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Harris and the Blood Stone

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Summary: Xander dived of the platform to close Glory's Portal. He wakes up in a hospital in a new world in a younger body.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredBurningLightFR1532,85014917,8954 Jan 098 Feb 09No

Chapter One - Into the breach

The charecters and settings are not my own.

The portal was expanding beneath them, Xander looked at Dawn and spoke to her.

”Dawn you know I love you, I need you to be strong for the others, they need some one to keep them grounded. The monks took Buffy to make you but you are not just from her you are also from me. I can close this portal but only if I am inside it.”

Dawn kept saying “you can’t” “no” and similar things.

“Dawn! I can close this portal. Did you think Willow was the only one to learn magic? I want you to live and tell them I chose to fight, and now I chose to die. I was not called or chosen, I chose. And I chose for the people I love to live. Hey thats a lot of choice said there huh? Dawn smile for me. Tell them I love them all, and remember it is up to you to protect them now even if they don't want it.”

With that spoken Xander turned and dived into the portal. It closed teaming no trace of him.


St. Mungo's Lobby

The witch at the reception desk was enjoying a quiet night reading the latest Skeeter interview in Witch Weekly. To her shock there was a green flash and a boy no older than six was on the ground. He was bleeding and had several broken bones. All staff at St Mungo's have at least basic healing knowledge so she was able to start saving the boys life as she called for the duty healer. It was the first time she had to ever help a patient.


3 weeks later.

Xander started to wake up. He knew he was in a hospital again they all smell the same.
When he opened his eyes he was startled to say the least. There was an oddly dressed hot lady sleeping in a chair for starters, then there were moving paintings on the wall, that music was horrible even for a hospital and those pictures were moving and looking at him and talking to him.

"Oh your awake lad"

"Um yes where am I?"

"Your at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries lad. Yank are you? No wonder we haven't been able to find your family. How do you feel?"

"Uh fine."

Suddenly the receptionist woke up, she had taken a special interest in the child she saved even staying in the room when not on duty.

"Your awake! Oh merlin they said you might never wake up!"

After many tests and a few phone calls Xander learned it was no longer 2001 and there was already an Alexander Harris in Sunnydale also six years old (something he kept to him self)

Everyone was surprised when he told them he was a muggle but he could do magic, oh and the hot receptionist was going to adopt him as he told them he had no family. He was going to be Alexander Rayne. He later found out about his new Uncle Ethan, the black sheep of the family, currently on the run for unpaid debts to the goblins.
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