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Bound V2

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Summary: Re-Post and revisions of Bound. Faith in Forks. For Faith fans and open-minded twilighters!

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181931,18421721,7656 Jan 096 Apr 09Yes

Uninvited Guests Pt 1

Uninvited Guests Pt 1

Disclaimer: Faith & Co belong to Joss Whedon. The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I believe Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy. I own nothing!
A/N: {Conversation noted in this manner indicates Edward’s telepathy at work.} For the next few chapters I am once again drawing heavily from ‘Eclipse’ so if you don’t want any spoilers – hurry up and finish that one first.

As they drove back to Forks they discussed finding the newborn suspiciously close to their hotel, which wasn’t near the club or the area where the majority of the publicized disappearances had occurred.

“We should tell Carlisle and the others of the newborn we found in Seattle.” Jasper said. Before he and Alice had met and joined the Cullens his life had been lived in a relentless, grisly theater of war. He well knew the consequences of flouting the Volturi’s rules; he had seen the aftermath with his own eyes. Someone had created that vampire and then allowed it to run unchecked in a large city. The question was who?

“Sure.” Faith answered. She appeared lost in her own thoughts.

Jasper tried to read her mood but she seemed to be purposefully staying out of his range. Faith deserved better than a monster. He had been trying for decades to become something better. All those years of effort still did not make him feel worthy. An impossible goal he knew, but how could he not try?

Faith was contemplating the scene at the club and Jasper’s reaction to the blood of the victims. ‘Hello? Vampire!’ she thought, ‘don’t really know how I could have expected anything different.’ Still, he had maintained some control and once he’d gotten into it had been useful in the fight. Faith wanted a bit of time and distance to think things over.

Faith had excused herself after she made her report on the hunting trip to D. She needed some quality time with her girl Bella. Of course as she pulled up at the Swan residence, Charlie’s cruiser was gone and in its place was a shiny, silver Volvo.

Faith knocked on the door and when Bel answered she looked upset and scared.

“What’s up girlfriend?” Faith asked raising her eyebrows.

“Oh, Faith! I’m so scared!” the other girl threw herself into Faith’s arms, “What if Charlie had been here?”

“Charlie had been here? What? Back up and start at the beginning.” Faith ordered.

“Someone, a vampire someone…was in the house while Charlie and I were out!” Bella grabbed her arm and started to pull Faith toward the kitchen. They heard the phone ring and Edward answering it.

“Hello, Jacob,” Edward said, his voice perfectly polite. There was a silence. Bella and Faith listened, trying to guess how this conversation would go. “Someone was here… not a scent I know,” Edward explained. “Has your pack come across anything new?” Another pause, while Edward nodded to himself, “Here is the situation, Jacob. I will not be letting Bella out of my sight until I get this taken care of. It is nothing personal…”

“Yes, you might be right…,” Edward began, but Jacob interrupted again.

Faith frowned at Bel, “So, some vamp was in your house? When?” She could hear Jake’s side of the conversation easily, but then again as loudly as wolf-boy was talking, so could Bel probably.

“That is an interesting suggestion. We are quite willing to renegotiate. If Sam is amenable?” Ed replied in his suspiciously smooth voice.

Jacob’s voice was more subdued as he answered. “Thank you.” Then Jacob said something else, and a surprised expression flickered across Edward’s face. “I had planned to go alone, actually,” he said, “and leave her here at home with Faith.” Jacob’s voice rose in pitch, and it sounded like he was trying to be persuasive. Faith could hear Jake asking Ed to bring Bella to the rez.

“I will try to consider it objectively,” Edward promised. “I doubt Faith would like to hear that though.” The pause was shorter this time. “That is not a bad idea. When? No, that is fine. I would like a chance to follow the trail personally, anyway,” Edward said. He held the phone out to Bella and was out the door.

“Jake is coming over to get a whiff of the scent himself,” Faith explained to a perturbed looking Bella.

Later that night…

Faith was still trying to figure out how the hell HER house had become “neutral ground” for the wolf pack and the vamp clan to have a little “sit down”? Professor Dormer seemed ill at ease, but had insisted on attending the strategy meeting at least. She stood silently behind Faith’s chair, her hand on her Slayer’s shoulder. Faith hadn’t had much interact with the wolves other than Jake. She thought uncomfortably of how easily the werewolves had killed, Laurent, Victoria and James’ friend.

Ed explained to the group that the vamps would be coming for Bella this Saturday. He tried to make it sound like he had a vamp scout within his grasp, read his mind, and then it somehow managed to escape from him.

‘Not highly fricking likely,’ Faith thought, ‘he got a call from Alice, more like.’ Of course Faith didn’t want Jazz upset any more than Ed did. He was their battle tactician who’d actually led an army of newborns for decades.

“They will be coming in across the mountains from the south,” Carlisle said.

“We will be watching and waiting for them,” Sam Uley said in his growling baritone.

“We have to stop them before they get into Forks, we cannot protect the whole town and fight them too. There are just not enough of us.” It was Jazz that raised this grim topic. Faith felt D’s grip tighten on her shoulder.

It finally rolled around to agreeing upon trying to intercept Bella’s attackers whoever they may be in a clearing outside of the city.

“You know, if we had Bella there with us it would drive the newborns mad with blood lust. We could kill them easily,” Jasper mused.

{Jasper! Are you out of your mind?} Edward railed at him mentally.

Jazz cringed. {Sorry, Edward, just thinking aloud.}

“Wait, it’s not a bad idea. We just need to refine it some…what if we used a little of Bella’s blood and spread it around the clearing? That would have the same effect wouldn’t it?” Faith asked.

{How could you put such ideas in their heads?} Ed thought viciously at Jasper.

{I apologize, but if you think objectively it *is* a good strategy.} Jasper thought back.

“I like Jasper’s idea,” Bella finally said. Edward groaned and shook his head. “I want to help,” Bella insisted.

“I will not have you in danger,” he said sternly.

“But, Jasper thinks it will help and you said this is his area of expertise,” Bella pointed out.

Edward glowered at Jasper.

“You can’t keep me away,” Bella threatened.

“You will be stumbling around lost in the woods,” he said smugly.

“But we still do not know for certain what or whom we will be up against,” Carlisle pointed out, always the voice of reason.

“From everything I’ve heard about these Volturi, If they’d wanted Bel dead. She’d be dead,” Faith pointed out.

“It wasn’t Victoria in your room, Bella, I would have recognized her scent,” Edward insisted.

“What - she can’t make new friends?” Faith asked, “From what we saw in Seattle, *someone* is making themselves some friends.”

The argument continued and Bella fled the room in tears. Faith followed after her, not wanting the girl to be alone. “Hey, Bels, what’s wrong?”

“Faith, people, well you and vampires and werewolves are going to get hurt,” Bella said her eyes glistening with tears, she sniffled, “People I love are going to get hurt because of me.”

“Aw, Bel, it’s ‘cause we love you that we’re willing to get hurt if it means you stay safe,” Faith said as she wrapped an arm around her friend, “Besides, most of us are pretty tough customers.” She gave Bel a ‘five by five’ grin.
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