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The Remembrance

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Summary: She can't remember, she should be able to remember. Why could she not? A sob caught in her throat. Response to Amers Twilight in a New Light Challenge.

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25

A/N: Enjoy!

Growling and snarling filled Lynn’s ears, as she stood, shocked for a moment. When movement returned to her limbs, she whipped her head around to look and see who was holding her back. She was shocked to see Emmett, snarling at Spike. She looked to her right to see Jasper holding a struggling Rose. Spike’s eye’s were wide, and Lynn looked around to see that her whole family was here, everyone but Edward. She gripped Emmett’s forearms, and pushed off from him. She was stronger thanks to being a new born, and possible from mimicking his strength.

“Stop! Stop all of you,” Lynn yelled.

Immediately the snarling and growling stopped. She sighed, and leaned back on Emmett’s chest, looking at Spike. “This is Spike, I’m not really sure why he’s here, but he his. And he’s a vampire,” Lynn said softly, knowing that the family could hear her.

Spike seemed to think this was a good time to speak up, “Yah, the Slayer and I, we go way back. Dated once, long time ago.”

Emmett growled, and Rose looked upset.

“We did not! I hardly even knew you until we ganged up on Angel, that one time. Come to think of it, weren’t we Enemies, Spike?” Lynn asked the last part with a tad of irony in her voice.

“Aww, slayer you wound me,” He said gripping his chest. “And does your boy toy,” he pointed at Emmett, “Know that you’re kissing Blondie behind his back?”

Spike seemed to rethink saying this, as soon as he did. Lynn watched at Spike looked at Emmett with wide eyes. Yes it might not have been the best idea to tell the very large man that he girlfriend was cheating. Lynn smiled slightly, listening to Spike’s thoughts. He had a funny mind, one that didn’t seem like most other’s.

He seemed surprised when Emmett just let out a booming laugh. “I like this guy, he’s funny.”

Lynn turned around to look at Emmett incredulously.

Spike seemed to take this the wrong way, and started to talk again. “No man, she really is, saw it with my own eyes. They were snogging right in front of me.”

Rosalie huffed, and looked slightly irritated.

“Spike just drop it, it’s complicated.”

Spike looked from Lynn, to Emmett, to Rosalie, and seemed to be figuring it out in his head. Lynn knew that he was not far away from the truth, so she decided to side track him as much as she could.

“Spike killed Victoria,” Lynn blurted.

Oh boy, it was going to be a long day.

The next month passed quickly, Esme and Carlisle didn’t stay on the island for too long, because Carlisle had gotten a job at a hospital. So it was just Lynn, Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice, and now Spike at home. Emmett and Spike and become best buds, as Lynn liked to say. And he had taken to eating animals quite nicely. The family readily accepted him, which Lynn could not decide whether it was good or bad. The family was beginning the grow quite large.

Lynn pined for her whole family to be back to the way it was before anything had happened with Bella. Jasper could sense this, and tried to hide away in his room again, but Lynn would have none of that, and just pulled him back out again.

Spike and Wren did not get along, mainly because Spike had tried to eat him. Lynn had had to save the giant cat from Spikes clutches, and now he would always pretend to try and eat the big cat, and Wren did not like that.

Lynn had not spent a lot of time with Spike, but she had picked up his talent, projecting thoughts. Lynn was very happy that she had controlled her ability to mimic Spike. She had not taken his ability until she had forced herself to mimic him, so perhaps she was getting the hang of her gift. She had her main mimicked gifts under control.

Rosalie looked up to see Lynn, staring off into space. She seemed to be a million miles off. She gently wrapped her arms around the shorter vampire, and pulled her closer. This pulled Lynn out of her thoughts, and made her looked up at Rosalie, startled.

What? Lynn asked. Rosalie knew that the voice was inside of her head, because Lynn’s lips did not move. She found that it was very convenient to have a conversation like this with Lynn, because no one else in the family could hear them.

Edward had still not come home.

I was just thinking. What car should I buy? Rose asked.

“What are your options?” Lynn asked out loud.

“I-” Rose started, but the door slammed open, and Emmett lumbered into the room. He jumped on the bed, causing Lynn and Rose to bounce up and down a few times.

“Who wants to go play a game of baseball?” Emmett boomed, bouncing lightly up and down on the bed. This was already the second bed, because Emmett had broken the first one.

It won’t be the same with out the family. Lynn said in Emmett and Rose’s heads.

“There’s a surprise for you outside,” Emmett said, giving her a sly smile. Lynn jumped off the bed and ran to the window, she push the wall to floor window open and jumped to the ground. She landed in a crouch, and looked up to see Esme and Carlisle standing in front of her. Squealing, much like Alice, Lynn ran and grabbed on to both Esme and Carlisle, holding them tightly.

“We decided to take some time off, and come see the family,” Carlisle said.

Lynn just beamed, as the family talked around her. Suddenly Emmett and Jasper each grabbed one of her arms, she looked up, and saw Bella and Edward walking slowly down the beach. Lynn stopped breathing, she held the breath that was in her throat and held it. It felt strange, like when she was little and would go swimming, but had to take air. There was no need for air this time, there was no burning that told her that her body needed air, no she just needed to stand still, to not move.

“Take a breath,” Carlisle’s voice broke through to her. She looked up and into his golden eyes.

I don’t want to hurt her; I can’t hurt her, no, no, I won’t. Lynn babbled, throwing her thoughts at Carlisle, who in turned looked straight at her.

You will not hurt her, darling.

Lynn was not so sure, the faces around her looked tense, and she could feel the conflicting emotions from the people around her. She always turned off her ability to read thoughts, it muddled her own mind, and she didn’t like it.

Carlisle nodded his head slowly, and Jasper sent her calming wave after wave, and though she knew that it was not her own calm, it made her feel better.

Lynn slowly let out the air that was in her lungs, and felt and saw everyone around her tense. She slowly sucked in a great gulp off air. When she only smelled Bella’s strawberry scent, and felt no burning in the back of her throat, she sagged back against Emmett and sighed.

“Thank God,” she murmured.

Emmett’s laughed boomed around her, and raddled her rib cage. He wrapped his arms around her, and spun her around and around. The whole family seemed more light hearted, and Edward was no longer standing like he had a stick up his ass. Which was good.

“Now can we go play some ball?” Emmett whined.

“Yah, let’s go,” Lynn said, laughing at Emmett’s little pout.

The whole family turned sharply to Bella when she suddenly let out a gasp of air. Bella was pointing a shaking finger at something behind Lynn, the whole family turned in unison to see Spike and more specifically Wren standing there.

Lynn smiled at him, and held out a hand. Spike of course thought he would be funny and grabbed the extended hand, gripping it tightly.

“Don’t mind if I do, luv,” Spike simpered.

Emmett growled playfully and pulled Lynn back toward him. He snaked an arm around her, and with the other arm her grabbed a hold of Rosalie and pulled her closer. Spike held up his hands, and grinned at Lynn as Wren traps up to stand next to Lynn, growling softly at Spike.

Lynn bent down and stroked Wren’s soft fur.

“It’s okay, Bella, he doesn’t bite, I promise.” Lynn said.

Bella started to step forward, but Edward pulled her back. He was eyeing the large black cat, and Lynn with a cynical eye.

Lynn rolled her eyes, and motioned Bella forward. Edward did not look to happy about it, but he simply followed in her shadow as she walked toward Lynn.

“Can I give you a hug,” Bella asked quietly.

Lynn took a deep breath in and nodded her head. Bella beamed and pulled Lynn into a tight hug. “I missed you,” she whispered.

I missed you too. Lynn whispered into Bella’s mind. This is Wren, I saved him. Bella smiled and stooped to pet the large cat. Wren simply sniffed and Bella, and deciding that she was okay, he plunked down on the ground and enjoyed her . She Ministrations laughed softly as she petted the cat, and Edward seemed to relax behind her.

Lynn looked around at her family, who for once was all together, and wondered where the future would take them all. She knew that Edward and Bella where going to go back to Forks. She knew that Carlisle and Esme, where headed to where ever it was Carlisle was working next. She also knew that she was going to be going back to Sunnydale to say goodbye properly. Spike would no doubt be following her. He was like a little puppy. He had promised not to eat any humans, and in return Lynn had promised to keep him around.

She smiled when Alice hit the ball with all her might, and a second later Emmett flew into the base, spraying her with dirt and sand. She smiled as she watched Bella smile, and as Rose smiled at Lynn from across the field.

She wanted nothing more than to keep the family together, but it did not seem as if that was in their future, at least not for a while.

She hoped that they would be together sooner than later.

The one thing she did now for sure, was that she was happy, so, so happy. She would love this family, even Spike, until she died. Which could potentially be a long time.

All in all everything was pretty good.

A/N: And that’s the end. I’m going to post some of my little side story stuff that did not appear in the story. Things like Lynn interacting with some of the characters that you didn’t see her with much. If you have an requesting I will be more than welcome to try and write those for you. Peace, and have a great summer. I know so many of you are going to be mad at me for leaving it like this, but that’s just the way it has to be.

I have started a sequel, but don’t know if I’m going to continue with it.

Thanks to everyone who has read it, and reviewed it! I do expect to get some upset reviews, but I can’t help it.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Remembrance". This story is complete.

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