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Dracula’s Gift: Turn About

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Summary: Dracula takes a trip to Sunnydale a little early and gives Buffy a leaving present.

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Chapter 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer –x– League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Dracula takes a trip to Sunnydale a little early and gives Buffy a leaving present.

Takes place during Season 4 ‘Living Conditions’. Buffy has just moved up to University, as a freshman, and is learning what it is like to live with a new room mate in the guise of Kathy. So far, she’s encountered two strange blue skinned demons and living with Kathy is starting to grate.

As usual, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are copyright to their respective owners. Dracula is not in copyright.

LXG vampires are based on a mix between Mina Harker (Murray) in the film, and what is described in Dracula.

Response to Challenge 588.

Buffy walked at a frantic pace alone the front of the UC Sunnydale campus with Oz struggling to keep up with her. It was night, and for once she was eager to slay something… anything. Her roommate was driving her insane.

“So then she’s like, ‘it’s share time’; and I’m like, ‘oh yeah, share this’,” Buffy made a couple of rapid punch and block movements with her fists.

“So,” Oz drawled, “You either hit her – or you did you wacky mime routine for her.”

Sighing, Buffy’s face fell, “I didn’t do either, actually. But she deserved it, don’t you think?”

“Nobody deserves mime, Buffy,” Oz said, deflecting the question.

“Kathy does,” Buffy grumbled, “She should be locked in an invisible box and blown away by an imaginary wind, and, and…”

“Forced to wear binding unitard?” Oz wondered.

Buffy grinned evilly, “The itchy kind. Perfect.”

“Just here to help,” Oz offered.

That threw Buffy and made her stop for a moment. She couldn’t actually think of the last time Oz had been on patrol alone with her. He’d helped with the rest of the gang – but never on his own.

“Which I appreciate, but you’ve never come on patrol before. What’s the deal?” Buffy wondered.

“Seemed more interesting than homework,” Oz ad-libbed.

“As long as it’s an elective,” Buffy said, only half joking. “I can handle myself alone you know.”

“Not in question,” Oz backtracked.

“Good,” Buffy paused for a moment, “So then – I go to the refrigerator where the label queen has…”

“Just one thing?” Oz asked, “Do you think the ranting may be scaring off potential demons?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Buffy’s face falls. “You’re right.”

“Aghh!” Buffy growled, balling her hands up. “She’s even affecting my work now! She’s the Titanic! She’s a crawling black cancer!”

Getting increasingly worked up by her dislike for her room-mate Buffy took her aggression out on a passing bench, by kicking it in two.

“She’s other really bad things,” Buffy concluded.

For a moment Oz looks at the bench a bit shocked. It was a solid enough looking bench before Buffy kicked it to pieces. “On the plus side – you killed the bench – which was looking shifty.”

“This isn’t funny Oz,” Buffy said, turning to face her friend. The wrongness of obliterating a piece of public property not even occurring to her. “Something has to be done.”

“Agreed,” Oz said as he watched her walk off to carry on patrolling. He hoped she’d find plenty of vampires, she needed something to take the edge off her temper.

* * *

Half an hour of patrolling and she still hadn’t found anything! Buffy was getting more than just antsy, as she marched across the third cemetery so far. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with the undead – why couldn’t they come out when she wanted them to? She’d even put on her red coat to attract their attention.

Her frustration wasn’t helped by her having felt a faint tingle on her slayer senses for the past mile or so. It wasn’t a normal vamp ‘tingle’ anyway, so she did her best to block it out and carried on.

Six minutes later her wish for vampires was answered. “Thank you god!” she said to no-one in particular, and gained the attention of a slightly confused looking vampire.

Buffy walked towards the six foot something male vampire, and dropped her satchel off her shoulder.

“Have you a death wish?” the vampire laughed.

“Huh, funny. Less talking, more action.” Buffy said, taking a swing and lamping the side of the vampires face.

The vampire quickly reassessed his opponent, and made a more serious fight of it. He knew, with his reflexes, a little girl shouldn’t even be able to lay a finger on him.

Buffy, on the other hand, was busily blocking his blows, but not really returning any. Attempted left hook she blocked, attempted right hook she blocked, kick to the head she rolled out of.

“Come on, that the best you got?” Buffy taunted the vampire, resulting in another torrent of attempted, and mainly failed, assaults.

The vampire stopped again, looking her up and down, fear in its eyes.

“Why’d you stop?” Buffy asked.

“What are you?” the vampire asked.

“Umm… Slayer comma The,” Buffy quipped, standing at a bit more of a jaunty angle.

“I will kill you,” he said lunging at her.

Deciding the stronger tingling on her spider senses meant something was getting close, Buffy started to fight back. She blocked his blow before delivering a right hander to its head, a left to its stomach then another right to its chest. She finished up with staking the demon using a steak she had concealed in her left hand sleeve.

“Spoil sport,” Buffy grumbled.

She turned to see if she could find what she had picked up on her senses. There wasn’t anything there, so she turned back around to carry on. With any luck, she thought, she’d find a nest.

“An impressive hunt,” A cultured, slightly eastern European sounding, voice said from behind her.

Weird, Buffy thought, she had been sure no-one was behind her. Turning around she saw a man standing some twenty or so feet away wearing an old style suit and cape. Buffy’s senses were telling her this - whatever it was - definitely packed a punch in the power department.

“No hunt – just another day on the job,” Buffy said evenly, “I’m always open to over-time though.”

A slight smile played across the creatures face. “We are not going to fight.”

“We’re not?” Buffy questioned. “You understand what a slayer is, right?”

“Do you?” He asked.

His self assurance threw Buffy for a second, and her tone turned more serious, “Who are you?”

“I apologise, I assumed you knew,” he said, with a slight movement of his head to one side, “I am Dracula.”

“Really?!” Buffy said, gushing despite herself. “So your like Dracula… the guy… the count?”

“I am,” he said, bobbing his head just a little.

“This isn't just a fanboy thing, is it?” Buffy said moving ever so slightly closer to get a better look, “'Cause I've fought more than a couple of pimply, overweight vamps who called themselves Lestat.”

“You know who I am, as I know you are without question Buffy Summers,” he said serious now.

Buffy watched him move slightly closer to her, and made no attempt to stop him. He was, after all, not exactly bad to look at.

“You’ve heard of me?” Buffy asked, not quite believing it.

“Naturally, you’re known throughout the world,” he stated.

“No – you’re kiddin’ me?” she wondered. The thought of people knowing about her around the world was flattering.

“Why else would I come? For the sun?” Dracula watched as a smile formed on the slayers face. “I came to meet the renowned killer.”

This wasn’t so much to Buffy’s liking. “I prefer the term slayer, killer sound so…”

“Naked?” Dracula supplied.

“I’m the good guy here, remember?” Buffy prompted.

“You cannot deny your history,” he said, almost sadly.

“Umm, I’m only eighteen, does that count as history?” Buffy wondered out loud.

Dracula laughed. “Nevertheless, but your power is rooted in darkness. You must feel it.”

“No,” Buffy denied, though the part of her brain she liked to ignore did tell her some of the things that she felt as a slayer could barely be described as falling under the ‘good’ column in life. She needed to change the subject. “But you know what I do feel? Bored.”

With that pronouncement she lunged to plant a flying kick in the ‘historic’ vampire’s chest. The only problem was, he wasn’t actually there anymore, which resulted in her landing in a kind of funny position.

Dracula laughed again, a not unpleasant sound, Buffy had to admit.

“Cheat,” Buffy grumbled, pouting slightly. She fished up into her right sleeve to retrieve a stake.

At seeing this Dracula raised an eyebrow. “You are afraid?”

“No,” Buffy said by reflex. Then added, drawn to his gaze, “Maybe.”

Whatever passed between their two eyes, Buffy found herself unable to draw her gaze away from him.

“The hypnotic mind game thingy isn’t gonna’ work on me, you know,” Buffy said, though her heart wasn’t in it.

“Put down the stake,” Dracula said calmly.

“Okay,” Buffy instantly responded, the stake dropping to the ground with a dull thud.

Dracula seemed to be suppressing a grin.

“Okay… that was not you… that was me…” Buffy yammered looking at the fallen stake, “I did that because I wanted to… and… and… maybe I should rethink the whole thrall deal.”

Buffy laughed nervously as she looked up at Dracula, and noticed his calm expression.

“You could always stake me,” Dracula offered.

“Yeah… working on it, believe me,” Buffy muttered to herself, trying to get herself to pick the stake back up again. All she could do was think how lame she was for falling under the thrall of a vampire.

“Do you know why you can’t resist?” Dracula asked.

“’Cause you’re famous?” Buffy asked back, still finding herself unable to move.

“Because you don’t want to,” he told her.

Buffy gulped and tried to think of some way out of this situation. “You wouldn’t fancy doing this some other time, would you?”

On the other hand, Dracula seemed to almost be talking to himself now, “There is so much I could teach you about your power, your history. What your body is capable of…”

“I don’t want to…” Buffy lied. Even she knew that there was a part of her that longed to know what she was really capable of as the slayer.

“Now you insult me,” Dracula chided, before his expression turned more sinister, “You will learn… but first a little taste…”

“I… I wont let you,” Buffy said, terror crawling up her spine.

“I didn’t mean for me,” he grinned.

Buffy found herself compelled again, and lowered herself to her knees. She was disgusted in herself – she way offering herself to him on a silver platter. All she needed was a ribbon and tag saying ‘eat me’, and the tableau would be complete.

“All this time, I am surprised you were never interested, not even one little taste?” Dracula mused.

“If I drink that…” Buffy stammered.

“You must be near death to become like one of us, you need not fear,” he soothed.

He used one of his nails to slice across the vein of his left hand wrist, the blood forcing its way to the surface.

“Drink,” he commanded, and Buffy’s head moved forward and mouth clamped around the proffered wrist. Dracula looked delighted at her actions, but moved back after a few moments.

For Buffy, she saw blood pumping through veins; hunting; the first slayer; and finally a dark stillness with the stench of death. Her eyes snapped open, only to find Dracula once again some distance from her.

“Guess what, I’m back,” Buffy said, her voice gravelly.

Dracula laughed, which Buffy had to admit, was mildly off-putting.

“You have spirit,” he chuckled, “I had hoped you might.”

“I aim to please,” Buffy said sarcastically.

“Until we meet again, slayer!” He said, rushing forward. Buffy ducked, only to see a bat fly overhead.

“Okay…” She said slowly, “That was weird.”
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