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The Remembrance

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Summary: She can't remember, she should be able to remember. Why could she not? A sob caught in her throat. Response to Amers Twilight in a New Light Challenge.

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Chapter 1

The Remembrance

Disclaimer: Joss owns all things Buffy, and the good Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight. And Amers owns the idea for this story.

A/N: this will not be a Edward/Buffy fic, so sorry if you wanted it to be. And yah if you didn’t. If you have any ideas on who will end up with Buffy let me know. Also she will not be known as Buffy in most of this story. Do to the fact that she does have Amnesia.

Set during the summer that Buffy ran away but it's up to the writer if she decides to go home again or not. Somehow Buffy ends up in a coma under Carlisle's care. There is no one for them to call so she stays a Jane Doe until she wakes up not remembering how she ended up in such bad shape (how extensive the amnesia is is the writer's prerogative). Carlisle knows there is something odd about her and she ends up figuring out what he is fairly quickly.

Knowing that she is 'special' and tormented, he takes her under his care and she ends up 'fostering' with his family. Then when Laurent & co. crash the baseball game, she remembers that it was them who tried to kill her.

Play out the rest of the scenario to your satisfaction.

The Remembrance

“Alice, please,” Edward growled out, “I’m trying to read.”

Alice looked up from her paper, smiling apologetically.

“Just go call him and tell him already,” Edward sighed.

Alice scrunched up her pixy features for a moment, then grinned and bounced up to exit the room. Presumably to go call Carlisle.

Jasper stood, from his spot on the couch, and gave Edward an apologetic look. He just smiled back, and looked back down at his book. Alice had been bouncing off the wall lately. She had made Edward promise not to tell any of the family about the visions she had been having lately.

They all seemed to be showing the same thing, a human would be coming to live with them. Good Lord, he just hoped that they would all be able to handle their thirst around the human. He was worried about this, but even he knew better then to bet against Alice, if she saw this happening, then it most likely would.

Carlisle looked back down at the girl lying in the bed, there was something about her. Something so strong, even though she looked so broken, so small looking nestled in the white bed. The bright lights making her tan skin look pale. Her blonde hair looked dull under the harsh light, and she looked so helpless. But still there was that power about her.

He looked back up at the clock, only a few more minutes. Carlisle had been surprised and very happy when his daughter had called him, saying that the Jane Doe would wake up in approximately ten minutes.

The girl had been in a coma for the last eight days, and he knew that every day that past was another day that the chance of her waking lessened.

No one knew what had happened to her. One of the boys in La Push had found her and brought her in to the hospital. No one knew who she was, where she was from, or had even seen her before. So she had been labeled a Jane Doe. She had come in with three breaks in her left leg, a few broken ribs and a large, deep cut in her head.

The strange thing? They had all healed. He had played it off to the other doctors, saying that there must have been something wrong with the x-ray. But he knew the truth; she had healed in a matter of days from things that should have taken, months to heal.

Carlisle looked down at the girl just as she eyes blinked open. Good.

The first thing that made its way into her head was, ‘oh, my head hurts’. She blinked her eyes open, and looked around. The room was white, so white she had to blink her eyes a few times before her eyes adjusted. The lights were bright and hurt her eyes, and the bed she was in was not as comfy as she would have liked. The blanket felt light, and scratchy on her legs. Where was she?

Then she heard the machines. Looking around she saw everything around her and knew instantly where she was. An irrational fear began to spread through her at that moment. She couldn’t remember why she was scared; all she knew was that she had to get out of here. It was not safe.

She sat up quickly, only to wish that she hadn’t. Sweet Jesus, what had she done to her head?

“Easy,” a voice from her right caught her attention.

She looked up into an incredibly beautiful face. Who was he? She just looked up at him stupidly and blinked.

“I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen,” the man told her. “Would you mind looking at my finger for a moment?” he asked, shinning a light in her eyes.

She sat in shock for a moment as the Doctor checked all of her vitals.

“Do you know the date?”

She squinted her eyes, trying to remember. What was the date, it was June wasn’t it?

“It’s-” she broke off, her voice was dry. She smiled at the Doctor as he handed her a glass of water. She gulped down the water, and sighed. It felt cold and wet, nice.

“It’s June, isn’t it?” She asked.

“It was,” Carlisle started slowly, “You’ve been in a coma for a few days.”

She just blinked up at him. “Oh,”

Yes how intelligent. She rolled her eyes. Carlisle just smiled kindly down at her, and then explained her condition. So a coma for eight days, something inside of her told her she had had worse before.

“Can you tell me your name?” Carlisle asked. He was checking her reflexes.

She just blinked down at him. Her name? She should know that, she did know that. So what was it? She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, what was her name?

“I- I don’t know,” she whispered.

“You don’t remember?” Carlisle asked, standing up slowly and looking at her. “Do you remember what happened to put you in the hospital?”

She looked down at her hands, and once again squinted her eyes. She tried to think back, but all she could see was a big dark black spot. She didn’t know, she didn’t know. A sob caught in her throat, she couldn’t remember. Nothing. It was all blank. Her breaths came in little gasping pants. She didn’t know, she didn’t know, she didn’t know.

She could feel cold hands on her face, a beautiful voice trying to calm her down. She didn’t want it. She didn’t need help. She was fine.

She threw her arms out, and collided with rock, no not rock, hard skin. Too hard. She looked up at the beautiful gold eyes before her, and something clicked inside her mind. Danger.

She scuttled her way to the wall, ripping out her IV in the process. Ignoring the small shooting of pain she put her back to the wall.

“You-you, I- you’re evil?” it didn’t come out at a statement, her voice shook. It was a question, she felt small. Even as a small voice in the back of her head told her that she could take care of it. She was strong.

“No, my dear, I am here to help you. In fact, if you can not remember anything of yourself then I think it would be best if you stayed with my family and I until you do remember,” Carlisle told her.

He said it in a calming voice, holding his palms up in the universal sigh of ‘hey I mean you no harm’. But still something told her that it was a bad idea to trust him.

Danger, there’s danger. He’ll turn on you. Danger

A little voice in her head chanted over and over.

She looked up at him, he look harmless enough, but still. She bit her lip contemplating.

Carlisle looked over at the blonde girl in the car seat next to him. She was strong, not just physically strong, but she was mentally strong as well. She will was strong, her survival instinct was strong. It had taken him four hours to get her to agree to come home with him. Then it had taken another hour of running test to make sure she was fine to leave.

It had taken him, three nurses, and a doctor to get her to understand that he meant her no harm that he only wanted what was best for her.

Not to mention that he had had to tell her what he was. She had known, had uttered the word over and over for almost fifteen minutes. Vampire, vampire, bad bad, vampire. He had made her understand, that they were good. She didn’t seem scared of him anymore and for that he was thankful.

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