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Iron Man - Magic Style

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Summary: Dawn somehow managed to get into another dimension, a desert to be exact, there she meets a man, who just escaped some terrorists by building an armor. My turn of how the movie would have been with Dawn in it!

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The Flying Man!

Hey-ho, this is my newest story, I thought of it while watching Iron Man, great Movie and I just loved Robert Downey Junior in it, he did a great job playing Tony Stark!

This story is for all those who loved the movie too, just with a little twist in it ;D

Okay, as you should know I don't own Iron Man, he belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee (God^^), and I don't own Buffy (though I wish I would) the series belongs to Joss Whedon (Genius ;D)

Now have fun! Oh and flames will be ignored, so just that you know! ;D

It plays ten years after the first, Dawn is now 25 years old and a powerful witch, because she finally got access to the power inside of her.


With a loud scream Dawn hit the ground and stayed there for a few moments not able to move, because all parts of her body were hurting and she wasn’t sure, if she had broken anything.

Slowly she raised her head from the slightly hot ground and found herself in the middle of a desert, what a joke, she thought and propped herself on her elbows, trying to figure out how hurt she was. She knew that she was bleeding from a pretty deep cut on her stomach, which made her curse loudly, why were the bad guys always going for her stomach? First Glory and her stupid minions and now the new threat this super vamp called Cane.

She had realized that she had left her dimension as soon as she had crossed the portal, after all she was the key. As she liked to call herself, Queen of all portals she just knew she wasn’t home anymore.

The problem with portals was just that they could be tricky and she had never actually used one for herself or someone she cared for, because she wasn’t sure if she would get to where she wanted to go or maybe into a hell dimension. It was too dangerous to just try it.

Pretty sure that she hadn’t broken anything and that she would just get a few bad bruises she scrambled to her feet, one hand pressed onto her wound.

There was nothing around her despite hot sand and she cursed loudly, because she had idea where she was or where she could find someone who could help her to take care of her wound.

But she needed help or she would bleed to death sooner or later.

So she began to walk, sand was slipping into her sneakers and she felt hot in her long jeans and the short sleeved white shirt which was now stained with blood.

Every step was hard and she wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep, but she knew that if she did that she would die.

So she forced herself to walk forward, hoping she would find a city or at least a person soon. Because she needed help, desperately.

That moment she heard a scream and looked around, at first she could see no one, but then her eyes found a person flying through the sky. Or more falling by now.

Dawn gasped and used some of her magic to stop his fall, or at least let him fall slower, because there was not much of her magic left because of the blood loss, which was the reason why she hadn’t just teleported herself to the next city.

She managed to slow the man down, but he still hit the sand rather hard. A hand still pressed onto her bleeding wound she stumbled towards the man.

“Hello? Are you alright?”

She found the man surrounded by metal pieces stuck in the sand muttering something to himself.

“You okay?” Dawn asked again and this time he heard her, he looked up and his eyes grew wide, surprised to see another human being here, which Dawn understood.

Tony couldn’t believe his eyes, was he already imagining things? Because the woman in front of him couldn’t be real. She was breathtaking that was for sure, she had long brown hair, that fell over her shoulders almost to her small waist. Her skin was pale, but it suited her, it made her look like fairy, especially with those shocking blue eyes of her.

When he finally caught himself and began to dug his way out of the sand he answered:

“Yes. Just the shoulder, but despite that I think I’m okay. But who are you and what are you doing here?”

That was the question Dawn had been waiting for, but before she answered she asked him:

“May I ask what you were doing flying there, before I answer your question?!”

“I was captured by terrorists, they wanted me to build a weapon for them, but instead I built an armor that took me out of the prison.” he explained, finally out of the sand, but he looked exhausted and scruffy, which was no surprise when his story was the truth.

“Wow… okay…” Dawn replied when her vision blurred, she shouldn’t have used her magic, because now she was even weaker than before.

“You don’t look alright what’s…” Tony began when he saw her pale even more, then his eyes fell on the hand she had pressed onto her stomach and the blood stain that formed on her shirt.

“Oh my god. You are hurt.” he said worried walking closer to her.

“Well yeah… but there is nothing we can do about it right now. We should try to find a city or something. There we can rest, get something to drink and I can get the things I need to take care of my wound.”

“What happened to you?” Tony asked worried, when she began to walk and Tony followed her, leaving the pieces of his armor behind.

“That is a pretty long story and you wouldn’t believe me anyway.” Dawn sighed, she was too exhausted to lie to him and come up with some kind of excuse.

“Try me, I am pretty open minded, there is almost nothing I wouldn’t believe.”

Dawn sighed again, he was nice and she felt the urge to tell him everything, he could tell her where she was and maybe she could try to sort things out from there.

“Well… do you believe in magic?” she asked looking at the handsome man by her side, watching his features to find out if she could tell him more.

“Magic?!” he laughed and shook his head.

“No, I don’t think so, after all I am a scientist, I don’t believe in things I cannot explain.”

“Figures…” Dawn replied stumbling, but Tony kept her from falling, because he grabbed her arm and steadied her.

“Now tell me…” he pushed the subject again and Dawn groaned.

“I am a witch from another dimension.” she spat, knowing he wouldn’t believe her anyway, soon after her words he laughed.

“No serious.”

“I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” Dawn answered defeated.

“Do you want me to believe that you are a witch and you can do magic?”

“Yes.” Dawn nodded and stopped in her tracks looking up at him, because he was at least five inches taller than her.

“But… I mean…” Tony didn’t know what to say, maybe she had lost too much blood or had been in the sun for too long.

“I know that you don’t believe me and right now I cannot prove what I say because of the blood loss my magic had weakened too and I am not strong enough to show you some of my power. But I will as soon as I feel better, just don’t call me crazy until I proved my words.”

“Alright…” Tony said, though he didn’t believe one word of what she was saying.

That was the moment they heard the noise of a helicopter nearby and soon after that one flew over them, Tony immediately recognized the person looking out of it.


“We are saved, that’s my friend in there.” He said pulling Dawn with him towards the helicopter, Rhodes jumped out and hurried towards them.

“God Tony, I have never been this happy to see you.” he said and hugged Tony, not till then he saw Dawn and frowned.

“Are you alright Miss?”

“Do I look like I’m alright?!” Dawn replied sarcastically and Tony chuckled, while Rhodes blushed.

“Sorry.” He mumbled helping the two back to the helicopter.

Finally, Dawn thought she would get fixed and then hopefully find a way back into her dimension.


That's it, for now, I hope you liked it and if you did, just click the button on the end of the side and review! If not, click it too and tell me what you didn't like.
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