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For A Moment

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Summary: Wesley has a girlfriend... but for how long?

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Highlander > Wesley-CenteredLucindaFR151651031,59410 Sep 0310 Sep 03Yes
author: Lucinda
nothing worse than the series.
main character: Wesley
pairing: Wesley/Amanda
disclaimer: Angel and Wesley belong to Joss Whedon and everyone else with a chip of Angel the Series. Amanda belongs to the folks who created and produced Highlander the series (more people who aren't me.)
distribution: Cat, Twisting, Paula, anyone else ask.
response to the TNL scenario 64) Give Wesley a woman. With his crush on Fred, and his destructive relationship with Lilah, the poor man's been alone too long. Any pairing is possible...
sidenote: follows Slight Miscalculation/Apology Overdue, but it isn't necessary to have read those.

Wesley sighed, closing his eyes as he thought about her. The lovely Amanda. He'd met her perhaps a month ago, after... well, he wasn't quite certain of the details, but she'd been in Angel's office. Apparently, they'd met previously, and lost touch somehow - he didn't know the details and had the oddest feeling that she didn't intend to share them. But somehow, he'd managed to ask her if she'd like dinner, or coffee, or a movie, or something. It had been one of his more awkward moments. For what had felt incredibly long, he'd half hoped the floor would open up and swallow him as she just looked at him, her eyes wide and shocked.

That was before those lush rose tinted lips had curved into a smile and she'd reached out, one hand touching the sleeve of his jacket as she'd murmured. "That might be very nice indeed."

They'd had coffee a few days later. Then, he'd managed to convince her to go with him to a museum exhibit. Dinner at an Italian restaurant. Plays and musicals at theaters, giving her an excuse to dress up, something that Amanda, like many women, loved. She looked wonderful in formal wear, and didn't seem the slightest bit awkward in long flowing gowns, or in shimmering tight silk, although he'd barely been able to keep his thoughts in any sort of order the night that she'd worn that particular garment.

Of course, when she'd invited him up to her apartment afterwards, she hadn't been intending to pick his brain. Her intentions... well, things had been much less cerebral. Very physical, very passionate... As it turned out, Amanda had rather liked a few of the thoughts that little silk number had inspired in him.

She was elegant, charming, mysterious, seductive... everything that made women into enigmas to men. He didn't know much of her past, and she didn't seem inclined to share any of it with him.

But the present... that was something that she would share with him. Intensely, passionately. He had been mildly surprised to discover that Amanda enjoyed a lot of rather athletic activities, like surfing, rappelling, hiking... They spent a lot of time together.

Wesley just couldn't shake the feeling that it wouldn't last. That this wasn't going to be the start of a new future, a relationship to last for years as they both grew old together. Sometimes, he almost felt like he was a diversion for her, a distraction from things that she'd rather forget about. As if it was only a matter of time before she would be gone, vanished like a dream or a wisp of smoke.

He tried not to dwell on those feelings. Tried to convince himself that it was nothing more than paranoia, nothing more than lingering traces from the past disasters of his dating life. He tried to convince himself that things with Amanda would be different. Some days it almost worked.

But he could only sigh, and keep up with the only plan for the future that he figured could possibly survive Amanda. Enjoy every moment that she shared with him, remember everything so that years later - assuming he wasn't killed, he could look back at this time and smile. After all, he'd only have her for a moment anyhow. Best get the most joy and pleasure that he could...

end For a Moment.

The End

You have reached the end of "For A Moment". This story is complete.

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