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Xander the Magus

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Summary: Xander finds out a little more about his family and gets the power he always wanted on Halloween

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The Setup

Disclaimer: If you recognize it Its not mine
Notes: At first this will be a Buffy/Stargate/D&D fan fiction. I am using the 3.5 rules for D&D since the only other rules I know are AD&D and they would not blend well with the story.Edited with a few spell errors fixed.

The being mortals called Janus looked down at the blue green earth and smiled. The mage Ethan Rayne was planning to call upon him to turn the people who lived on the hellmouth into whatever costume they decided to dress up as on Halloween, turning the town into a feeding ground for chaos. Ethan, however, didn't know that in this town lived Janus's son. Tony Harris was the last high priest of Janus that existed on earth and Alexander Harris was conceived while Tony was empowered by his god. Afterwards, true to the nature of chaos magic. Tony lost all connection to Janus and took it quite hard, turning to booze to try and forget the glorious feeling that being in contact with his lord.

Janus, however, did not turn away form his follower. Granting him protection form the dangers of the hellmouth and saving his life from all the demons that were attracted to the hellmouth. Tony had raised , if that was the word, Janus's son on the hellmouth as the last command that his god had given him.

'My son had fallen in with the slayer, helping her kill demons by the dozen.' Janus thought to himself 'He desires power to aid in her fight so she would not keep pushing him to the side. This spell would be the perfect chance to grant him that power without the PTB trying to stop him. I will not act like one of the Asses That Be, however, I shall give him a chance to give the powers up, as well as let him decide what he would like to do with the power. Now I need to have a chat with Mr. Rayne.'.

With that thought Janus vanished with a bright green flash of light.

Ethan's Costume Shop-Three weeks before Halloween

Ethan just finished cursing the last of the costumes in his shop. Thinking about the chaos he would be responsible for in a scant three weeks, he smiled. He would be in great favor with all the chaos gods by the time the spell ended. He heard the bell on the front door ring and frowned, he had locked the door before coming back here. He left the back room and saw a man dressed as Q form star trek. Thinking that a nut had happened to enter, Ethan quickly stepped forward.

“I'm sorry sir, I wont be open until next week if you come back here then I will be happy to...”
Ethan was interrupted by Q's hand that shot out faster then the eye could see and grabbed Ethan by the neck, lifting him a foot off the ground.

“Listen to me, little mage. I am one of your chaos gods. The one whose power your going to call on to cast your spell on Halloween. I am happy with your plans but need to make some changes to your spell.” Janus let Ethan fall to the ground.

Recovering quickly, Ethan got to his knees and asked “My lord, what changes did you wish me to make to my spell?”

Janus turned his back to Ethan. After a moment he turned back and changed his form to that of Xander. 'Hmmm, thats one of Ripper's little kids. The ones who hang around with the Slayer' Ethan thought

“Heres the change I would like to make to your spell. When the boy whose image I am wearing comes to buy a costume you will not allow him to buy any other costume other than these” With that Janus gestured and a staff, bracer and a gray wizard's cloak appeared on the counter. “This boy is my true son and will be able to keep the power he gains from the spell.”

Ethan stared at Janus in shock.” What, what will your son turn into, if I may ask my lord?” he said with a trembling voice.

Janus's smile got even wider, which was a strange sight since his smile now reached from his left ear to his right. “My son will turn into one of four different mages depending on who he really is on the inside. Either he will become a evil necromancer form the realm of Ravenloft, a lawful evil mage form the forgotten realms, a neutral wizard from Sigil, or a lawful good wizard from the realm of Eberron. For your silence and obedience I will grant you one boon to be given to you upon your request as well as complete protection until you leave Sunnydale, as long as you leave within two days of Halloween. Fail to cast the spell or deviate from the instructions I have given to you and I will cast the spell using your own life force to power it.” With a bright green flash Janus vanished from the shop leaving Ethan alone. Grinning at the thought at being the one to cause so much chaos he got to his feet and went to finish setting up the shop.

Two weeks later- Ethan's Shop

Buffy, Willow and Xander entered Ethan's shop and split up, Buffy and Willow heading toward the back of the store while Xander headed toward the Military section.

'I'll just look around and see if I can find anything for ten bucks or less. Can't believe mom threw out my fatigues. You would think that she saw a ghost.' Xander thought.

“Looking for something in particular young man?” Ethan asked, gliding up to Xander.

“Yea, I was going to go as a solider but my mom threw out my fatigues,” Xander took a quick look at the price tags of the military uniforms “but I don't have enough money for any of these. I am sorry I wasted your time.” Turning Xander made to leave the store.

“Wait young man,” Ethan grabbed Xander's forearm “Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. The reason I opened this store was to make sure everyone in this town was able to get just the right costume for Halloween,” snapping his fingers he continued” How would you like to be a Wizard?”

“Well that sounds pretty cool, but I could never afford it.” Xander replied.

“It just so happens that one of my costumes was shipped incomplete. I would normally have to pay to have it shipped back but I would be willing to sell it to you for, say, ten dollars. Sound good?” Ethan asked.

Xander looked like Christmas had come early. Shaking Ethan's hand, Ethan left to get the costume form the back of the store. After a few moments he returned carrying the staff, bracer and cloak. The staff was a little over six feet in length and was a pale white color with a white gem embedded in the top of the staff. The bracer was made of a metal made of what appeared to be sliver but, as Xander ran his hand over it, was harder than steel. Embedded in the center of the bracer was a white gem surrounded by symbols that were made of a darker gray metal. As he stared at the bracer the darker symbols seemed to glow slightly but, upon second glance, were not really shiny.

“Are you sure you only want ten dollars for these? They look really expensive.” Xander asked as he took the items.

“Well, as I said the costume is incomplete. It would cost me far more to send it back then to sell it at a discount to you. Now follow me and ill ring you up” Ethan turned and quickly rang up Xander.

Paying Xander turned and set the staff by the door.” I want this to be a surprise for my friends. Will you watch the staff if I leave it here?”

Ethan nodded and Xander walked back towards the military section of the store where Willow was trying to decide between a ghost costume and a Air force captain's uniform. Buffy was holding a dress bag with her noble woman's costume in it. Seeing Xander walking over Willow's face broke out in a smile.

“What did ya get?” Willow asked pointing at the bag.

“Its a surprise. But let me just say that I am still the ten dollar costume king!” Xander replied “What are you going to get? Please don't tell me your going as a ghost again this year.”

“Well I was thinking about going as a Air Force captain to match you but now I guess I am going as Casper.” Willow said

“Nah, my uncle Rory was showing me a article in one of his magazines about a Air Force captain Samantha Carter. She has a PHD and if we could find a blond wig you could go as her. You would be perfect!” Xander rushed over and took the ghost costume form her hands “Come on Buff, help me out here”

“Yeah Willow! They have a kill section of wigs over here. We could get ya a cute blond one that will make you look exactly like Sam Carter.” Buffy took Willow's hand and dragged her over to the wigs while Xander quickly picked out a plastic gun for Willow. Buffy and Xander quickly pressed Willow into buying the Air Force uniform, wig and gun and then they left.

October 30 1997- Ethan's Shop

Ethan keeled before an alter, Janus's bust sitting upon it, praying. Elsewhere Janus was trying to block out or ignore the persistent praying of Ethan. Finally realizing that he would not give up Janus appeared before Ethan once again as Q.

“You have been bugging me for over an hour asking me to bless you with my presence, although I have had more people curse me for it, what is it that you wanted?” Janus asked him.

“Oh course my lord but first, if I may, why do you choose to appear before me in the form of Q?” Ethan asked

“Well according to Star Trek Q is the ultimate trickster and is always causing trouble to the Federation. Since I am the god of chaos and trouble why should I not appear as him? Plus his creation is parity my doing so of course I would appear as him.”

“My lord, I only wished to let you know that your son purchased the items you left for him. The Slayer bought an noble womans dress and their other friend bought a air force costume to go as one Captain Sam Carter.” Ethan said

“Yes, very good. Samantha Carter? Where have I heard that name before?” Janus disappeared with a green flash.

Several Hours Later-Elsewhere

Janus, still in Q's form, was floating in complete darkness trying to remember where he had heard the name Sam Carter when he was blinded by a flash of white light. When it cleared it revealed a middle aged woman in flowing white robes. Dusting herself off she floated over to Janus.

“Ah if it isn't my good friend Morgan Le Fay! What can I do for the ascended Alterans today?” Janus asked.

Ganos Lal, better known as Moran Le Fay, looked cross at Janus. “When we helped you out in the 18 hundreds we made a deal. We would help you if you would leave people we state alone from your power. You are about to break our agreement. Captain Samantha Carter of the SGC is on our list and you are about to reveal to young Willow the existence of the Stargate program as well as all that Carter knows.”

Janus snapped his fingers.” I knew that I knew that name form somewhere. Let me see here, I am willing to make you a deal. How about I adjust the spell so that Willow will only remember Carter's knowledge and skills not related to the Stargate program? She will otherwise only remember Carter's combat training as well as her skills related to her PHD. Do we have a agreement?”

Morgan looked at Janus strangely. “What chaos are you trying to cause now? Every move you make is only to feed your need for the energy chaos cause.”

Janus wagged his finger at Morgan. “Ah ah ah, you have nothing to worry about. The only chaos I am trying to cause this time is to the power structure of the Asses that be. You are aware that they try to take as much free will out of their champions as is possible. My son is friends with both the Slayer and Willow. By giving Willow the knowledge and training of Captain Carter I will turn their plans on a needle's tip and give more of a choice to the Slayer.”

Morgan looked at Janus carefully. Judging that he was telling her the truth she nodded. “Alright , as long as these are your true intentions then we will agree. Willow dose not remember anything at all about the Stargate program or the SGC.” Morgan vanished with a bright white light.

Sighing Janus set to work once again modifying the spell to make an exception once again. 'I swear, doing the right thing is more trouble then it is worth.' he thought to himself

6:30 pm October 31st - Summer's House

Buffy opened the front door at Xander's knock to reveal him standing there in the gray wizard's cloak holding his staff and wearing the bracer. Xander gave her a bow. “My lady, Xander Harris Master Magus, at your service.”

“Thank you me lord. Just wait till you see Willow though.” Buffy replied with a small curtsy.

The two were interrupted by Willow coming down the stairs. She was dressed smartly as Captain Carter with a plastic assault gun in hand. The three of them moved to Buffy's couch and sat down.

“Um, guys, I have a small change to tonight's plans. Do you guys know Johnathan?” seeing her friends nods she continued “His parents asked mine to let him join us tonight. They are scared that he is falling into a depression so they asked my parents to ask me to try and help him. I hope you guys aren't mad?”

“Nah John, Jessie and I used to hang out a lot before Jessie died. I would love to hang out with him again.” Xander answered

Before Buffy could answer there was a knock at the door. When she answer it Johnathan was standing at the door dressed as Frodo.” Hi guys. You got stuck escorting the kids tonight too?” he asked

“Ya, the troll got us all roped into it. Glad to see you again Frodo.” Xander answered

“If we don't want to be late then we will have to get going now.” Buffy interrupted

Later that night-Ethan's shop

Ethan chanted the last word of the spell and a green wave flashed through the shop heading outward to encompass the entire town. With a smile on his face Ethan looked at the bust of Janus, which now had glowing green eyes and said “Show time”

Outside Same time

Willow had just taken the children to what was going to be the last stop of the night when the green wave hit them. Willow's head dropped and she felt a strange power flush over her. Several states away, underneath NORAD, Captain Samantha Carter fell to the floor in a comatose sleep and was quickly carried to the infirmary.

Down the street Xander also fell to the ground but was surrounded by a green aura of power. The aura only lasted a second before merging with his body.

Alexander Harrison, master mage form Morgrave University, awoke in a strange land. Sitting up he looked around. ' Xantos, do you know where we are?' Alex thought

Xander's staff had changed form. No longer was it a pale white, it now was a dragon shaped staff with the ruby making up the eyes and a claw at the end of the tail. The bracer's gem also had changed into a ruby.

'No my friend,' the staff pulsed red ' I have no idea where we are but you also carry within you another presence.'
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