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Unfinished Dreams of a Bard

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Summary: My muse gets ideas, but I've got so much going on I can't possibly start up any new series. So here's a series of one-off chapters that may evolve into full blown stories later on.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Harmony's X-Factor

Author's Notes: Rather than post this as a new story I chose to place it here because it's up for adoption folks! I just don't have time to really work on this one. Read the chapter and let's see what you feel about it...

The basic plot is simple, Harmony has been kicked out of the Cordettes in early Season One of Buffy, before the Invisible Girl episode and it is revealed that Harmony is more than she appears to be. She then forms her own team of super powered girls, including Marcie Ross and Aphrodesia and then proceeds to get into all kinds of trouble. I don't want to say too much more without spoiling this little intro, so I'll leave it to you. Enjoy folks.

Disclaimer Addendum: Loki and Tess Black are properties of Marvel Comics, the author doesn't claim anything otherwise or malicious about that. See chapter one for Buffy disclaimer.

P.S: Lesbianism is welcomed and encouraged... Perhaps someone as talented as Joehundredaire might even be intriguied enough to pick this up. I just can't start any more new and fun projects I've got enough on my plate as it is.

Harmony Kendall watched as Cordelia Chase walked away unable to understand what she’d done wrong to lose her social standing – feeling trapped and as though all of the eyes of the other students were on her she made her way quickly into the nearest girl’s bathroom.

Inside she moved to the mirror and started running water in one of the sinks. Closing her eyes briefly she fought the urge to burst into tears. She was better than this. She was a Kendall – not as rich as the blasted Chase family – but still high on the social pecking ladder.

Her mother would tear her a new one verbally as soon as she got home – and she still couldn’t understand why? She’d only insulted Harris’ girlfriend. It was the same thing they always did.

Harmony grit her teeth and resisted the sudden impulse to put her fist through the mirrored glass. It wouldn’t do to be seen going to the nurse’s office because of a slip of emotion. A loss of control at this point would only serve to prove that bitch right. Harmony wasn’t the ditzy blonde she pretended to be.

She was protecting herself from something that could barely be controlled. And it was all the fault of her genetics.

“Feeling low?” a voice asked from behind her.

Whirling in shock Harmony found the room still empty. But someone had actually spoken to her. “Who’s there?” she demanded.

“I saw what Cordelia did you to, Harmony, just like she did it to me… Like you all did it to me!” the voice hissed as a hand was suddenly gripping her windpipe choking her.

Harmony fought with her attacker. Her emotions – already in a state of flux – channeled her fury and her desire to live. Reaching behind her she briefly touched the porcelain counter where the sink was. And suddenly she was able to breathe again.

“Fuck!” the mysterious attacker cursed.

Harmony laughed. “There’s a reason why I play the dumb blonde, bitch,” she said darkly before swinging her porcelain fist into the invisible girl.

A shape flew into the closest stall’s door and broke it off the hinges due to the force of the blow. Slowly a body began to flicker into visibility. Her hair was tangled slightly – it looked as though she hadn’t bathed in at least a month – and she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Invisibility,” Harmony observed. “Interesting.”

“What the hell happened to you!?” the girl demanded.

“Marcie Ross,” Harmony realized as the girl turned to face her. Harmony laughed. “So I’m not the only one, welcome to hell, Marcie,” she said.

“You know my name?” Marcie said staring at Harmony in surprise.

“Oh right, because we ignored you, you think we didn’t know you.” Harmony smirked the expression looking very unusual thanks to her new porcelain skin. “That was Cordelia’s plan. I didn’t expect it would lead to you going psycho on us once your little gift manifested,” she added with a shake of her head.

Marcie pushed her hair out of her eyes – her plain Jane features doing little to allow her to stand out – she wasn’t even worthy of ridicule or scorn. That’s why Cordy chose to just give her the brush off. “Yeah, well, Harmony… I figured it was the best type of revenge. You didn’t question what happened to your pal Aphrodesia,” she added with a sneer.

Harmony glared dangerously at Marcie. Marching up to her she pulled the girl out of her prone form and had her dangling in her grip. “You killed Aphrodesia?” she demanded a hint of future pain promised in her tone.

Marcie did something smart and bit back the urge to laugh mockingly at the bottle blonde. “Not exactly, she’s still alive… Of sorts.”

Harmony hadn’t really liked Aphrodesia that much, but she wouldn’t wish anything truly evil on her – especially not in this pathetic little town. “Take me to her,” she ordered slamming Marcie down.

“Bitch,” Marcie spat flickering back into invisibility.

Harmony smirked. “The thing about our kind, Ross, you can’t hide from me,” she revealed reaching out and placing her fingers splayed out against the mirrored surface of the glass. “And two can play the invisibility game,” she added as she slowly turned into walking glass.

Marcie resisted the urge to curse. True it wasn’t exact invisibility, she could still tell where Harmony was, but that changed as soon as the lights went out.

“Another thing about our kind, when our parents take the time to train us we can sense things,” Harmony whispered her voice echoing in the confines of the bathroom.

Marcie snarled and charged towards where she heard Harmony’s voice – if she could get one good hit in she could easily smash the dethroned Cordette – unfortunately she felt a hard sharp object ram into her gut and send her tumbling backwards into the porcelain of the sink.

Groaning slightly Marcie tried to focus her eyes, but the lights were still off.

Harmony smiled. “You and I could dance like this for hours with nobody really missing us. All the deaths in Sunnydale, I’m guessing nobody is looking for you,” she observed. “But I’m not sure what you’ve been doing to Aphrodesia, and despite our differences she’s one of the only two people I trust in this pathetic little two bit town,” she informed. Harmony lowered herself so she was within arm’s reach of Marcie. “I could show you so much more, you haven’t yet come into your power yet, Marcie… A girl like you, could be useful,” she said very quietly.

“What do you mean?” Marcie asked stalling for time. If she could just find something to break Kendall’s head in.

Harmony laughed. “You poor, misguided, little nobody. You don’t know what you are, do you?”

“I’m a freak!” Marcie screamed lunging at Harmony with a piece of broken porcelain. “Something changed me and now I have real power!” she added feeling her blow connect to something solid.

The lights flicked back on and Marcie stared in horror at the toilet she’d just smashed.

“Marcie, Marcie, Marcie,” Harmony said standing once again in her human form. “You are a mutant, Homo Sapiens Superior according to some fanatics,” she explained grasping her face in one hand she hauled Marcie up to eye level. “You can become invisible because of a tiny genetic marker, a piece of DNA, they call it the X-Gene. Technically I wasn’t born with an X-Gene, you see I’m not biologically the daughter of Harmon Kendall. Mom had a bit of a fling in her younger days, the sort of thing rich bachelorettes are wont to do. She was taken in by the bad boy, perhaps you know my father by his working name.” Harmony broke into a broad grin. “Absorbing Man.”

Marcie’s eyes widened in sudden fear. “You… Harmony, are you… Gamma Irradiated?” she asked.

“God, Marcie, you actually bought that two-bit tripe of a story,” Harmony said shaking her head. “Absorbing Man gained his powers through Loki, the Norse Trickster God and some magic potion thing… I’m not sure how I inherited dear old pop’s gift, but I am not Gamma Irradiated.” Harmony snickered before her face screwed up in a look of pure rage. “Now. Where’s Aphrodesia?” she snapped impatiently.

Marcie smiled weakly. “She’s in the boiler room, behind some crates nobody has moved in a long time,” she revealed.

Harmony nodded and broke into a winning smile. “Now. That wasn’t so hard, was it, Marcie?” she asked patting the other girl’s head.

“Please don’t kill me,” Marcie pleaded.

“Why would I go and do something like that?” Harmony wondered with a light giggle almost – though not quite – becoming the blonde bimbo again. “You and I, we have a lot of potential, and for our first act as a new team. Will be something I’m sure you will love, we’re going to get back at that bitch Cordelia Chase.”

Marcie’s eyes shone with sudden interest.

“I knew that would get your attention,” Harmony cooed cupping Marcie’s chin in hand and gently stroking her hair. “Oh, Marcie, stick with me and you’ll finally be noticed by the popular people.”

“Enough to have… Xander?” Marcie wondered nervously.

“Harris?” Harmony repeated disdainfully. “Why would you want him?” she wondered as though Harris might be a plague.

Marcie blushed. “I wasn’t stalking Cordy ever since my powers kicked in you know,” she said. “First I measured up all the boys in the gym showers,” she added.

Harmony smirked. “Ooooo, I see, Marcie is a bad little girl,” she teased.

“Well at least I don’t throw myself at small dicked jocks!” Marcie shouted angrily back at Harmony.

“That was an act and those jocks knew better than to cross me by denying it in front of anybody, I paid them enough in gold skin flakes to keep them under my thumb for years,” Harmony revealed with a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

“Gold skin flakes?” Marcie repeated. “Gross.”

Harmony shook the other girl briefly and stalked towards the exit. “Enough, if you want Harris you can have him, just keep him out of my sight. And never… Never! Tell me what you do with him,” she added.

Marcie nodded in mute fear.

“Now, we’re going to free Aphrodesia from whatever misguided attempt at revenge you got going here, and then we’re going back to my place so you can take a very long shower and pick out some decent clothes,” Harmony stated. “If you’re going to be seen with me in public you can’t go around looking like your mother picked out your wardrobe. And the nudist thing… Not going to fly with Vice-Principal Snyder.”

“Yes, Harmony,” Marcie said obligingly turning invisible again so that she could hide her lack of clothing from the rest of the student populace of Sunnydale High.

Loki smiled slightly as he turned from his observations of young Harmony Kendall. He had instigated her transformation into the Absorbing Girl for a purpose – that purpose was one that would soon bear fruit, but first she would need one other to join her team.

Loki teleported to Manhattan and – more specifically – a small unassuming apartment complex where a young mortal woman and her teenaged daughter currently lived. Changing his appearance slightly into an aged mortal he approached the front door and knocked gently.

The young dark haired teen flew open the door with a winning smile on her lips. “Grandpa!” she greeted loudly rushing to embrace the disguised Norse God.

“Hello, Tess,” Loki greeted his voice cracking with age and wisdom. “How’s school these days?” he asked.

“Ok I guess,” Tess replied with a brief shrug. “I was just finishing up my homework,” she added with a broad smile.

Loki nodded and let the teen lead him into the building. “Did I interrupt something?” he wondered curiously.

“No, why?” Tess asked confused.

“How else could you have known to be waiting for me, Tess?” he asked knowingly. “After all I was outside the complex when I knocked, not your apartment door.” His tone was suspicious, but also expectant, as though he knew what Tess was going to say.

“Well… I kind of knew you would be there,” she explained nervously. “Whenever you come to visit I can sense you,” she added.

“Ah, I see,” Loki said with a private chuckle. “Well, Tess, I can easily explain that,” he added waving his hand briefly. “Sleep!” he instructed the girl.

Tess Black collapsed into Loki’s arms as she fell into a mystically induced sleep. Pleased with his deception – Loki carefully plucked the girl from her slumped over state and held her delicately as though she might break. “Now, Miss Kendall, you will be truly ready to become leader of my private little team,” he said.

“Tess.” Tess’ mother moved to her apartment door as though she’d heard something. Tess was nowhere to be seen. “Tess!” she called more urgently. Running to the front door of the complex she tried to find her daughter on the street. When she didn’t find her she began to panic. “Tess!”

The Beginning

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unfinished Dreams of a Bard" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 11.

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