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One Good Turn

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Summary: Matthew McCormick picks up a baby pre-Immortal and helps some civil rights workers. Nothing special, just all in a day's work for the Immortal lawman.

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BugeyedmonsterFR1311,433281,1956 Jan 096 Jan 09No
Title: One Good Turn...
Author: Bug Eyed Monster
Rating: Teen
Category: Crossover; Numb3rs/Highlander
Spoilers: None for Numb3rs, Manhunt at least for Highlander.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Matthew McCormick picks up a baby pre-Immortal and helps some civil rights workers. Nothing special, just all in a day's work for the Immortal lawman.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the beautiful guys of either Numb3rs or Highlander. I only wish I did and you only think you're reading this.

Notes: Inspired by "Intelligence" by PaBurke. Go read that fic.


Mark McCormick (a.k.a. Matthew McCormick) slowed the car... he could feel a pre-Immortal in the darkness somewhere. He stopped the car at the edge of the dirt road, picked up his flashlight and prowled the dark woods. Now that the car was off, he could hear a baby crying.

Mark followed the sound of the baby's cries through the woods.

Mark blinked at the scene. Moonlight lit a circular clearing in the forest. A small infant was crying, nestled in a nest of leaves, surrounded by a ring of mushrooms. Old legends of Fairy Rings echoed through Mark's head. The baby did not have an umbilical cord. He took off his jacket and wrapped up the infant.

All Immortals were foundlings, but Mark had never found one so young. The baby appeared to be only a few hours old, red and wrinkled. He glanced at the clearing once more, before going back to his car while making shushing noises at the baby. Now warm, the infant smacked his lips, yawned and fell asleep.

Mark started to drive back to the station when the crackled report from Long and his friend came over the radio. He frowned. {Great, just great.} Those two idiot cops were going to get the Feds called down on them like those idiots in Mississippi.

With an apology to the baby now safely asleep in the floor-well, he turned the car around and headed to the aforementioned spot. He was the closest police officer, anyway.


Mark parked the car out of sight and silently made his way to the roadside, the scene lit by the headlights from two patrol cars.

Long and Johnson had two men and two women outside their car. The officers’ cars almost blocked the outsiders' car.

One black man, one Jewish guy, and two pretty young blond women; just the thing to get Long and Johnson's blood riled up. Mark hefted his blackjack in his hand and moved quickly, hitting Johnson first, then Long before he even had time to turn around.

The quartet blinked in surprise, one of the woman gasped. "You'll have about half an hour to get out of here and over the county line." Mark told them.

The Jewish man nodded. "Thank you."

"There's an infant in my car, take him with you. He's been abandoned, no one will miss him." Mark pointed out the direction of his car.

"Right." One of the young women said. "Margaret!" The young Negro hissed at her. Margaret paid him no mind. She returned quickly with the baby. "Thank you, officer McCormick." She said.

The four got into their car and sped away.

Mark walked back to his car. When he got back to his car, he noticed the wires on his radio had been torn out, and one of his spark plugs was disconnected. He laughed, shook his head, and waited for another officer to come by.


"Don." Margaret Eppes, nee' Mann said. "We'll name him Don."

Her new husband, Alan Eppes, did a classic double take. "What do you mean?"

"It means dark protector. I think it will suit him, and it is a bit in honor of Officer McCormick."

"No." Alan said, suddenly horrified. Margaret couldn't possibly mean what he thought. "You said 'we will name him'. You can't possibly mean that-"

"Yes, we're keeping him."

"Fine." Alan said. "But you're the one who is going to make it clear to your parents that he's adopted."


"We've only been married 6 months. I know what your parents are going to think if we show up with a newborn. Your aunt Irene hates me enough already."


{Damn bastard spree killers.} The trio had taken to blowing up people now. "New York called." Don announced to his team as he tossed a file on the table. Charlie picked up the file and started skimming through it.

"Special Agent Matthew McCormick was tracking these three back in the Northeast. He is arriving on a red-eye. Colby, I'd like for you to go pick him up from LAX." Colby nodded.

"I'd like to go with you." Charlie said, looking from the file.


"Don, I'm interested in how he's been tracking this gang so well. I can work on the variables on my laptop while we wait for him."

"Fine. Go." Don would trust Colby with Charlie's life, and Special Agent McCormick had an impressive file. He figured that the two of them should be able to keep Charlie out of trouble.


Don could feel the buzz. He glanced around, trying to spot the Immortal. The elevator doors opened and Colby and Charlie stepped out, followed by the Immortal. Don blinked. He hadn't known that Special Agent Matthew McCormick was an Immortal.

Charlie went to the war room, Colby started to lead McCormick over to Don. Don waved Colby off. Colby said something to McCormick, whose reply made Colby laugh. Colby went followed Charlie to the war room and McCormick walked over to Don.

The expression on McCormick's was definitely 'poker-face.' "Surprise. Surprise."

"I'm not here to fetch any prize, I'm just here to catch a few scumbags." Don said.

McCormick smiled and a warmth entered his eyes. "Same here."

They shook hands, and Don led McCormick back to the war room. Don made introductions around. McCormick briefed the assembled agents and LEOs on these recent spree killers.


Alan practically led his escort to the break room. He'd been here often enough with lunch for his wayward sons. He put the bags on the table and nearly forgot to breathe when he looked up.

He would never forget that face. But it couldn't be the same man, even if it looked like him.

Alan stepped over to the agent who was getting himself coffee. "Excuse me, but did you know a Mark McCormick of Cuttertown, Georgia?"

"Yes, my father."

"Well, I am so glad to see you." Alan couldn't help grabbing the man's hand and pumping it like a groupie. "Margaret and I sent him a letter when we got back to California, but we never got a reply."

Matthew remembered that letter. Full of gushing over the baby, how he was doing, even a picture of the little tyke un-diapered on a rug playing with some toy. He was pretty sure that he still had that picture.

He just hadn't connected baby Donnie Eppes with Special Agent Don Eppes.

"Say, how is your father?"

"He died in a car accident about 10 years ago. He's buried in Maple Grove cemetery, if you want to go visit." There was a grave with Mark McCormick's name on it in that cemetery.

Alan Eppes looked saddened by that. "I'm sorry to hear that. He was a good man."

"Thank you." Matthew replied honestly. He was doing his best not to be embarrassed, he never thought of himself as highly as old man Eppes seemed to.

"He kept that letter you sent him, along with the picture." Matthew told Alan. That seemed to cheer old man Eppes. "I remember seeing the picture when I was young."

Mr. Eppes was still gushing when his son stepped into the room.

"Donnie, we got you from his father." Alan said brightly.

Don blinked. "Excuse me?" His brother Charlie tagged along, looking eager for blackmail material.

Alan Eppes launched into telling his sons about the event. Both boys blinked, suddenly realizing how close their parents could have come to ending up in a dry levee, like three civil rights activists in Mississippi.

Matthew found himself trying, and failing, to refuse an invitation to dinner at the Eppes home. No one had ever mentioned that Alan Eppes was as stubborn as his adopted son.

" I wish I had known about you being adopted when I was 8. It would have made great material for when you were teasing me." Charlie said.

"Hey, I only did that because you wouldn't keep out of my stuff." Don snapped.

"If you like, I can send you a picture your mother sent my father of your brother. He's about 6 months old, on a rug, waving some toy, and totally starkers." Matt offered.

Professor Eppes brightened up at that. "Ooo, I bet your girlfriend would love a picture of you without any clothes." He smirked.

The two brothers got into a round of mock insults.

A few minutes later, when Matthew McCormick and Don Eppes were alone, Don leaned towards him and whispered. "Send that picture to my brother, and I am *so* taking your head."


The End?

You have reached the end of "One Good Turn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jan 09.

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