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Summary: SPN Xover Twilight: Sam Winchester is sent to school at Forks and is prepared to be bored to death until he is fascinated by Dean Cullen. He knows something is “off” with the Cullen boy but can’t make himself care. Slash. Incest (Not really bros though)

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Chapter 17


[Five Years Later]

Following behind John Winchester's truck as they convoyed out of the backwoods and headed for home, Dean Cullen was in a remarkably good mood despite the fact he was riding as a Goddamned passenger in Sam's ancient boat of a car. In the habit of swapping his own cars out for new ones every year, he couldn't understand Sam's affinity for the old clunker. "If we were in my car, and I was driving, we'd be home in half the time," he couldn't help but point out.

Dean stared out the front window at the back of John's head. "He's serious about moving to Forks. Not retiring, but using it as his base of operations." Then Dean smiled. "He thinks I'm the best thing that ever happened to you." Glancing at Sam's silhouette, he added, "and that I'm extremely handsome, gentlemanly, very good for you, and that you're damned lucky to have me. And did I mention freakin' awesome?"

Sam licked his lips, eyes on the road, as he frowned slightly and reached for the radio, "You're daydreaming again," he stated flatly, before glancing over at Dean with a smirk, "and this time, about my Dad." He clicked the radio on as loud as it would go as he looked back out the windshield chuckling as AC/DC blared from the speakers.

Making a face, both at the comment and the loud music, Dean immediately lowered it. "You'd think you still had lame human hearing." A few minutes later, he grinned. "You happy now? It's over."

Sam looked over at Dean, a grin on his face, "Yeah, it's good." He glanced back at the road, "Not that my teaching you to shoot didn't come in handy," his grin grew wider, as he kept his eyes on the road.

"All those hours," Dean rolled his eyes. "And you thought I wasn't paying attention." Even vamped, Sam insisted on keeping up with his shooting, but it was Dean who had to suffer, listening to him go on and on with instructions. "Did you see how your dad pocketed the colt again? Like I'm going to lose it or something." What really stuck in his mind was the quiet gratitude he saw in John's eyes as he looked over at his son, now free of that yellow eyed demon who'd made their lives hell.

Sam chuckled, "He probably doesn't want you taking anything else from him", he teased as he reached over with a free hand and ran a finger over Dean's cheek then held it up so Dean could see, "You're dirtier than my car, dude!" Replacing his hand on the wheel and leaning the other against the door, Sam sat back in the seat, "Wow.." he shook his head, "It's... over..." he looked back at Dean, "Now what am I gonna spend all my spare time thinking about!?"

Wiping his own face, Dean realized he must be as dirty as Sam. That thought had never occurred to him. "Oh, I dunno." Sliding down in the chair, he hooked his thumb in his waistband. "We can be creative. That's IF you don't insist on us staying over at Cathleen's. The thought of your dad hearing us makes me go... soft." Biting his lip, he gave Sam a sly look.

Sam frowned. "Dude!" he looked like he was ready to vomit, "Thanks for that! I think I just went permanently soft... like forever! Sam gave a visible shudder, "It's about as bad as the idea of hearing your parents..." Sam paused and licked his lips as he thought of Carlisle and Esme. "Uh, I mean, well, that's not the same, they aren't... I mean..." Sam frowned and huffed softly, "Yeah, well, at least your mom's a babe! My dad's just..." Sam shuddered again.

"You think she's a babe?" There was a hint of something in Dean's voice, as he gave his Sam a hard stare.

Sam quirked a brow, "You don't?" he shrugged, "I mean, she's not a MILF or anything, but, yeah, she's hot for a mom." He looked back at the road again, "Like your sister, Rosalie, she's hot too," he shrugged, "And Alice." he looked back at Dean, "Oh, like you never noticed this!" he huffed and shook his head, as he looked back at the road. "He thinks I'm naive," he grumbled to himself.

"I just..." he looked out the window and blew out a breath.

Sam raised a brow as he looked back at Dean, "Just what? What are you thinking?"

"That I wish you weren't thinking of them. Anyone. Anyone else," he eventually go out. Yeah, he knew it was dumb. Not like Sam had gone blind to the rest of the world once they'd hooked up. "Never mind."

Sam frowned at him. "I'm not thinking of them, I just..." he huffed and looked back at the road. Slowly a smirk tugged at his lips. "You're jealous," he teased, chuckling softly, "Aw, it's cute. My point was, don't mention sex and my dad in the same sentence is all. It's just creepy."

"Don't mention my sis... anyone, and 'babe' or 'hot' in the same sentence, and you've got a deal." Dean laughed at himself.

Sam frowned as he glanced at Dean, "Not anyone?" he frowned and shook his head, "Nah, I can't make that deal with ya, sorry." He took the turn on the road, then continued, "Cause there's this one guy, he's totally hot and a babe. Just thinkin' about him makes me hard as hell half the time." Sam groaned deep in his throat as he looked over at Dean.

"Sam." The warning died in Dean's throat the instant he saw the look on Sam's face. Fuck. "You hard now, Sammy?" he whispered, already reaching for Sam's zipper. "Try to keep your mind on driving, but if we wreck it... I'll get you real wheels." A smug grin on his face, Dean managed to free Sam's cock and lowered his mouth over it, sucking him hard and pulling off. "This all for me?" Licking him from base to tip, he took Sam in his mouth again, his head bobbing up and down, his hand on Sam's tensed thigh muscles.

Sam smiled as he bit his lip, scooting down in the seat a little. "If I wreck it," Sam jerked slightly as Dean freed his hard cock, glancing down in time to see Dean take him into his mouth. "My - he," he nodded toward his dad's truck in front of them, "he'll cut my friggin head of," he told Dean between moans and gasps.

"Oh God yeah, Dean, only for you." Sam groaned softly, knuckles of the hand on the steering wheel turning white as his grip tightened. Sam's free hand went to Dean's hair, threading his fingers into the soft strands without pushing Dean down or forcing more, just holding, feeling. The tense muscles in Sam's thigh rippled and shifted as he moved his leg slightly, tried to adjust to help Dean get better access. As his eyes started to close, he forced them open, forced himself to focus on the road. "You're right," Sam agreed, swallowing, "We should have taken your car."

Oh, he was so gonna make Sam regret implying it would be better to wreck his car than the Impala. Dean pressed the flat of his tongue against Sam's shaft, dragging it up and down, using it to apply more pressure at just the right moments. Sam might not know it, but the way his heart was beating out of control was affecting Dean. They'd just had a bad ass fight, come out winning, and wasn't that type of thing supposed to end with a bang of a different kind? Redoubling his efforts, he sucked him just right, moving his head up and down, sheathing Sam's cock completely. By the time Sam was shoving his head down harder and faster, Dean's eyes had gone completely dark. Need slammed into him, just like that. "Sammy, vampire moment.. don't move."

Sam's breathing was heavier, lips parted as he tried to remember that the speed limit was not 20mph, nor was it 120mph. He glanced down at Dean groaning, his hips moving slightly, bucking up toward Dean as much as he could. A strained half laugh escaped him, "Vampire..." Sam looked back up at the road, his eyes having gone dark, "Dean..." he moaned his name, turned the wheel and the car went off the road, over a few bumps then stopped as Sam put it in park. "Backseat."

"Your dad?" Even as he asked, Dean was out the door and opening the back one.

Sam turned off the car, exiting it just after Dean, opening the back one almost in unison with Dean. Sam shook his head, took in a breath, "He's old, not stupid, he'll figure it out."

Dean untucked his shirt and started on his jeans, eyes locked with Sam's now equally dark cross the rooftop, needing him so fucking back. "Hurry," a low snarl broke out of him as he got inside

Sam tossed his shirt onto the back floorboard as he stood outside the car. "He might not like it," Sam grinned, "but he'll figure it out," he said, hands on the waistband of his jeans, pushing them down as he toed off his boots. Once his boots and jeans were off, Sam glanced over his shoulder as a car went by. He looked back at Dean with a smirk before diving into the backseat, clad in only his boxers.

"Get over here." Both legs on the back seat, Dean dragged Sam up over him, in an awkward straddle. "You need an even bigger car," he muttered, letting his hand rove down Sam's muscled back, to his ass, lifting his hips at the same time and closing his eyes at the jolt of heat that went through him. "Lift up..." when Sam did, Dean pulled his shorts down to mid thigh, and shoved his own jeans down. Now they were skin to skin. Gripping Sam's hips, he started to push and pull, lifting is head up just as Sam brought his mouth down over his.

Their bodies slid and rubbed together as deep groans filled the air around them. Harder, faster, tongues colliding, tangling, stroking each other. "That's it..." Dean's head banged against the door, and for his sake, he hoped he didn't dent it, because unless he kept Sam in a 'state of hard,' he was bound to notice and bitch about it. "Harder..."

Sam released his hold on the side of the backseat. One hand was tucked up under Dean's shoulder and he moved the other to match it. He started pushing and pulling opposite Dean's push/pull rhythm as his fingers gripped Dean's shoulders tightly, a groan sounding deep in his throat. Sam closed his eyes, licked his lips as he moved his hips, sliding, grinding against Dean, hard and fast. His breaths panted out, eyes opening to look down at Dean. Licking his lips he lowered his head, slanted his mouth to Dean's, kissing him hard, tongues tangling before Sam drew Dean's tongue into his mouth, sucking, stroking it, giving his tongue a mini-blowjob. Heat began to pool low in his belly.

Dean was grinding up against Sam like a madman, all other thoughts driven out of his mind, leaving room only for Sam's scent, his sounds, his feel... his taste. That was all Dean cared about as he brought them home, jerking up in sharp hard thrusts as he gave a strangled cry, his fingers digging into Sam so hard it was lucky his lover was vampire.

Sam gasped, his body tense as he moved against Dean hard, movements gone erratic. Sam grit his teeth, before his lips parted, "Dean!!!" he bucked against Dean, fingers digging into his shoulders as he came.

Breathing heavily, Sam slowly released his grip on Dean's shoulders, letting his legs straighten slowly, his feet hitting the door long before his long legs were fully extended. Looking back over his shoulder, he used his foot to kick the handle upward and pushed with his other foot, making the back door swing open.

Looking back at Dean with a smug smile, he slowly closed his eyes and laid his head down on Dean's shoulder as he scooted back slightly. "Before you ask, it was a pagan demi-god. Two of them, actually. I was in the backseat, tied up and had to make a break for it. After working at it, I figured out how to open the door with my feet," he muttered.

"Seriously? You're so gonna tell me more about it tonight." Tightening his hold, even though he knew they needed to leave, he looked down and kissed Sam again. "Alright Juliet, time to get going." Smacking Sam’s butt, he tried to keep a straight face. "And may I say thou bangeth real well."

Sam slowly raised his head and looked at Dean, fighting back the laugh that was about to bust out. Unable to hold back he laughed shaking his head, "Dude! Five years! It's been FIVE YEARS." he shook his head, slowly pulling away from Dean, only to pause, golden hazel gazing into green-gold, "By heaven, I love thee better than myself," he smirked then, "If you're gonna do it, do it right." he said, pulling to his feet outside the car door and tugging up his boxers.

Staring at him for a full moment, Dean got his clothes together, and scooted out the same side Sam had exited from. "How do I love thee, let me... aw, fuck it. I'm no good with that old shit. Here's what I'm good at." With that, he gripped Sam's shirt, dragged him up close, and kissed the living daylights out of him. The fact that he knew John Winchester had turned around and was headed back... that was just gravy.

The End

(We have an “insert scene,” some Craving music and art, and a poll regarding another Twilight/SPN cross over, below... so keep reading)


The following is a “missing scene” written for [Bad username: ”shazamy”] who wanted to see the first meeting between Sam/Dean and Bella/Edward. It would have taken place some time quite soon after the last chapter when Sam/Dean got fully together (Chapter 16).

School had been hard. No, Dean had been hard all day at school. Dammit, after what Sam whispered in his ear before heading off to first period, all Dean could think about was his idea. He’d tried ten ways from Sunday to get Sam to cut class and just get the hell to their room, get their clothes off and go at it. But no... Sam didn’t want too many absences in his record...what the hell?

After school, Dean had the car and ready and took off the instant Sam got inside. “That’s just wrong Sam, putting something in my mind like that,” he said, trying not to look at his mate, afraid he’d pull over and have his way right here in the middle of town.

Sam tried to hide the snicker that threatened to bubble out of him as he looked out his side window. "I don't know what you mean, Dean..." he turned his head and looked over at him, "Are you referring to my suggestion to sex it up in the bathtub?" he shrugged, "It's just a variation on the shower thing. Of course, being totally submerged in the warm water and bubbles.. skin slip-sliding together.. that might be a little different." The corners of his mouth quirked up into a teasing grin, golden hazel eyes darkening slightly as he spoke.

Dean groaned. "Fuck Sam..." Slamming his foot down on the pedal as he felt his eyes go dark, he practically flew through the streets at four times the speed limit, even entering the lane meant for oncoming traffic. His whitened knuckles stood out on the steering wheel as brought the car to a screeching halt in front of his house and threw the door open. "Come on Sam, upstairs." Sensing thoughts from the house, he frowned, "no stopping to chat, either."

Sam chuckled as he pulled from the car, heading toward the house. "Think we should grab some pie on our way up? You could clean it off me with your tongue before we get in the tub," he smirked, scurrying toward the door before Dean could grab him.

"Oh I hate you," Dean groaned. "Straight up, Sam... window," he shouted, frustrated when Sam ignored him and headed in the front door. Dammit. Sometimes it would make a nice change if Sam listened to him.

Edward gracefully walked from the living room couch to the door, opening it just as Sam reached for the handle. Bella was at his side, but hiding slightly behind him. Smirking slightly, he put his hand out. "I thought we'd better catch you at the door before you head for the bath. I'm Edward. Welcome to the family. And this is Bella," he gave her a loving smile.

Sam's laughter died on his tongue, though his smile remained as he looked at the vampire before him. He took Edward's hand, shaking it as he glanced from him to the girl nearly hiding behind him. "So, you're Bella and Edward, I've heard a lot about you." Sam looked over at Dean as he stepped up beside him. "What is it with your family? Is it a prerequisite for a Cullen that they have to be hot?" Sam asked him, quirking a brow and flashing a teasing smile.

Dean's eyes flashed. "Ed, Bel..."

"Dean, he's just kidding. Well, not really, he does think all of us are hot but right now he's only interested in ..." He raised a hand up, as if trying to defend himself from Sam's thoughts.

"What's he thinking?" Dean asked, excitement in his tone.

Sam's eyes widened slightly before narrowing at Edward, "Are you reading... get out of my head, dude! I feel violated!"

Bella chuckled softly behind Edward, bringing Sam's attention to her. "Read her head, not mine!" Sam looked at Dean, "Tell him!"

Dean shook his head. "Bad request. She wants to know what you're thinking, Sam, and what has Edward all uptight."

"I'm not uptight." Taking Bella's hand, Edward started walking her to the living room, muttering. "I thought Dean had a one track mind... looks like his mate does too."

"Yeah, Dean does have a one track mind," Dean echoed his agreement, pulling Sam up against him and giving him a hard kiss. "Told ya window would have been better." Wishing his brother had better timing, he put his hand behind Sam's back and walked him to the living room.

"You don't look much like us... other than the hot factor," Edward added the jibe, barely glancing at Dean. Unfortunately, they both knew he was trying to tease his brother.

"If we had gone through the window, we couldn't get the pie and...." Sam's attention went to Edward, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth, "So, you think I'm hot too, huh?" He teased, glancing at Dean and lacing his fingers with him, "Better watch this one, he's a flirt."

Edward started to smile but then lost it as he stared at Sam. "No... that's not why my hair's like this." There was a glint in his eyes.

Dean started to laugh, and saw Bella's confusion. "Sam was wondering if you'd messed Edward's hair up in the middle of a passionate... ow!" He glared at Edward who'd hit him in the arm, then looked back at Bella. Her usual pale features were taking on a pink tinge. Then he glanced back to Sam. Reading him second-hand, through Edward, was the next best thing to reading him directly.

Sam shrugged, "Well, I only asked because Dean makes a mess out of my hair, so..." he grinned, "I dunno how many times I had to ask Alice to get the tangles out for me."

Bella smirked as she looked over at Edward, biting her lip shyly for just a moment before blurting out, "So, it sounds to me like you need to hurry up and change me. Stop making me wait." she glanced at Sam, "Maybe afterwards we can have a contest to see who's hair gets the most messed?" her face turned an even deeper shade of red as she spoke.

Edward tensed and looked real uncomfortable as he exchanged looks with Dean.

I think we'd better keep Bella and Sam apart... I have a feeling that united they'll make our lives too exciting... dangerous. Dean mentally told Edward, knowing his brother's issues with making her into a vampire as well as all of their fears of losing control when trying to turn someone. He didn't know whether, knowing all the risks, he would ever have tried to turn Sam by choice. The fact that Sam had been dying, that he'd had no choice and no time to think about the pros and cons had made the decision easier.

Edward gave a a nod and was about to say something when his brother's next thoughts had him struggling for words.

She's imagining messing up your hair and dude, I so don't need to imagine you naked like that.

Sam looked between Dean and Edward, quirking a brow. Looking back at Bella he huffed, "I hate it when Dean does this. Isn't it annoying? Does Edward do this to you too? Damn mind-reading vampire's anyway..." he glared between the two, "How would you two like it if Bella and I did something you two couldn't do?" he paused, thought about it a minute, "Like eat!" he grinned wide, "Hey Bella, wanna play my favorite game? Make the vampire taste nasty ass food."

"Ugh... why does it always come down to food with you? What self respecting vampire... excuse me... Hempire***... eats all the damn time and tries to force it on others?" He shot a look toward Edward. "Does she make you try stuff?"

Sam snickered, "Oh you like when I make you try things." he gave Dean a meaningful look as he thought about the 'stuff' they had been planning on trying before they had been interrupted. Images flashing in his mind of a soapy wet naked Dean with him in the bathtub, as they sloshed water over the side during their 'trying stuff'.

Bella was chuckling softly, shaking her head. "No, I've never forced Edward to try anything... maybe I should though..."

The combination of Sam's sexual thoughts and Bella's soft comment about forcing him to try stuff had Edward shooting up off the sofa, eyes darkening. "Dean, keep your hempire under control... dammit. And what the hell is a hempire? Oh that... whatever."

Dean grinned at his very own human/demon/vampire. "You're torturing him with your thoughts, he's seeing Bella in the tub--"

"Dean!" Putting his hand out, Edward called Bella. "We need to go for a drive... let them work their lust... heat off."

Alice stepped inside the room. "Oh, that never happens. One of them starts all over again." Skipping over to Bella, she gave her a hug.

Sam grinned at Edward, "Webcams, my friend. I highly recommend webcams," he told him with a nod, glancing toward Alice as she walked in. "We're not that bad..." He turned to Dean, "Are we?" Before Dean answered, he was tugging on Dean’s hand and moving them toward the stairs. "I want to make you try things." He waggled his eyebrows.

"Catch you guys later," was Dean's immediate response to the others as he let Sam drag him up the stairs, thoughts of water and Sam filling his head and making it hard for him to think of anything else.

Reading Alice's thoughts of just how bad his brother and Sam were, Edward knew the drive had been a good idea. He brought Bella's jacket to her, and saw the look in her eyes. Maybe this trip to Forks had not been such a good idea. She was going to bring up getting vamped again. He knew it. Feared it.

Bella took her jacket, her eyes never leaving Edward’s face. Her jaw was set in a stubborn line, rivaling even Sam’s stubborn expressions. She was going to talk Edward into turning her. She'd appeal to him, make him see things her way... and if all else failed, there was always talking about trying new things...

The end

***The word “hempire” was coined by [Bad username: ”ticklemepanic”] in a comment. We loved it so much we decided to use it ::grins::

(If you would like to find out about our next projects, including another twilight cross-over, take our poll, or see lots of lovely artwork created for this fic, go to my lj entry and scroll to after the story.

This has been a lot of fun to write and your comments were much appreciated.


The End

You have reached the end of "Craving". This story is complete.

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