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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

Seattle Pt 1

Disclaimer: See 1st chapter. I write for fun not profit. Some dialogue is of course courtesy of Joss.
A/N: Seattle news/headlines from Eclipse Pg 265 – 268 [revised, paraphrased]. Sorry it took so long! I have a hard time with fight scenes- anyone wants to help let me know?


Faith woke up chilled, she loved the feel of Jazz’s arms around her but wished he was warmer. “Mmm, morning,” she said sleepily. He was awake of course and he seemed to be watching her anxiously.

He cupped Faith’s face carefully in his hands and stared into the melted chocolate depths of her eyes. He lost his train of thought momentarily…as her breathing accelerated, suddenly the air around them seemed to be humming with electricity. Jasper felt the pulsing current that raced between them again and with difficulty resisted his desire to kiss her.

“What’s wrong?” Faith asked, her breath hitching just a bit.

“Nothing,” and it was true, for this one perfect moment he felt all was right in his world.

Professor Dormer was at the kitchen table reading the newspaper when Faith made it downstairs. Faith caught the headline and pulled the paper from the Prof’s hands.

SEATTLE TERRORIZED BY SLAYINGS A beleaguered Seattle faces the possibility that it is harboring a serial killer. The police are hesitant to call the recent rash of brutal homicides the work of a serial killer. The SPD is reluctant to attribute the thirty-nine linked homicides and disappearances to one individual. If these deaths are the work of someone acting alone, then this is the most violent serial killer in history. The police are following leads which support a theory gang activity instead. The random victims of this crime wave range in age from fifteen to sixty-seven and are nearly equal in female to male ratio. The motive seems to be killing for no other reason than to kill. More gruesome still - most of the remains show evidence of brutal violence. Each victim has shown extensive trauma to the head and neck area. The coroner believes these injuries were sustained prior to time of death. These conclusions are difficult to be sure of, considering the state of the evidence. Another similarity that points to the possibility of a serial: every crime is perfectly clean of evidence, aside from the remains themselves: no fingerprint, tire tread mark, nor foreign hair has been left behind. There have been no sightings of any suspect in the disappearances. The disappearances themselves are believed to have occurred within a 1 mile radius of a club known as Mercury. Another pattern is present in these tragic slayings: each victim disappeared at night. And the most alarming news? Six homicides were committed in the first month, eleven in the second, and twelve have occurred in the last ten days.

They looked at each other across the table. “I’ll leave after school.” Faith said finally. It was Friday so that would give her the whole weekend if need be to clean out the nest.

“Of course, let me know what you will require for the trip,” Professor Dormer replied, her calm expression belied by the uncertainty in her voice. “Shall I accompany you then?” she asked. This could very well be the largest number of opponents Faith had faced in her time as the Slayer.

Faith shrugged, “Thought I might ask Jazz, he needs to get out of the house.”

There was no way Faith would purposely put the Prof in any danger, not after what happened in Boston. She wanted her here in Forks where she didn’t have to worry about her.

“So, there’s a whole mess of vampires in Seattle at a club called Mercury…wanna go slay with me?” Faith asked.

Jazz was in serious ‘brood mode’ and didn’t answer. If not for the factor of vampire hearing Faith would have thought he hadn’t even heard.

“I’ll even let you drive,” Faith said magnanimously.

He looked at her reluctantly.

“Or you could go home and visit your folks. Ed says they’re still real worried….” Faith paused, “or you could sit around and brood all weekend and I can have all the fun,” she finished.

“Yes, Edward told me about the news in Seattle. A new serial killer - the reporter seemed to think. It sounds like a newborn vampire…one of our kind, not these other vampires that you slew in Port Angeles,” Jazz finally responded.

“Even better, might be more of a challenge for me,” Faith sounded excited by the prospect of life threatening situations per usual. She moved around the room throwing clothing and weapons into a duffel bag.

“It might even take me two days to clear it all out, I’d better talk to the Prof about some cash for a room just in case,” Faith said thoughtfully.

“I can’t believe, I’m letting you drive again,” Faith huffed.

“What if it rains?” he asked in a suspiciously smooth voice.

“It is supposed to be sunny. Great weather for a bike ride,” she countered.

“So where are we going exactly?”

“Uh, I have a good general idea. The attacks are centered around a club called Mercury on East Union Street.” The club was billed as “members only” and for “black clad night-crawlers”. ‘Two great signs it’s lousy with vamps,’ Faith thought.

“What if it is as my family suspects and is instead one of my er… kind of vampires and it is a newborn?” Jasper’s brow furrowed slightly.

“Then we’ll deal. I’ve got swords, stakes, and all the good stuff. I can do it alone if you’d rather not see it die.”

“No I am just concerned.” Jasper had ended many newborns in his time. He knew it was not safe for anyone for it to run unchecked through a city. The threat of exposure to the humans was one his family took quite seriously. ‘Well, they used to at least,’ he thought ruefully. Now three humans in Forks were aware of their existence.


In the end they agreed to leave the car behind at the hotel. It seemed strange to take a cab, but Faith had done this type of hunting more often than he. To get into the club Faith would pretend to be a simpering victim and Jasper well, he would just be himself with no artifices to disguise his inhumanity.

Jasper looked at Faith sitting next to him and tried hard to swallow. Sitting beside Faith was like sitting next to a heat lamp. And that was not taking into consideration her attire or lack thereof. He knew she was armed to the teeth despite her scanty amount of clothing. He had been foolish enough to comment on it on the way to Port Angeles and she’d filled his lap with weapons.

He especially liked her eye makeup tonight, although Faith was beautiful no matter what she wore or didn’t. But the abundance of black eyeliner made her large, liquid eyes even more seductive than usual. Staring at her full, red lips made him feel strange. He fought the urge to close the distance between them.

Her leather hip hugger pants left her midriff bare, but likely concealed all manner of stakes and knives. She was wearing a long silk duster and he guessed that was where the katana was hidden. He hoped fervently the club didn’t have a metal detector. Faith had assured him that his being a vampire would get them through the door no problems and no questions asked.

Getting out of the cab, she strode confidently past the line straight to the bouncer who was undoubtedly a vampire. Faith draped herself across Jazz who she thought looked impeccable in his black suit and shirt. The vamp at the door stiffened when Jazz got close. He opened the rope immediately and let them pass without a word. Faith smirked - it had been even easier than she’d hoped.

They circulated through the club and he could sense Faith’s impatience. She made a show of ordering them drinks. He took his gingerly, “What is this?”

“You know regular vamps drink booze all the time. Try it – you might like it.”

“I do not eat or drink human food,” he reminded her.

“Party-pooper,” she muttered.

She scanned the room, there were a few vamps dotted throughout but most of them were working and none of them were eating. These couldn’t be the ones rampaging through the city indiscriminately. Finally Faith spotted what she’d been searching for – an unmarked door which no doubt led to the back room. “Found it.”

She had that gleam in her eye. Faith leaned over the railing for a moment, watching the vampires and their victims writhing in a dance of death. Jasper saw her tense, preparing to spring over the railing.

“Faith, wait. Stop. Think,” Jasper whispered.

“No, No, and No,” she turned back to the railing.

He put a hand on her shoulder, “You do not know how many are down there.”

She grinned at him, “No, but I wanna find out.”
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