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Anya in the Weeds

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Summary: Andy from Weeds and Anya have a short but meaningful conversation. FFA challenge...

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Television > WeedsProCannonFodderFR181245125853 Jan 093 Jan 09Yes
Standard Disclaimer: I own nothing and would like to apologize for this... Joss owns BTVS, LKH owns ABVH. I will earn nothing from this.


"That was a good orgasm. Not as good as the one this morning though."

"Thanks...well, I ah..."

"But It was much MUCH better than yesterday's. I started to wonder if you were gay and just didn't know it."

"What? Wait a sec' here, you were..."

"All the cuddling and the touching, really I was just waiting for you to start crying."

"Hey, that only happened the one time, it was a hard time for me. My house had just burned down and..."

"and of course, all of the training I had to give you when we first started. It made me wonder if you had ever seen a woman's body before."

"Hold on now! I'll have you..."

"What does this do? I can't find it! Oh, look how cute those are! honk honk. LAME. and the 'tuning the radio' joke was pathetic too, it should have given me a clue."

"Just stop! No one has ever complained..."

"Xander now, he could really deliver."

"Who? I don't think we should..."

"Multiples, crashing over each other like waves on the shore."

"Well I'm happy that he..."

"and the size difference too."


"Jimmy Dean compared to Keilbasa."


"Hurt for days afterwards."

"Please, please stop. I'm begging..."

"NOW why are you crying? STOP THAT...give me a smoke. This dimension sucks."

The End

You have reached the end of "Anya in the Weeds". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking