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Never Again

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Summary: BtVS/Twilight. Bella has a chance meeting in a bar with yet another vampire. Future Fic. AU for Twilight post-"the break up".

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Never Again

Title: Never Again
Summary: BtVS/Twilight. Bella has a chance meeting in a bar with yet another vampire. Future Fic. AU for Twilight post-“the break-up”.
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. I just play with them.
Note: First fic I’ve had the courage to put up. Please be gentle.


I sat up on the second floor of the club and watched the people below: dancing, drinking, and some subtle debauchery. I was bored and alone and looking for some fun, but no one was striking my fancy.

And then I saw her. She was dancing by herself as if her life depended on it. Average height, thin, pretty. She wore jeans that looked painted on and some sort of top contraption that showed off the lovely pale shade of her skin and her... assets, while still managing to be more modest that most of the females gyrating at this club. I watched for some time, but as near as I could tell, she was by herself. She didn’t look at, or signal anyone. No one approached her looking like they wanted to talk. Hopeless blokes kept trying their luck with her, but she didn’t even notice. She just kept on dancing, lost in the music, long brown hair swaying and whipping around her.

I watched her for who knows how long, absorbed in the way she moved. And a little absorbed by the way her body looked in what looked like some designer threads. I was man enough to admit that.

When she finally took a break and went to the bar, I followed. I stood next to her and prayed that she wouldn’t notice I wasn’t there in the reflections from the mirror behind the bar. I could do without screaming tonight.

She ordered a double of vodka, and I was surprised. I’d pegged her for the fruity girly cocktail type, to be honest. I spoke up behind her. “Make that two, and on me.”

She spun to face me in surprise, a question on her face. I shot her my best sexy grin as I paid for, and grabbed, both our drinks. I started up the stairs to the table I’d been at before. I could sense her staring at me from the bar, so I paused and shot over my shoulder “coming?” before continuing on, pretending she didn’t exist at all.

I smiled where she couldn’t see when I knew she’d started following me. She was huffy and muttering under her breath about stupid, overbearing men and how she couldn’t escape them. I tried not to laugh out loud.

I found a booth that was as private as these sorts of places get, and set her drink down next to me. I took a sip of mine and watched as she debated with herself before throwing her body into the booth next to mine and grabbing her drink.

I was hit with a wave of her scent as she moved, and it nearly floored me. She smelled… delicious. And a little bit dangerous, like something I couldn’t quite place. All in all, she smelled like my kind of girl.

She grabbed the glass like it was her lifeline and knocked back the hard liquor that was even burning my throat like it was water. It was gone before I could even think about it, which is saying something. “What do you want?” she asked with a hint of hostility and accusation. I always pick the charming ones.

“Can’t a man buy a lady a drink without wanting something?” She seemed to relax a bit at the sound of my voice, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine why.

“No,” she answered back, without hesitation. Cynical too. I was really starting to like this girl.

“Fine,” I shot back, playing her game. “There is something I’d like. Your name.” She eyed me for a minute, trying to decide how serious this was.

“Bella,” she finally said. “Bella Swan.” I could hear no hint of lie in her voice, and was more pleased that I should have been that she had told me the truth.

“So, what is a girl like you doing alone in a place like this?” I shot, hoping she’d see my question as ironic instead of moronic.

She eyed me up and down before speaking. “No dice, we had a deal. You wanted info for the drink, and you got my name. More alcohol or info of your own before you’re getting anything else out of me.” Her words were so final, and she was ferocious for such a little thing. So determined that she was getting her way over the big, bad controlling man.

I had to laugh. “Which do you want more, love?”

She thought about it hard, and I was hopeful. “What’s your name?” she said finally, and my heart (or, admittedly, something lower) lifted a bit.

“You can call me Spike, love,” I said. I was a suave as I could be, and I nearly fell out of the booth when she snorted.

“Try again,” she said with humor in her voice.

“William,” I choked out, stunned. Wait, what? Did I just tell a stranger my real name? I hadn’t told anyone that in years.

“That’s a nice name,” she said. “Why would you want to go by Spike?”

“It, er, has significance,” I muttered before I realized that I was now down in this little game we were playing. I tried to recover. “So, are you buying the drinks now, love, or are you going to answer my question?”

“What am I doing here?” she said, verifying the stakes. When I nodded, her face took on an expression I couldn’t read. She reached for her wallet a few times, before finally putting her hands on the table. I held my breath, hoping she’d answer. “I’m trying to forget.”

The look on her face was so sad for the briefest of moments. “About what?”

She looked at me, and the lion was back. “No way, buddy. That story will cost you another drink.”

I grinned at her. “The same?” She nodded at me, and I slipped from the booth. “Will you wait here?” I left off the ‘for me’ at the end of my question, but she seemed to hear it anyway. She considered me for a long moment, and if my heart beat it would have stopped I was so nervous. What the hell was wrong with me? She finally nodded, and I escaped to the bar, trying to regroup while I ordered more of the same for us. I opened a tab using a credit card, hoping I would be here for a while.

When I got back up to the upper level, I half expected her to be gone. But she was still there, waiting for me, and staring down at the crowd with a look of intense longing on her face. Before I could analyze this new emotion, she’d noticed me, and it was gone.

I sat back down and passed her the glass. I kept my eyes on her to see if she’d down it like she had the last one, but she took her time with this one, finally grimacing at the taste as she sipped it. Now that I was feeling better about her mental stability, I eyed her with intent, and she knew what I wanted.

“My entire life,” she said with just a hint of bitterness. “You see, my best friend…” she trailed off. “No, it’s more to do with her… Oh, never mind. It’s too confusing.”

“No, pet,” I said, encouraging her. “I really want to know.” And, shockingly, I did. I cared about what was wrong with this woman. I was losing it. I took a swallow of my drink, trying to clear my head. I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face as she took a swallow of her own liquid courage.

“I’m best friends with a girl named Alice. She’s so great, I can’t even tell you. But she’s a little too… perceptive, and sometimes I just need to get away.” She paused, and took another drink. I knew she was leaving out some major plot points with her little summary, but I didn’t want to stop the words now that they were flowing, so held back any questions I had.

“I used to… date,” she said the word like it was distasteful and I couldn’t work out why, “her brother. In high school. He was… the love of my life.” My heart sank a little at those words, but I still couldn’t interrupt her story. She continued in a whisper. “He left me for my own good.”

Her bitterness was back full force, and I was a bit annoyed to find that I wanted to make her feel better again. I was a vampire, for hell’s sake. I was not fluffy, damn it.

“But he won’t stay out of my life. He’s… really good at reading people, and he finds out too much about my life from Alice. The family lives an… alternate lifestyle, which is hard on them and he hates himself for it, and he tortures himself unnecessarily when it comes to me.” I had to admit that this made little sense to me now, but I was wrapped up in her voice and her sinful smell and maybe the tiniest bit in her pain, and I wanted her to keep going.

“I love their family, I really, really do, but sometimes I just need a god damned break from all of the drama. I never got what I wanted when I was with him, and I still don’t to an extent. So I decided I was going to have a night that is /mine/ away from it all.” She looked so sad, talking about not getting the things she wanted that I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her until it all went away, then run her to the nearest store and buy her everything in it. I ran that through in my head again. What? No. I did not want to kiss this strange, drunk, over-sharing, lovely, delicious girl. Not at all.

“So I came here. To dance, to get drunk, maybe forget everything for a while. To have part of one of these ‘normal lives’ I hear so much about, but never really had.” She looked up to find me staring at her embarrassingly attentively. She gave a short, sharp laugh. “And now I’ve told you too much about my life. You can run away now. Thanks for the drinks.”

She moved to get up, and I put my hand on her shoulder and stopped her. “Don’t go,” I said quietly. And before she could mistake me for a pansy, I added “I think I owe you a drink. Or a story, at least.” I said it lightly, trying to cheer her.

“You don’t owe me anything, William. Thanks for the company.” I couldn’t let her leave. I did the only thing I could think of. I slammed down the rest of my drink, then grabbed her again, and pulled her forcefully back into the booth. I paused for a half a second, but she didn’t seem scared, so I plunged ahead.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She clung to my duster like it was a lifeboat as I hovered my face in front of hers. She didn’t protest, so I kissed her. And to be clichéd, the world exploded.

I reached my hand up to touch her face and tried to deepen the kiss. She froze in my arms. Before I could even think about what the problem might be, she pushed me hard away from her, and I let her.

“Oh, hell no,” she hissed fiercely at me – the lion was back. She was on her knees on the both next to me, facing me, panting like she’d just run a race.

My mind reeled, and before I could ask what was wrong or what she meant, she’d leaned towards me and tugged my black t-shirt up, exposing my stomach. While I didn’t mind, I was confused as hell as to what she was up to. Just a minute ago, she was pushing me off of her, and now she was trying to strip me in the middle of the club.

She carried straight on and laid her hot little hand on my cold, hard stomach. “Damn it,” she cursed vehemently. She jumped out of the booth and was halfway out of the club before I managed to follow her. I easily caught up anyway, and went with her out into the street while she hailed a cab.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, confused and desperate for her not to leave.

“I am never doing this again!” she screamed in my face.

“Sorry, pet… have we dated before?” I said, sarcasm taking over. Finally, a sensible reaction out of yours truly.

A cab pulled up and she opened the door before turning back to me. “I’ve had enough of stupid, macho, manipulating, vampires,” she said, spitting the last word at me before slamming the door and speeding out of my life.

Oh. That.

My head reeled as I watched the cab race out of sight.

Wait. She’d dated a vampire before? I smiled into the night and walked away whistling, hoping I’d run into Miss Bella Swan again sometime.
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