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Harris and the Blood Stone

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Summary: Xander dived of the platform to close Glory's Portal. He wakes up in a hospital in a new world in a younger body.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredBurningLightFR1532,85014917,8944 Jan 098 Feb 09No

Interlude 1 - Testing the memory

Disclaimer in first chapter

A/N sorry for the delay I can’t promise regular updates but I will try my best. Looking for a job takes so much time :’(


Wizard – a magical user with a magical core that has an affinity to wands. Can only use one theoretical basis for magic

Mage – a magical user without an affinity to wands but can use various types of magic.

Wiccan - a magical user without an affinity to wands but can use various types of magic but has a greater affinity to earth magic and/or invoking gods/demons for power.

Ministry of Magic decree 1466 – 31
Only Mages/Wiccan/other equivalent born to wizarding family may be taught magic at a ministry approved school. All other non wizard magic users are to be classed as muggles by the department of magic education.

Ministry of Magic decree (U 1466 – 31) 1502 –73
Mage/Wiccan adopted into a wizarding family on or after 1st September 1491 will be given the same education rights as their counterparts born into those families if they are able to pass an entrance test set by an impartial official of the ministry.


There was a wizard coming to test him today, in five minutes. A Professor Dumbledore from Hogwarts. Uncle Alastor held him in high regard as did grandmother. Grandfather though had other opinions.

Both grandfather and his “apprentice” had been pushing him to the limits of his knowledge. Why Uncle Alastor still called him self an apprentice was beyond him. He was the best Auror in the whole ministry. Grandfather had not been an active Auror for over a decade.

They both said fire magic was good. It was impressive and showy. He could get three apple size fire balls going now. And his ability to see and manipulate wards and magical fields was beyond the ability of most wizards.

What else dark creatures and demons was a specialty of his all those hours in the school library and the Magic Box was useful there. Mum had drummed potions knowledge into his head. She would not have her boy embarrassing her in front of that git Snape when it came to potions. Some inter house rivalry from her own days at Hogwarts.

Uncle Alastor had once taken Xander into Knockturn Alley to a specialist book shop for mages, it wasn’t like there was a shop for mages on Diagon Alley. He let Xander chose the book. In the end it was a toss up between two awesome books.

Alchemy - The Transmutation Wards and Circles, translated by Nicolas Flamel from the original Rasayana texts with footnotes by Winry Elric. This was the oldest and most developed of the mage art of alchemy. Transmutation circles that old goat Alucard had those on his gloves. Tegs said they were part of his seal

Principia Alchemia, by Isaac Newton the mage, astronomer, natural philosopher and alchemist. This was the basis of the European standard method of alchemy.

The fact that while Xander was in the book shop for an hour choosing the right book from himself while uncle Alastor was “inspecting” the Rouge Lux hotel. The one with the veela and succubi outside in the skimpy… well dental floss. In the end uncle Alastor got both books. They had an understanding that he gets to go the book shop whenever uncle Alastor wishes to do a “spot inspection” on the hotel, uncle Alastor gets him any legal non dark book that he wants.

-No focus on the test it is in two minutes if the examiner is on time- He berated himself. It was odd most of the time he thought like a kid but every so often the older mature Xander was there. His mind was usually thinking at the age his body was at.

In the old days Alchemy was what mages used to call transfigurations, potions and arithmancy combined but the last two had been separated into their own disciplines over the millennia. Having never studied transfigurations he wasn’t sure if there was any difference between what wizards called transfigurations and what mages called alchemy. Probably two different names for the same thing or with minor differences.

And he was here and the wizard looked ancient. And he was doing what Alucard had done in the beginning. He was trying Legilimency. Well Tegs had taught him how to counter that. Occlumency enhanced with Sineya. Time to get this dope out of his mind…

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Harris and the Blood Stone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 09.

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