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Unfinished Dreams of a Bard

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Summary: My muse gets ideas, but I've got so much going on I can't possibly start up any new series. So here's a series of one-off chapters that may evolve into full blown stories later on.

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Brittany the Vampire Slayer

Author's Notes: Like the summary says these will be one-off chapters or stories that may or may not recieve any series some day in the far off future. The stories are numerous crossing over with cartoons, television shows, movies, anime you name it it'll appear here. Some of them are also stories that I can't make work as well as I'd hoped and have no idea where to go from the last scene of the chapter. So I say feel free to take any of my musings for your own if they should inspire you. Like so many others on this site have before me I now present my Unfinished Dreams of a Bard. OR. The Miserabley Unending Ideas of my Muse. (LOL)

Disclaimer for Chapter One: I Sithicus being of sound mind and body... Er I mean I don't own the rights to any of the characters appearing in this free-for-all. The main crossover characters appearing here belong to someone else, I think it's either Twentieth Century Fox at the moment or the parent company for Alvin and the Chipmunks. And yes, I went there. Buffy of course belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. To claim ownership otherwise would be suicidal for any fan fiction author and therefore we all agree not to plagerize. LOL

Brittany tossed and turned in her sleep the nightmares kept coming and it was almost impossible to get a decent nights sleep, creatures attacked her relentlessly in her dreams, things with faces that could scare even her most hated of enemies. But there were other dreams too, dreams about girls, a lot of girls fighting against these monsters. A guy with dark brown hair and the most gorgeous eyes looking worriedly into her eyes, a man with glasses on lecturing her about something she couldn’t quite hear, a beautiful blonde woman with a radiant smile baking cookies.
Faces that flashed by so fast she could never see them or make sense of them, but in the end she could care less who they were about or what. She just wanted them to stop.

“Brittany, Brittany, you’re having those dreams again,” a voice hissed in her ear making her jerk awake, it was her sister Jeanette the long brown hair framing her face for some reason making her think of one of the Dream Girls who liked wearing leather.

“I’m sorry Jeanette, did I wake up Eleanor?” Jeanette shook her head and studied her face with obvious concern.

“You should tell Dave about them,” she said seriously.

“He’d never believe me and you know what he’ll think if he overhears me talking about them,” Brittany insisted with a tired sigh; Jeanette nodded in understanding and squeezed her hand sympathetically. “I miss her so much Jeanette, I wonder if that’s why the dreams are so intense?”

“I don’t know Brittany, but maybe you should go to the gym, you know how it always helps.” Nodding at her sisters’ suggestion Brittany climbed out of bed and reached for her nightdress, it was the same one she’d had since she was ten, being so short really made it easy for clothes shopping. Not so much bra shopping, not that she really needed one, but it made her feel like a normal teenager. Even if she could only date one obnoxious, full of himself boy who had an ego the size of his adopted father at times.
Creeping downstairs Brittany made sure nobody else was up; it was quarter past three not even Simon got up this early even if he was stuck on some experiment of his. The gym was out back in the old garage; Dave had it converted for the boys when she and her sisters moved in after the funeral. Since Dave had so much experience with his boys their guardian had felt it was only right that he should receive custody of them, much better than if that slime ball agent had, had her way or the even worse alternative of foster care.
The weights weren’t what she was interested in at the moment though she could probably lift more than her stress inducing boyfriend, to get rid of her nightmares and her excess energy she would need something a little more physical.
So she approached Alvin’s practice dummy, the one he used while practicing karate and she sized it up. It wasn’t tall enough; she wanted an opponent who was at least six feet not her own three foot six. So she had to raise it up somehow.

“Maybe if I hang it from the punching bag hook,” she mused quietly to herself. It would have been simpler to use the punching bag, but she’d caused it to explode last week when she hit it so hard it just popped. So picking up the dummy she carried it effortlessly over to the punching bag, it was just another strange thing happening to her of late, her strength was practically super human. She had no trouble carrying a fully grown human, which for someone like her was saying a lot, and she had accidentally broken even more things at school until she learned to moderate it.
Using the step ladder Brittany attached the dummy to the chain and let it swing back and forth; she secured her auburn hair in a ponytail and stepped to the side examining her placement of the dummy. It would have to do.
With a silent prayer she leapt at the dummy aiming for one of the pressure points on the arm, she had discovered a talent for hand-to-hand combat even after the long years being out of practice. She kicked it in the chest and landed in a crouch her hands scrabbling for something that wasn’t there, a weapon, she couldn’t understand why but her dreams made her think it was supposed to be there.
Her night vision already improved over that of others was even better these days, so much so that she hadn’t bothered to even turn on the lights. As she prepared to hit the dummy again they snapped on almost blinding her and with a startled cry she missed the dummy. The force of her punch snapped the chain holding it in place in half; it tumbled through the air almost as fast as a speeding bullet and smacked the intruder head on. With the sound of displaced air escaping from his lungs Theodore collapsed in a heap, embarrassed beyond words Brittany felt her face grow hot and she brushed a hand self-consciously through her hair before dashing over to check on Theo.

“Theodore keep it down!” a voice from upstairs shouted.

“Alvin!” Dave yelled sounding half-asleep, Brittany by now was used to it.

“Are you ok Theo?” she asked in a low whisper, the husky male chipmunk let out a tiny moan and managed to sit up. His entire right side looked like it was already swelling and his eye wasn’t fully open, but he didn’t seem to have any broken bones.

“I will be in a month,” he said keeping his voice equally soft, “how’d you do that?”

“I don’t know, I can just do things now,” she said trusting Theo over his brother. She had an attraction to Alvin that couldn’t be denied, but unlike herself he’d never grown out of his self-centered phase, probably because he still practiced music and had a career that hadn’t tanked. Nobody liked animal groups any more especially ones featuring live animals, and she wasn’t about to lower her standards to the level of the Brittney’s and Christina’s of the world. That kind of fan base she didn’t need.

“Is that why you were up?” Theodore asked letting her help him to his feet.

“Sort of,” she replied. “Please don’t tell Dave or Alvin,” she pleaded.

“He’s going to notice that.” Theo pointed out the broken chain and smashed dummy.

“Oh geeze I didn’t realize I’d hit it so hard,” she said concerned with how Alvin would react.

“Don’t worry, I know where Alvin keeps the spare,” Theo said with a cheery smile despite his injury.

“Really, oh thanks Theodore.” Brittany hugged the boy and gave him a kiss on his cheek, his fur darkened with embarrassment and he hobbled over to a little used corner of the gym. Together they sorted out the mess she’d caused and left for the kitchen where Theodore had been about to get an early start on breakfast, there she helped him out getting a big bag of ice filled up so he could lean against it. “I’m so sorry Theo,” she apologized for the twentieth time. He smiled.

“It’s ok Brittany, I’ve been hurt worse than that at one of our concerts and that was on purpose,” he reminded.

“Maybe I should see a doctor,” she thought out loud.

“I don’t think a doctor can help,” Theodore said, “maybe a witch doctor.”

“Somebody’s got to know why I’m so strong and why I keep having those… I mean…” trailing off Brittany felt her face flush she hadn’t meant to let the whole thing slip out, but Theodore was just too nice it made her feel at ease. Like the blonde felt around the hunky dark haired face that kept saving her in her dreams.

“I bet you Simon could help figure it out,” he suggested with obvious pride towards his brother.

“No, no way, Alvin would find out for sure then,” she argued. Theo sighed and turned back to his food preparations a thoughtful expression on his face as he tried to figure out how to help Brittany who looked thoroughly exhausted and not to mention a little scared too.

“I know we can figure this out,” he declared.

“Maybe, I’ve got to do some more to bleed off this energy,” Brittany revealed and she headed back towards the gym. Theo watched her go and sagged a little after she’d left, he hadn’t wanted to hurt her feelings, but that dummy had hit him a lot harder than he’d let on. He was going to hurt for weeks, but he still wanted to help her out if nothing more then for Alvin’s sake. His brother was getting to be a real hardhead, it wasn’t like they had many options for dating unless he wanted to get involved with some of those sick, sick girls that really creeped him out. Suppressing a shudder Theodore started to really get down with making breakfast, he’d worry about Brittany later.

The woman’s eyes opened and she quickly wrote down all of the information she’d just seen, the man beside her was impatient to receive that information as evidenced by his snatching the paper up as soon as the last letter was jotted down.

“Another one has been activated,” he stated practically drooling, “we must get to her before they do.”

“It is doubtful you will manage that old friend,” she observed with a snarky smirk.

“We shall this time I will personally guarantee it,” he vowed.

“Careful, don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she cautioned in a threatening tone.

“The day I can’t win over a Slayer before the Council even knows where she is, is the day I deserve to die,” he reminded in an acidic tone; laughing impishly at those words the woman left and he studied the paper in hand. “Brittany Miller your days as an ordinary teenage girl are over.”

Class was hard enough for a Chipette teenager in a Human world without the added hang up of being stressed out due to bad nights of sleeping and the constant fear that Alvin would discover just how different she had become, Brittany got two detentions because she couldn’t stay awake and Donna the head cheerleader couldn’t be more thrilled if Brittany had actually tried to get in trouble. Mister Hale was in charge of detention today so at least she could catch up with her sleeping, but word of this would invariably get back to Dave and by proxy Alvin, maybe asking Simon for help wasn’t such a bad idea. He was almost as smart as Jeanette and had some experience with solving weird or unusually difficult problems, he put up with Alvin after all, still maybe she should try looking up odd abilities in people first.
Jeanette had suggested some book by a guy named Suresh, but that focused more on human genetics and she seriously doubted it’d help her that much. She’d have better luck going over anything on spontaneous mutations in animal species, typically chipmunks couldn’t talk, or sing after all, but nobody really cared about that. They just dug the music.

“Did you hear about Alice?”

“Yeah, her entire family was slaughtered by some maniac with a barbecue fork; they still haven’t found her yet.” Snapping out of her own thoughts Brittany couldn’t believe what she’d just overheard from the smokers stall, Alice was an older student a year away from graduation. Really popular too not just because ‘she used to be part of an all girl band’, Brittany felt a cold chill in her bones. Death by barbecue fork had been something from her dreams, she remembered it extensively from that one dream with the weird cheese tray guy and the school library, except now it was happening in her waking hours too, was she cursed or something? Sliding out of the girls restroom Brittany ran off to find her sisters, but as she did she almost ran head first into Mister Snyder the school janitor.

“No running in the halls you little troublemaker,” he snapped swinging his broom around. The man was positively cruel and enjoyed tormenting her and her fellow Chipettes because they were so short, at least that’s what Alvin believed the guy was practically a midget almost like a troll compared to the rest of the faculty. She really hated his attitude but she just had to talk to Jeanette before the bell rang for last period.

“Out of my way you creepy old jerk,” she snapped pushing Snyder aside. She must have used too much force because before she could stop him Snyder had literally flown through the big window looking out on the courtyard, thank God they were on the first floor, but a lot of people saw what she’d just done including the last person she’d wanted to. “Whoops.”

“Brittany that was brilliant!” Alvin praised rushing up to her and giving her a kiss right in front of everybody; her face fell and seemed to catch on fire.

“Oh Alvin, not now,” she wailed trying to flee.

“Going somewhere Miss Miller?” the unmistakable voice of Principal Daniels demanded.

“Y-Your office ma’am,” she stammered unable to even look up into the eyes of the woman who commanded the school like a Drill Sergeant.

“Whoa, sorry Britt I’ll uh catch ya after school,” Alvin whispered in her ear. She wanted to cry or maybe just die, but fate wasn’t that kind, or cruel. Marching into the principals office head held low Brittany scrambled into the seat, it wasn’t that high really but at the moment she felt ten inches tall.

“Call for an ambulance for Mister Snyder,” Principal Daniels instructed her secretary before closing the door and sighed.

“Look I’m really sorry Miss Daniels honest I didn’t mean to push the janitor out the window,” she started to apologize hoping beyond hope she could salvage the situation and somehow prevent Dave from finding out. Dave was the nicest person alive, he’d taken them in helped them get started as a group and then introduced them to Miss Miller. She didn’t want to trouble him at all if she could help it.

“Save it,” Principal Daniels cut in, “I’ve heard this story already Miss Miller. You’ve been having trouble sleeping, you’re always on edge, got to much energy then you know what to do with.” Dumbfounded Brittany finally looked up into the eyes of Miss Daniels and instead of seeing disappointment or anger there she saw compassion and understanding. “I’ve gone through this now with three other students Miss Miller you aren’t the first and I doubt you’ll be the last, Principal Robin Wood of the Cleveland Academy for Gifted Girls gave us all a heads up on the matter and so I’ll give you what I gave Alice, Regina and Frankie before you.” Principal Daniels reached into her desk and passed a brochure over the top which Brittany uncertainly accepted. “They can help; I strongly suggest you give them a call preferably before the end of the week. I just wish Alice had done that before her family was all murdered,” she said sorrow creeping into her tone.

“M-Miss Daniels, what did happen to Alice and her family and how do you know?” Brittany asked ignoring the brochure for the moment; Principal Daniels eyed her sadly and gave a little shake of her head.

“She got what I never did, the call,” was all she would say. More confused than before Brittany gathered her books and headed for class, eyeing the brochure she decided to read it just to see what this school for gifted girls could possibly help her with. The first sentence was short and extremely confusing not to mention terrifying, it simply read ‘So you’ve been called as a Vampire Slayer’. Words that Brittany could have sworn had not been there when Miss Daniels held it out to her.

So you’ve been called as a Vampire Slayer. Congratulations, and if you can’t tell that’s me being sarcastic. First of all let me assure you that this is not a sick joke, it’s all true one hundred percent and yay Giles will be so pleased I used the word assure. My name is Buffy Ann Summers, I am currently the oldest living Vampire Slayer, and yeah vampires are real, so are werewolves, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, demons, undead hoards of icky gooey things and anything else you can dream up in your nightmares.
I totally get what you’re thinking, she’s cracked, certified loony toons, but seriously believe me. This. Is. Real. Still don’t believe me, need proof, we thought of that too turn the page.

The picture you are now looking at is not photo shopped, the fact that it’s moving like something out of Harry Potter ought to be a big clue, that’s a vampire being dusted by a Vampire Slayer. And before you ask me no that isn’t me, I’d never be caught dead wearing that shade of pink, Dana was the only Slayer we could convince to take the picture, Willow did this whole Glenda the Good Witch thing on Xander’s digital camera and Dana was the only one crazy enough to let us shoot the picture after the last six cameras exploded, yeah she’s not entirely all there, poor girl has had a real rough life.
Anyway, magic picture, moving Dana; Slayer Vampire; Slayee, with me so far? I get you have questions, like how this thing could even know enough to show you this stuff, my words and all that, I’d explain it but it’s really complicated spell work and you probably don’t have the time.

Hi, this is Willow now, Buffy just kept going on an on so I’ll finish this because there’s only so many pages we can print. Magic doesn’t come cheap or easy and the rate Buffy was talking I’d have pooped out before finishing the last one of these. Probably should have done what Dawn suggested and just make a book.
Right, so, long story short, Apocalypse. Real End of the World Deal. Really bad Big Bad. Cast a spell and activated all of the Potential Slayers on Earth, to which you are one of, yay for you. Some of you probably activated later than others, that’s because in order to call a new Slayer an old one has to die and I wasn’t totally stupid. I made sure some Potentials stayed Potentials otherwise there’d be a really big cosmic mess, to quote Andrew of all people because I can’t remember where he got it from, ‘Nature Abhors a Vacuum.’ Come to think of it Giles might have said that.

A Vampire Slayer’s life is not easy or glamorous, the hours suck the pay is non-existent and unless you’re completely unwilling to even live with the rules we set up it’s a short one too. Death is our Gift. Those words don’t scare you enough then this might, this is all that’s left of Slayers who think they can escape their destiny and I’m not particularly proud of this picture. I’m not perfect, none of us are and we’re not about to claim otherwise, but before you toss this in the trash please call us, we can help you control your newfound strength. We can help you with your nightmares. We can help make sure you and your loved ones can lead healthy normal lives the chance we didn’t get, just ‘call’ us.

And don’t listen to anyone named Warren or a stupid little bitch called Amy who thinks she’s all that, I’d like to see her activate all the Potential Slayers in the world at the same time, cause like you know so not easy mojo there. And I could care less if she did keep Warren alive after I…

Brittany put the brochure down and was surprised to see the words vanish replaced with normal sounding junk about the Cleveland Academy, she was really shaken up by the last picture it told a story that upset and terrified her both at the same time. It couldn’t be a fake, and she was a Vampire Slayer, the first of her kind too she’d bet. She had no idea what she should do first, tell Dave, show the brochure to Jeanette and Eleanor maybe even Theodore? Phone the number and pray that she wouldn’t be attacked by something or someone before they could get here? It was a lot to take in and it’d help if she had some idea where to start, though she doubted the brochure could magically tell her what to do about family.

“And I thought filming those stupid movies when we were kids was the only time I’d have to worry about werewolves,” she said with a sigh.

“Detention is now over, you may all go home,” Mister Hale stated clapping his hands to get everyone’s attention.

“So much for catching up on my sleep.” Brittany sighed and picked up her backpack, Dave had, had it tailored especially for them; it still used to be heavy now she could lift it with her thumb and forefinger if she wanted to. “Slayer strength I guess,” she muttered under her breath. Alvin was waiting impatiently outside for her looking royally pissed off as if he’d forgotten what she’d done to Snyder.

“What the hell Britt, why did you have to go and get detention today of all days. Now we’ll be late for the recording session.” Alvin shot her a glare while Simon and Theodore both offered apologetic looks, her sisters were already in the car with Dave trying to smooth things over for her.

“Don’t make me throw you through a window too Alvin Seville,” she snapped irritated. Simon and Theo gawped at her.

“Like you could,” Alvin shot back, “hurry up already or Dave is going to kill us this Live Action picture deal is the biggest thing we’ve had lined up in years.”

“Big deal, the Chipettes aren’t even in it. And I say thank God, did you see what they did to you three, your CGI selves look like real Chipmunks.” Brittany laughed and even to her ears it sounded hollow.

“You’re just jealous because you can’t make it big anymore,” Alvin taunted.

“Why would I want to? If it means copping an attitude like yours.” She felt like throwing something, fighting with Alvin was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

“Attitude, I’ll have you know I’m as big with other girls as Orlando Bloom. But I date you instead of chasing after them out of gratitude,” he snapped. Her blood turned cold and she stood rigid feeling years of neglect ready to explode out of her. Neglect and disrespect at a Human world that just didn’t care about chipmunks or their problems, all the terrible memories about her ordeals back in that Australian orphanage came back to her.

“Alvin I believe that was the wrong thing to say,” Simon pointed out as he adjusted his glasses and did his best not to step on any metaphorical toes.

“You are so infuriating, “Brittany said frostily, “why can’t you grow up! Oh I forgot you’re as tall as you’re ever going to get.” She smirked and Alvin’s face turned beet red or close to it, his fur covered up the coloration a little.

“Oh yeah, well, right back at ya you flat chested tramp!” he shouted. Simon blanched considerably and Theodore startled them all by punching Alvin across the face, Alvin shot his brother a stunned look and everybody fell silent. After several minutes finally one of them spoke and it was amazing Dave hadn’t rushed out of the car to find out what was going on.

“That wasn’t nice at all Alvin, you apologize to Brittany right now,” Theodore ordered.

“I, ah, Theodore you…” Alvin stammered at a loss for words, Theodore had never, not once struck him, no matter how big headed he was acting. Brittany felt a swelling emotion in her chest, one she couldn’t begin to describe as she saw for the briefest of moments an image of the hunky brunette from her dreams imposed over the young ‘Munk.

“It’s alright, I get why you said it Alvin and I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for myself,” she said averting her eyes and doing her best not to collapse from sheer exhaustion. Something must have showed because for a moment it looked almost like Alvin was going to do something, but then he seemed to change his mind.

“Me too,” Alvin said embarrassed, “it isn’t easy Britt; I can’t stand some of the things that we have to do. A lot of people still think we’re kids, they forget we’re chipmunks and I guess that’s a good thing in some ways. But it really gets to me and sometimes I forget how the rest of you all feel the same way.” He sighed and shot her a little smile; Brittany smiled back and shook her head.

“What am I going to do with you Alvin Seville?”

“Marry me some day I expect, er I mean, hope.” Brittany laughed an honest laugh something she hadn’t done too often since the nightmares began, taking Alvin by the hand she rand with him towards Dave’s car.

“If you’re really lucky Alvin, but only if you behave,” she warned her mind made up at last. And while the others piled into the car and talked about the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks movie so that Dave couldn’t ask her any awkward questions she pulled out her cell phone to make a call.

The End
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