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Could Have Been

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Summary: What happens when you wait to late to reveal your love W/Aragorn Quickie challenge - Epilogue added

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Could Have Been Epilogue

Could Have Been Epilogue

By Clara Lou

Disclamier - Neither Buffy or Lotr belong to me. They belong to Josh Whedon and whoever owns LOTR.

Authors Notes - After everyone saying this was so sad and me muse rebelling at spliting Aragorn and Willow up I decided to write this epilogue so there was a happy ending.

Enjoy :)


Three long months had passed since Willow had returned home and everyone despaired of his or her King. Aragorn had ceased to exist from that day on; he walked, talked and ate as normal but his heart was not in it.

The only reason he went on was for his people, he had promised that he would rebuild the country of Gondor and he held himself to it. Working alongside his own men he worked from morn till night, collapsing into bed where his sleep was plagued with dreams of her.

The next morning he walked through the forest, Gandalf and Legolas had insisted that he not worked today; they were worried about him he knew. Legolas had delayed his travelling to be with his people, he wished he could put their minds at rest but he could not.

He sat down in the clearing where it had happened, many nights he had come here, wondering why he had not told her sooner. He shook his head what ifs would not help him here. Standing up he took one look at the clearing before turning around.

Just before he met the tree line he felt the wind suddenly whip up. Pulling his cloak around him tighter he looked about, he frowned as he watched the leaves gather in the middle of the clearing. Gathering in the wind they grew higher and higher as they swirled about forming a whirlpool in the middle of the clearing.

Stepping back slightly he wondered who was causing this, and then just as suddenly as it started the wind died down and the leaves scattered to show a figure in the middle.

A female figure that was running towards him, taking a step forward he pushed down the swelling in his heart. It couldn’t be her, why would she come back.

Before he could finish pondering that thought his arms were full of a red head. He pulled back slightly and stared at her, not sure if he was hallucinating.

“Willow?” he asked hopefully, not daring to believe that it was she.

She smiled at him and leant up to kiss him passionately. Aragorn wrapped his arms around her not caring if she was a hallucination of his mind. He moulded her body to his and for that one moment everything was perfect in his life.

She slowly pulled back and smiled at him “It’s me.” She told him quietly.

Swiftly a smile on intense joy came across his face, lifting her too him he swung her around in a circle. Willow shrieked as he spun her about. He stopped and hugged her to him.

“I can’t believe you back. I thought I had lost you.” He told her as he ran his hand down her face gently

“You never lost me, I love you. It just took a while for me to come back to you.” She told him softly before he took her lips in a tender kiss.

Aragorn rejoiced he finally had his queen.

The End

You have reached the end of "Could Have Been". This story is complete.

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