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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

Seattle Pt 2

Seattle Pt 2

Disclaimer: See 1st chapter. I write for fun not profit.

A/N: Set immediately following last chapter. So this chapter has the 2 things I struggle most with: fight scenes & a love scene. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but be gentle!

Jasper watched in dismay as Faith jumped down into the seething mass of vampires. She pulled a stake from her boot as she dropped to the floor, staking one before they even registered her presence.

A second demon took notice of her and knocked her back, but she rolled and was up again in a fighting stance. An instant later Jasper saw the demon flying overhead then crashing into the concrete block wall of the basement room.

He jumped into the fray, his jaw set as he attempted to leash his fury. He was failing miserably. “Faith, are you insane?” he shouted.

“Nope!” she flashed him what he had begun to think of as her ‘five by five’ grin as she flung both arms out and staked two vampires at once.

The next creature bore down on her, “Time to die little human.” It leered, its fangs dripping blood in the flashing strobe lights.

“I’m not little,” she elbowed the demon, as it approached at her from behind, in the throat before she flipped him onto the ground and kicked him.

The large vamp she had thrown into the wall was up and it scoffed at her show of power, “I haven’t killed a Slayer for a long time.”

Jasper turned and pulled the vampire that had attacked her off of the ground and staked it before it could reenter the fight. By now, some of the vampires with a better self-preservation instinct were running for the doors. Faith punched the large demon, it grunted and cursed.

As the fight whirled on around him, Jasper tried to gain control of his emotions and shut the swell of the others’ out. He had not been a crowded space like this for ages and he remembered why now. The swell of emotions combined with the strobe lights and the cacophony of noise made by the demons, the victims, and the horrible music was extremely disorienting. The smell of the blood was overwhelming, ‘garden varieties’ were not very neat eaters unlike his fastidious family.

The demon Faith was battling actually laughed, exposing his fangs before he lunged for her again. Fists and kicks were flying faster than Jasper could follow. Additional vampires had recovered enough to get up and run or limp up the stairs. Jasper did his best to see that they did not escape.

Faith and the demon collided with a wall causing the room to reverberate. Speakers crashed to the floor pinning another vamp and before she could make good her escape Jasper happily put her out of her misery.

There was a puff as the stake in Faith’s fist impacted with the brick wall of the vampire’s chest. She eagerly launched herself at the last two stragglers landing a solid punch against one and hearing a satisfactory crunch of bones.

Jasper recovered himself enough to finish off the remaining vampire.


Seattle hotel room the following afternoon

It was a bright, sunny day. Out of the concealing cloud cover of Forks, Jasper sighed at the anticipation of Faith’s ‘sparkly’ comments. He walked stealthily around the room sealing up all of the windows. The hotel had blackout blinds and heavy drapes for the weary traveler from other time zones. His eyes trailed over the patchwork of scars on her lower back so much more obvious in the bright sunlight. He grit his teeth thinking of the human monster a large part of him still wanted to hunt down and torture.

As he covered the last window, Faith rolled over and smiled, “What time is it?”

He sighed, “It is 3:30, we have a few hours until sunset. Are you hungry?” He could count on Faith to always want to eat.

Faith nodded and licked her lips, but her gaze was focused on his mouth. Before he knew what had happened her hands were tangled in his hair, her lips moving softly against his. Cold as ice, his tongue lightly traced the shape of her lips seeking entrance. He felt Faith fumbling with the buckle of his belt. He covered her hands with his.

“Are you sure?” he asked gently. She gave him a tight smile and nodded. He would not have been convinced even if he could not feel the waves of doubt and uncertainty coming of off Faith. He sighed, this wasn’t how he had envisioned it at all.

She slowly began disrobing and he was faintly disappointed – he had wanted to do it himself.

‘Let her set the pace,’ he cautioned himself, ‘she needs to feel in control.’

She was maddeningly slow with the removal of her clothes. She came back to lie next to him.

“Feeling overdressed?” she asked pointedly.

“A little I suppose…” He kissed her softly then asked, “Do you want me to help you feel less nervous?”

“No, I’m fine,” she gave him a little glower.

‘That’s my girl,’ he thought as he flipped her over. She tensed. He began kneading her shoulders and she relaxed a bit. He worked his way slowly, methodically down from her neck to the soles of her feet. He marveled at the warmth and silken texture of her skin. He frowned as he rubbed the multitude of scars on her back. He thought again of tracking down the vermin responsible for this and making him pay with his life. Then he stamped that impulse down, he was touching Faith and he did not want any negative emotions to bleed over in to her.

He heard her sigh in contentment and he grinned hugely. He flipped her back over easily and was gratified when she didn’t tense again. He continued the massage. Jasper noted with satisfaction that she remained relaxed as he brushed his hands lightly over her breasts. She was uncharacteristically quiet throughout his ministrations and he hoped she hadn’t fallen back asleep. He glanced up and saw her deep, brown eyes staring back at him. He crawled slowly back up the bed, hovering above her. He nuzzled her neck playfully glorying in her intoxicating scent.

“Are you ever gonna take them pants off?” she seemed much more at ease now.

He smirked, “Patience.”

He dipped his head to kiss her, slowly tracing her lips. Her lips parted and their tongues danced. He was pleased to note her breathing had become erratic and he could feel and smell the beginnings of her arousal.

He shifted and settled his hips between her legs, propping himself up on his elbows. Smiling at her he began slowly kissing from the hollow at the base of her throat down to the valley of her breasts and on to the juncture of her thighs. Her breath hitched as he darted his tongue out to taste her. He teased her with his tongue until he was rewarded with a further increase in her moans. He smiled to himself as he continued stroke her as she writhed under him.

“Too much,” she panted, “need a break.”

He gave her a final caress then scooped her up into his arms, rolling until she lay sprawled across his chest.

“Mmm…that was…wow,” she murmured against his chest. They lay quietly for a moment and he basked in her warmth then she began to slide down his body as she reached for his zipper. He covered her hand with his. She paused to look up at him, “What are you doing?”

He gave her a soft smile, “Let us wait.” He felt the smallest bit of confusion, her brow furrowed.


He tightened his grip on her just a bit. “Faith, I want you to be sure. There is no need to rush this.”


Later in the evening…

Minutes after beginning their hunt for the night, Faith and Jasper had stumbled across a newborn in an alleyway less than a block from their hotel.

Catching her by surprise the newborn caught Faith around the waist and slung her to the ground. She tried unsuccessfully to kick him as he spun to attack Jazz. Jasper picked up a wooden pallet lying in the alley and hit the newborn across the back with it. It turned on him with razor sharp fangs bared.

“Faith, stay back,” he growled.

He went for the newborn so fast she could barely see it. The two of them tore into each other mercilessly. Jasper flipped the newborn who rolled and took a swing at him. Jasper tried unsuccessfully to dodge it. Its punch connected with his jaw and he sunk down to one knee.

Not one to sit and watch a fight when she could join the fun, Faith jumped back into the fray blade in hand. Putting herself between them she forced the newborn to back away from Jazz. The newborn moved so fast she could barely keep up, but she had to push him back.

Recovering quickly, Jazz shoved the other vampire hard. It faltered then caught itself. The newborn kicked at him but Jasper caught its leg. It turned a somersault in midair landing on its feet. Faith ran at the newbie vamp and caught him about the waist. It struggled and freed itself from her grasp.

Jasper head butted him. The newborn staggered back and Faith tried to run it through with the sword, but the blow glanced off. ‘Damn, he’s got a tough hide,’ Faith thought.

Staggering back the newborn hissed at her, but didn’t fall. Jazz pinned it while Faith lifted her sword for the killing blow. The newbie vamp was down, but still moving. Faith looked questioningly at Jazz.

“We must dismember it and burn the pieces to be sure it is dead,” Jasper said calmly.

Faith glanced around, “Here in the alley?”

The rest of the night’s search was fruitless. They returned to ‘Mercury’ to find it closed.
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