killed her…but they found her interesting…a tool to be used.

And use her they did.

She wasn’t dead, sometimes the things they did hurt, but even in the pain there was pleasure, always pleasure…But then of course, her line was built on sex, and seduction…They were teaching her, teaching her how to be like them.
So she did what they asked, what they demanded…A puppet to be used…for now.

He stirred, blue eyes slightly glazed with the backlash of power they just shared. The bite mark on her neck was healing, too fast for a human. They found her months ago, wandering the country side, stumbling into their mitts, life draining away in rivers of crimson. It was Belle’s pet Valentina who came across her, broken…bleeding, dying.

There was something in her blood, power, dark and untamed. She was strong, almost as strong as they were, and fast. They tested her, fed her, and kept her alive. Had she wanted to run, she wouldn’t be able to…Where would she go?

She couldn’t even remember her name.

They called her Rain; for it was in the rain she was found. The name sounded all wrong to her ears, but she didn’t protest, she didn’t protest much. His hair shone in the dim lighting; spun gold, softer than it looked…silk under her fingertips. They performed for the council on numerous occasions, always together.

His left side, perfect, flawless, carved from alabaster…she ran her hand down that smooth perfect skin.

But the other side…

His skin was pulled tight, scarred horribly like melted candle wax, disfigured, something to be feared.

Her dark hair trailed over her shoulders, wildly waving, thick and soft to the touch. She was beautiful, whole. They gave her to him first as punishment, to try and break her…But she dreamed of things worse than him, worse than death…

It was not bravery…

Just…an understanding that there were worse things beside this…besides allowing them to sink teeth, nails, and other things inside her. The second body stirred, nameless.

He was as tall as the Gold one, his eyes a bright clear blue. She remembered a third set of eyes, the deepest sapphire, a set…But he was gone now…

The door opened, she was there, the child vampire at her side, dark curls brushing thin shoulders.

She called the nameless one…Requiem…a present, a present who now must be returned…

Valentina shared with her a small smile, just an upturning of lips…for some reason she felt drawn to the child vampire…some nights were spent just sitting in the dungeon with her as her fingers traced over sharp knives…swords…a kindred spirit…

The Gold one was sitting, staring at her with such longing, desire…

They spoke a language she didn’t understand, fast, exotic…Few vampires spoke English, but even still, she was not allowed to speak until spoken to. They beckoned her forward; she slipped out of bed pulling on her thick robe.

Valentina slipped her small hand in hers…

She smiled at her, such a beauty, such…danger…

And she was not afraid.
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