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And you shall find Faith

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Summary: Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Sex, demons and mayhem ensues.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)ebonypsycheFR151843128785 Jan 095 Jan 09Yes
Disclaimer: One day I will own them all *cackles * But today is not that day. Joss and Eric have that pleasure.

Dean meets her in a bar of course. Girl like that, he would question his beliefs if he met her anywhere else.

Her name is Faith (only the look in her eye keeps him from stating the obvious innuendo when he finds out) and she's a dancer. Or so she says.

The fight that breaks out right after, with things that can't be human and the all too easy way she handles them, makes Dean questions that. Just a bit.

Slayer, she breathes against his scars. Like it's some free pass to get him so twisted inside out with just her lips and hands.

Though the fact that she has him strung out in a time that would make Sammy embarrassed kinda does.

It's not like he can't hold his own though. He gets her somewhere between impatient and desperate and keeps her there until he’s good and ready. Faith comes like she fights; hard and sure, never losing focus even as she loses control. Dean discovers that he loves that in a woman.

“So” Faith says casually as she reaches for a cigarette in her jeans. “What's the weirdest thing you've ever hunted?”

And just like that he finds himself wanting this girl to stick around.

The first time Faith leaves, it's a mission for this council that she's attached to.

The second is because this guy name Angel calls her up for a favor (he says apocalypse but with a name like Angel, Dean thinks that the guy may have a thing for the dramatics).

The third is because they meet Buffy.

That one confuses him a bit. Faith said that she needed to blow off some steam and didn't show up again until their next hunt, far away from Cleveland. He sees the looks Sam gives him as he tries not to care about the fact that Faith can just take off like that, not even looking back to see the damage she might have done, but to be fair, Sam has been giving him those looks ever since the brunette introduced herself (and by “introduced”, Dean means Faith walking up to Sam and saying “Hey Sammy. I call shotgun.”).

Faith is off when she gets back and it's the first time Dean gets how little he knows about her. When Bobby's background check had turned up nothing, Faith had shrugged it off. “They gotta keep a slayer under their thumb some how.” Dean had thought that it meant that they don't get caught or held for the little things because of what a slayer does.

Now he thinks it means a hell of a lot more.

Faith is brutal with the man that kills Sam. She leaves him in every state but dead and when Dean grills (screams, rants, and raves) her about it, Faith gives him some bullshit line about needing him alive for the endgame. And it's bullshit; the look in her eyes and the tears she's trying to hide settles that for him. But he doesn't have time for it. He doesn't have time for this. He has to do something.

He has to save Sammy.

“I just want to thank you for that thoughtful gesture Dean,” Yellow-eyes says as he pins Dean to a headstone. “I wanted Sam back in the game but I didn't think that your self-loathing went far enough to actually make it happen. You need him that bad don't you? Even if he's not completely human.”

“Fuck you.” Dean grits out.

The demon kneels next to Dean. “Aw, where's the witty comeback? It must be gone, along with Jake's life. The way Sam ended it was pretty cruel. Though considering who else you spend your time with, I'm really not surprised.”

“Shut your mouth.”

Dean refuses to flinch at the cruel smile in his face. “You know don't you? You know the woman you let share your bed is a murderer.” When Dean says nothing, the demon smiles. Yellow-eyes is going to say something else when he feels himself being pulled up by a force. By the time he's able to fight his way to freedom, it’s too late. Dean is free.

And he has the colt.

“How long do you have?” Sam asks quietly.

Dean sighs. “A year.”

Faith came over to join them. “So there's an army of demons set free.”

“Enough for a war.” Bobby agrees.

Faith looks at Dean. “The council is going to need me.”

Sam looks at her, completely pissed off. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Isn't there an army of slayers? Why are you-”

“Sam.” Dean stops him putting a hand up. He turns to Faith. “How long?”

Faith shrugs. Dean smirks. Both of them get what it means.

“You'll see me around Winchester.” Faith tells him. Promises both sexual and more lace her words.

And then she’s gone.

Dean watches her leave before turning to his brother. Everything that was going on is still screaming in his head. But one thing is clear.

“We've got work to do.”

The End

You have reached the end of "And you shall find Faith". This story is complete.

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